The Circular Economy

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Yesterday I heard the term 'Circular Economy' used during the C-Span coverage of the National Governor's Association Conference in Salt Lake City.   I did a search on the term.  It looks like the implementation of Buckminster Fuller's 'completely regenerative, recyclable universe'  (see the old videos of Bucky on youtube)

Buckminster Fuller's completely recyclable universe -  (video)'s%20New%20Industrialization.pdf 



I intended to research it - but what made me think of it this morning was because I was looking for the programs on the NGA in SLC (C-Span is getting better at making content difficult to find). I found a program from the NGA dated February 28, 2011 which was when the winter meeting was scheduled. I was looking for the speech given by Susan Hockfield,
President of MIT.

The 'Workforce Development' system being set up at our colleges and universities is circular - recycling "workers". The jobs are for the educators and "job developers". For the people who receive the "training", it will be an endless cycle of high hopes and disappointments and debt because the 'Knowledge Economy' is an intellectual and economic fraud and you can hear it for yourself by listening to the speech of Susan Hockfield. As you are listening, keep in mind the way the real world works in terms of research and development (under a non-communist system of independent businesses), risks, and business in general.

Higher Education, Innovation, and Economic Growth
Susan Hockfield, President of MIT
July 15, 2011    Program ID 300540-1

Bill Gates on Education and Global Competitiveness
February 28, 2011   Program ID 298231-1

More on this to come when I have more time