Stephen Moore

President, Club For Growth

  • Founder of political PAC front group for the Cato Institute's radical agenda of elimination of all corporate regulation, elimination of protection for citizens and promotion of free trade regardless of what it does to our economy and our citizens.    
  • Collects and bundles political contributions to buy votes for legislation favorable to business and the wealthy
  • He uses the contributions as a weapon against members of Congress who don't go along with their radical agenda.  If they go along - they get money; if they don't go along, the money is used against them.  
  • Promotes the privatization of social security.  He wants  moore, moore, moore for the wealthy - let the poor eat cake.  



Stephen Moore is the mastermind and president for "The Club for Growth", an organization who states that their goal is "economic growth through limited government and lower taxes".  Who could argue with lower taxes?  But serious questions must be raised regarding whether or not that is their true goal, or is it to reduce and/or elimination employee and consumer protections in the form of regulations, the same regulations many corporations seek to eradicate.

The "Club" is one of the primary sponsors of congress via campaign contributions.  Their own website states: "Club for Growth members were the #1 source of bundled contributions to congressional candidates in the nation during the crucial last two and a half weeks leading to the election."  In essence, they buy congress and make no apologies for it.  The Club rakes in millions of dollars each year for the sole purpose of using economic might to control congress.  And the Club is a strong believer in Globalization, that insidious process behind outsourcing and the cheap labor lobby.



Moore served as point man for the bush tax cuts, which put the United States in deep debt and greatly increased the federal deficit.  Because he couldn't sell his tax cuts on merit alone he resorted to hardball tactics.  Moore's Club developed ads to pressure and intimidate mainstream republicans, calling them "so-called Republicans", aimed mainly at two GOP senators, Ohio's George Voinovich and Maine's Olympia Snowe.  What distinguishes the Club for Growth from other pro-GOP groups is that it will target Republican incumbents for defeat if the club deems these incumbents insufficiently committed to cutting taxes.  In short they won't tolerate any middle leaning congressmen.



The Club for Growth has become a potent fund-raiser for like-minded fiscal conservatives since its founding in 1999.  They won't even consider other parties useful to them.  The club's support of GOP/tax cutting candidates doesn't come cheap as reported by the Center for Public Integrity.  Between 2000 and 2004 their total expenditures for the purchase of congress amounted to $15,340,821:


Contributors come from various walks of life, but the main concentration comes from people identifying themselves as "retired", and from financial institutions as well as executives.  Noticeably absent are working class professions.  Contributions run from as little as $25.00 to 6 figures.


"Our goal is to find superstars out there who can hit the ground running and not just be, say, for tax cuts, but be champions of those ideas. We think we've so far gotten off to a good start in terms of the people that we're helping. We're really enthusiastic about our candidates. We want to make sure, No. 1, that they are ideologically in tune with the growth message and, No. 2, that they are in tight, winnable races, so that an extra $100,000 or $200,000 really would make the difference. We don't try to back sure losers, however pure of heart. We're trying to make certain that our contributors' contributions are made in the most effective way possible so that givers can get the most bang for their political dollars."  --  Stephen Moore



"I like to describe the Club for Growth as an anti-PAC. One of the things that our members really like about the club is that we make recommendations to them about who we think are good candidates for them to support, but the members decide for themselves to whom they want to write a check."  --  Stephen Moore



"The way it works is our members write checks to candidates, but instead of sending those checks directly, they send them to us. We bundle them in Federal Express packages every two weeks and send them to candidates. And that's important because we want candidates to know why they are getting the money from someone in Cleveland, Pittsburgh or New York. We want them to know it's because our members believe that candidate stands for the growth message."  --  Stephen Moore



Stephen Moore, the Club for Growth's president, displays a bold attitude and says he doesn't care what Republican leaders say. "Politicians are cowards," he told the New York Times Magazine's Matt Bai last year. "We say we're going to run someone against them, and they start wetting their pants."  -- Fight Club

No false modesty there.




Playing hardball is what Stephen Moore and "The Club for Growth" are all about, and they don't care who gets hurts by their business practices.  They support free trade and they haven't met a free trade agreement they didn't like, the same free trade agreements that cost American jobs.  The club believes they have the right to buy government, legislation, and to control America's agenda.  Moore and the club are behind tax cuts for the rich, Social Security privatization, free trade, and most of all - cheap foreign labor.  Most certainly, their true agenda is to enrich themselves financially and are only too willing to do so at the expense of the lower and middle classes. 



"This is not about bringing prosperity to rich people; they already have prosperity. It's about bringing prosperity to poor people".  --  Stephen Moore


The way you do that, for example, is to improve the education system by allowing school choice. At the same time you allow poor people and working-class people for the first time to build up real equity in ownership by privatizing Social Security. You cut the capital-gains tax so we can have more investment in the inner city and more capital investment around the country so our workers are ever more productive."


Anyone who has ever been near any inner city knows corporations do not open retail operations in inner city NOT because they didn't get the capital-gains tax cut they wanted, but rather, due to crime.  Moore chose to overlook that for the sake of spin.  And the middle class will build up equity and ownership with our without capital-gains tax cuts.   Capital-gains tax cut will have no effect whatsoever on the lower class.  Only the wealthy will mainly gain.



"When we talk about economic growth we mean allowing each person to fulfill his or her human potential, especially those at the bottom level. That's not happening because we have big government creating so many barriers to growth."  --  Stephen Moore


Again, Moore failed to validate his point with facts.  Discrimination, lack of education, and lack of inner city opportunities are the biggest barriers for the bottom level.  What gets in the way is when corporations will not go to the inner city because of the risk.  Business creates jobs, not government.



