Dear Idaho State Legislators


In the past several days, it has become clear to us that business as usual is not going to stop the agenda that is bringing down our country around our ears.  What is clear to us is that either the state legislators and state government officials don’t understand the big picture of what’s happening to our country – or they don’t care and they intend to profit from it on the way down. 


IF the Idaho State Legislators do care about saving our state and our nation, here is what they will do: 


  • They will put a moratorium on all legislation until they can study the big picture of the strategic economic and social war that is being waged on the people of this country.


  • They will extend their legislative session for as long as necessary for them to study the situation in it’s entirety – bringing in experts in government – but not the experts who are promoting fascist, centralized command and control computer systems. 


  • They will take the time to reflect on American history and traditions and values.


  • They will study the legislation that has been passed to create this environment that WILL lead to the demise of our nation. 


  • They will put a hold on Idaho Department of Commerce funds and put the employees on furlough until they have time to study the subversive activities in collusion with the activities of the Governor’s office, the Chamber of Commerce and the other change agents masquerading as public interest groups. 


  • They will hold open, public hearings on the subversive activities and the functioning of the Idaho state government officials in conjunction with Foundations, lobbyists, corporations and foreign agents. 


We’re out of time.   Idaho Legislators must either stand up for America and American values and do the right thing, or go down in history as cowards and quislings who simply “just didn’t get it”.   


"The good news from Washington is that every single person in Congress supports the concept of an information superhighway. The bad news is that no one has any idea what that means."

~ Cong. Edward J.  Markey ~



No doubt you will consider this letter to impolite and impolitic but if you don’t do something radical pretty quick, our children will be living under the boot of communism and it will be your fault because you didn’t act when you had the chance.
Jane Lesko, Idaho Eagle Forum
Vicky Davis, Researcher and Computer Systems Analyst



Just as this letter was being written, information came to our attention regarding the National Governor’s Association agenda for the reinvention of state government.   This is a continuation of the project for reinvention of government that began in 1993:


“President Clinton created the National Performance Review on March 3, 1993 with Vice President Gore as its leader. The President asked the Vice President to report results by September 7, 1993.  David Osborne, co-author of the bestseller, Reinventing Government, served as a key advisor. Our initial task force included about 250 career civil servants, and a few state and local government employees and consultants. We organized into two sets of teams. One set of teams reviewed individual agencies. The other set of teams focused on government-wide systems – procurement, budget, personnel, etc. The President also directed agencies to create their own internal reinvention teams to work with us in developing recommendations.”[i]


You can go to the National Governor’s Association website and select the link for “Redesigning State Government:   


On the Redesigning State Government website, there is a list of links to state information websites on their redesign projects.  Here is a link to Arizona’s project:


Commission on Privatization and Efficiency – COPE 


"I'm establishing the Commission on Privatization and Efficiency or “COPE”. COPE will identify state services and agencies whose functions can be eliminated, consolidated, streamlined or outsourced to achieve greater operational efficiency in meeting the needs of our citizens.”


The caution and concern we have is that you will fall into the trap of applying your own definition to the terms they are using to market the concepts – without really understanding what they mean – exactly what Congressman Markey said… The bad news is that no one has any idea what that means”.


If you don’t understand what was done to the federal government beginning in 1993, then you won’t understand the changes they want you to make to state government.  What we can tell you is that it is fascist and as un-American as can be imagined. 



Vicky Davis, Researcher and Computer Systems Analyst
January 17, 2011


[i] Brief History of the National Partnership for Reinventing Government, January 1999, John Kamensky,