Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2009


Most of the links I received overnight that vindicate most of my research.  Since they arrived all at once and given that I am the suspicious person that I am, the thought occurred to me that "they" might be starting Phase II   or   alternately  this is Plan B:  admit the deception, find one or two people to hang, and then proceed with the agenda.  In any event, the information below is very important so please do listen to the videos and read or scan the articles and documents. 

Charlie Rose interviews Sir James Goldsmith on GATT/WTO agreement, 1994   "The Trap"

MEP Nigel Farage - reprimanded to criticising the New EU Foreign Affairs Minister, 11.25.2009

Note:  Kathy Ashton - Nuclear disarmament campaign   & the Hungarian woman's response
recall that the Nuclear Threat Initiative came about when the Soviet Union allegedly collapsed.  It was intended to ensure the safe transport and disposal of nuclear weapons from the soviet states following the collapse of the soviet government.    The U.S. Army was tasked with producing a tracking, tracing and transport system for the nuclear materials.  This system became the global transportation system for the global supply chain which is a choke hold on the United States since we import virtually everything.  

George Soros - made his money in hedge funds - destroying businesses?   must research this

European Council on Foreign Relations - EU version of CFR - funded by George Soros
Towards a post-American Europe: A Power Audit of EU-US Relations

The Corbett Report - Message to the Environmental Community

World Bank's Environmental Reform Agenda, 1999