"Our idea is to build a national network of people who believe in the supply-side Reaganite message of lower taxes and Social Security privatization, and want to make campaign contributions in a strategic way to get really good candidates who believe in that message elected to Congress."  --  Stephen Moore

By preaching "Social Security privatization" he seeks it's complete elimination.  He may never need it but the majority of Americans will.



Stephen Moore provides a connection to the Cato Institute where he is a Senior Fellow.  Cato Institute, like the 'club', supports free trade agreements that cost American jobs.  Both are supported by wealthy patrons who intend to and succeed in buying government.  This web is all part of a multi-threaded approach to buying government and using propaganda to deceive the American people into believing their approach is the right way for America.


Moore also as ties to Heritage Foundation, Hoover Institution, National Review.  All organizations cooperate to promote the same job loss causing issues.



"One of the most important lessons I learned from my mentor, Julian Simon, is that there are no limits to growth, that we can become an ever richer society. And remember: Wealthier is healthier."  --  Stephen Moore


And thus you can see why Stephen Moore is a champion for the rich.  But Moore works hard at his rhetoric to make you think otherwise.



"After 15 years of futile attempts to shrink the federal budget, I've become convinced that Milton Friedman was right: The only way to limit government is to starve the beast." - Stephen Moore


One unifying characteristic of the greedy is their mutual subscribing to the "STARVE THE BEAST" strategy, which is their long term goal of eliminating all social programs, and their method is to destabilize the solvency of the U.S. by forcing huge federal deficits.  As this debt load grows and nations declares the U.S. will be bankrupt in X number of years, and if it does NOT get it's financial house in order, at that point a desperate nation will concede all social program lest the U.S. banking system fail and the America goes broke.  With financial chaos across the land, social upheaval will follow until society breaks down - a very scary thought.  The way to avert such financial and social chaos would be to terminate all social programs.  This can, and is being orchestrated by Moore, and his cohorts in their zeal for smaller government and lower taxes.  Moore views entitlements as the principal problem in government.  While he seeks to eliminate them he softens the blow by saying he wants to put a cap on increases.  Brick by brick, that's the Moore philosophy.  One piece at a time, gnaw away at social programs until they disappear.


Moore and his powerful business interests view social programs (i.e. Social Security, Medicare) as "the beast", and the only way to tame the beast is to to thrust America in such a perilous financial position by forcing huge federal deficits.  Once a crises has been created smaller government with less taxes must surely follow.  This is their goal and the reason for the "STARVE THE BEAST" strategy of Stephen Moore. 


Since the stated goal of the "STARVE THE BEAST" strategy is "limited government and lower taxes" then a huge federal deficit becomes the tool to force this strategy on the American people.  Huge, out of control federal deficits are by design and conspiracy amongst the various PACs.



On July 22, 1993, while working as a senior economist for Dick Armey he participated in a panel discussion named "Out Of Work In America: Is Government the Cause or Cure?" 


"we have a president who goes around bashing America’s premier growth industries for example, the pharmaceutical for shameless profiteering"  --  Stephen Moore


Those same pharmaceutical companies wrote the prescription drug plan of 2004 which designated millions of dollars in payments each month to these same companies even though benefits would not be available to seniors until 2006.  Billions of tax payer dollars are being siphoned over a 2 year span before seniors are even eligible for benefit.  Moore's efforts to shame government succeeded in making greed the business of the day.  Moore went on to utter his most erroneous statement:


"the Clinton economic plan will do substantial economic damage to the economy, and it will, as Steve Hanke correctly points out, increase unemployment and reduce growth" --  Stephen Moore


"So, let me simply conclude by saying, that government is doing virtually everything it can to destroy jobs, just as Steve Hanke correctly pointed out, and that the mystery is, why are we still able to create as many jobs as we have been? I think what we’re looking for in the immediate future is a gradual reduction in the number and pace of creation of jobs and a period of stagnation."


--  Stephen Moore July 22, 1993


Moore could not have been more wrong, as the Clinton years offered prosperity of low unemployment and inflation.  Americans were working. 


Moore's speech can be boiled down to this: if you want the government to assist in the creation of jobs then you must eliminate all regulations (protecting workers and consumers) and reduce taxes to almost nothing.  He offers no tie between tax cuts and increasing American employees.  Therefore his premise is based on the principal that if you provide corporate tax cuts they will respond by creating jobs.  This, of course, has no meaning to all the factories closed and Americans laid off since July 22, 1993.


His entire approach to economics can be summed up in "what's good for the goose (corporations) is good for the gander (American citizens).  Since his mind has very limited access to average Americans Moore just calls them the way he sees them - via tunnel vision.



For the National Review contributing editor Stephen Moore listed the "core values" of the American Left:


"When you get a fanny-whupping like the Left got on Election Day -- when every one of your core values (tax hikes on the rich, abortion on demand, government-run health care, reparation payments for slavery, one-world government, polygamy) has been rejected by your bigoted and narrow-minded fellow citizens -- it's cowardly to stick around."


No one can explain where the polygamy and one-world government charges came from.


For a good viewpoint of Moore's theories, analysis, and strategies visit "The deceptive advocacy of Stephen Moore".



Based upon greed, deception, political corruption, and a stated desire to dismantle social programs and regulations, Stephen Moore is actually behind some of the most insidious acts against American workers, and is responsible in large part for the corruption of the American government and it’s theft.  Moore qualifies as one of the principal architects of anti-American activities.   This is all part of a master plan by neo-conservatives to control ideology and the government via The Strategic Philanthropy of Conservative Foundations.