George Herbert Walker Bush

Former President

  • Bush crippled our air defense capability by dissolving SAC and he began the process of centralizing and consolidating power in the military 
  • He redefined economic policy as foreign policy setting us up for a crippled economy with a major redistribution of wealth going to the transnational corporations and their partners - the communist/socialist countries with the cheapest labor (i.e. China, India and Mexico).
  • The establishment of the concept of public-private partnerships was the beginning of the communist style of government by appointed soviets who take their orders from a central authority (the communist party for the Soviets; the communist United Nations for us) 
  • He established the basic framework for a supply chain management production system for students-workers because economics as foreign policy (i.e. ‘free trade’ in services (jobs and people) was going to create the need for communist control of labor for the planned economy 
  • Signed Executive Order 12803 ordering the sell off (or sell out is more like it) of U.S. infrastructure which is what left us open for the ports of the United States to be sold to Chinese and UAE government companies.

One of the cancerous threads in our country is headed by George H. W. Bush.  Bush dissolved SAC and stood up STRATCOM.[1]  STRATCOM’s job was to consolidate the leadership in the military.  He severely cut the military budget to justify the consolidation of leadership - the consolidation of power within the military even though it was blamed on Clinton.  Sidebar:


1995 - General Butler was the chief architect with dissolving SAC and the start-up of the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM). He worked very closely with General Colin Powell, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on the roles and missions and structure of STRATCOM. The only question was when would the change take place. STRATCOM took over the same mission of SAC, but with one twist. STRATCOM has authority over all nuclear weapons.[2]


Bush hired Robert Zoellick.  Zoellick is a Harvard-educated lawyer with close connections to transnational corporations and the Wall Street financial circles.  He ‘transformed’ U.S. foreign policy into economic policy.[3]  He negotiated the NAFTA, Asian-Pacific cooperation agreement, and the Uruguay Round of trade talks.  He laid the foundation for the WTO agreement that was signed by Clinton.  Zoellick had also been an advisor to Enron and he was a protégé of James Baker III. 


Bush made the 1000 Points of Light speech and established the concept of ‘public-private partnerships and volunteerism to replace spending with volunteers [4] from the community to solve social problems.   He didn’t sign the Rio Treaty, but he didn’t need to because the method of implementation was going to be through the ‘volunteers’ and the public-private partnerships.


The welfare reform that was credited to Clinton was actually started during the Bush Administration.  This was part of the Job Training 2000 Initiative. [5] The most important part of the legislation was “the creation of 21st century training system.  Job Training 2000 creates One-Stop shopping for job training, coordinated by private industry councils all across the country”.  In reality, this was the merging of our public school with what used to be called the unemployment office - now called workforce development.  Succinctly stated, he established the basic framework for a supply chain management production system for workers because economics as foreign policy (i.e. ‘free trade’ in services (jobs and people) was going to necessitate government-corporate management of the labor market and workforce (i.e. communist control of labor for a planned economy). 

George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803 calling for the sell off of U.S. infrastructure assets.  This Executive Order was posted in only two places that the research could find.  One was on the website of the trade association for the U.S. Water Industry [6]- no doubt because they plan to use the WTO trade agreements to try and force the sale of U.S. water supplies, systems and natural resources.  The other website was Cornell University [7].  It's also posted here because Executive Order 12803 should be widely known especially after the Dubai Port debacle.