Bill Gates

Globalist, Monopolist

  • Masquerades as a philanthropist when the reality is that his Foundation is a business investment to sell his software. 
  • He made a deal with UNESCO to embed their communist, globalist  indoctrination and agenda into his Microsoft and Foundation software and websites for children.
  • Promotes high school redesign with the idea of replacing classrooms and teachers with the Internet and his software.   The Gates Foundation gives grants for the transformation - then leaves it up to the taxpayers to pick up the ongoing costs.

UNESCO - Microsoft Cooperation Agreement

      UNESCO - study themes

Education for UN Agenda 21

Education for Sustainability

GAIA Education

Bill Gates - 2004 Remarks to the National Governor's Association, "Achieve Summit" - on the 'obsolescence' of America's High Schools

       Bill Gates Guinea Pigs

Gates - Redesigned High Schools   (there is a lot of newspeak in these pages.  Plain language, they will be transforming America's schools into the soviet model of poly-technical education (i.e. vocational training beginning in junior high school).