The Great Non Sequitur

Vicky Davis - August 11, 2006

On September 19, 2005, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings announced the formation of the Commission on the Future of Higher Education.   Last night at around midnight I happened to catch the tail end of the C-Span program in which the commission was voting on the report they produced.  Since each person that voted took the opportunity to comment on the report, I was able to get a pretty good idea of what the report said.  The message was not surprising.  “There is a crisis and reform is needed”. 

Going back to June, Secretary Spellings attended a G-8 Education conference in Moscow. 

The members of the G-8 Education Ministerial met in Moscow on June 1-2, 2006 and today issued the Moscow Declaration to confirm their commitment to cooperation and innovation in education at all levels. Recognizing the common challenges and opportunities that countries face in the 21st century, the delegation pledged to share best practices across borders, so that students can benefit from the experience and expertise of all nations. This will help all countries build effective, innovative and inclusive education systems that can allow people to fulfill their potential, to live in and contribute to a global society, and to work in a global economy.

There have been so many appointed commissions and so many reform proposals to bring us in line with 21st century, global economy that it’s hard to keep track.  Some of the reform proposals include, K-12 education, tax reform, health care reform, medical information reform, reform of public land management, ‘entitlement reform’, … the list goes on and on. In every case, the reform is top down - from an appointed commission to the ‘people’ level.  And in every case, the reforms have the unmistakable handprint of Systems Analysts engaged in central planning to design and reorganize every aspect of our society to suit their agenda. 

It’s time to get real.  This is the communist system of governance.  It is top down organization of society for efficiency - whether you like it or not.   If you don’t mind being considered an inanimate object - a factor of production to be manipulated for the ‘good of the global village’, then quit reading now.  But if you care about the future for your children and their children, then it’s time to take a stand and put a stop to the implementation of the communist system in our country.


In the early 90’s there was an article in the New York Times that was called (best I can recollect), “The Great Non Sequitur”.  The gist of it was that The City proposed solutions to problems that either didn’t exist or solutions that had nothing to do with the problem.  That is method by which the reorganization to the communist system is being implemented. 


An appointed commission or board of ostensible authorities (key word: stakeholders) like the one above is convened to ‘study the problem’.  Experts schooled in group manipulation facilitate the meetings and there are a few shills who work with the facilitator, to guide the discussion - preventing the introduction of topics that would not support the predefined conclusions.  The outcome of the meetings reflects the agenda as it was designed before the commission or board was ever convened.  In other words, it’s all a fraud.   The solutions offered are ‘Great Non Sequiturs’ to problems - real or not.  


There is however, a very real problem in the United States that is driving the communist revolution.  So what is it?  It's "the economy stupid” - but not as the Third Way Communist Bill Clinton meant it.   The problem is that the international trading system under the WTO and the so-called ‘free trade’ agreements were designed as vehicles for redistribution of wealth… at the country level: “from each according to his ability - to each according to his need”.

The system of trading preferences for backward countries and the tax incentives for corporations to move their production to those countries has virtually gutted our economy.  These corporations are of course making a fortune by producing in backward countries and importing their products into United States for ‘free’ thereby putting their domestic American competitors out of business.   That’s what accounts for the phenomenal growth of a few corporations like Walmart, the decline in the middle class and decimation of our tax base to the point at which 20% of the people pay 80% of the taxes.  It’s not a problem of tax distribution; it’s a problem of income distribution.  The problems caused by starving the majority of the population of income provides justification for “the Great Non Sequiturs’ of reforms for the American way of life.  


“Compete in the global economy in the 21st century’ is the mantra of the corporations who are profiting from the global trading system.  Case in point is Bill Gates.  He is using the Gates Foundation to promote the redesign our high school system for HIS OWN PROFIT - turning the schools away from academic learning to skills based education (i.e. vocational training) with ‘certificates’ of achievement - modeled after Microsoft’s certification programs for software products. The multinational corporations are the ones who are funding the communist social engineers to restructure the American way of life squeezing the very life and prosperity out of our citizens and our country. 


Their solutions to our decline are “The Great Non Sequiturs”.  More math and science, more education, less health care, elimination of social security, privatization of government, deregulation of corporations, more ‘free trade’ agreements, deregulation of your essential services like water and electricity - all are geared towards the disintegration of America as we know it and the rise of the communist system as the Soviets know it. 


They hire ‘experts’ to tell us that the Indians and Chinese are producing more and better engineers than we are.  ‘Experts’ tell us that we need foreigners to be imported to take American jobs - because either the jobs are ones that ‘Americans won’t do’ or that the foreigners are better educated.   ‘Experts’ tell us that our economy is booming when the evidence is all around us that our economy is failing.   ‘Experts’ tell us that we are ‘competing’ in a global economy when the evidence is clear that competition is dying under the communist system of ‘from each… to each’ under the rigged international trading system. 


The human characteristic that the communists count on is the fear of being exposed as not as smart as your peers and the willingness to follow the leader or authority figure even when your knowledge and/or common sense tells you otherwise.  Dr. Stanley Milgram proved this characteristic in 1961 at Yale University in what has become one of the most famous human experiments in the history of psychology.  His goal was to find out why the German people tolerated and in fact, went along with the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis during WWII.  He called his study, “Obedience to Authority”.  


We would all be well served to read that study and to think about it as we view the ‘transformations’ that are occurring in America today.  Although we are running out of time, it’s still not too late to stop the communist revolution occurring in our country today.   We must harken back to the words and deeds of our ancestors who sacrificed all for the freedoms and liberties of future generations of Americans.  We do them dishonor by sitting back and waiting for somebody else to stop the insanity of the ‘Great Non Sequitur’ solutions to problems that are created by the Global Villager’s redistributions of wealth. 

As they say, never present a problem without presenting a solution.  This is not an all inclusive list, but it will do for a start:  

1.  Put a stop to the restructuring of our schools to the communist model of vocational training and skills for 'workers'.   We need to stop taking federal money for the schools because it comes with the strings of the communist agenda.  We need to return to TRUE local control of the schools and most important, we need to teach the children western culture, their American heritage and independence of thought and spirit.  

2.  Any time a politician mentions that he is a 'free trader',  correct him and say he is a 'free traitor'.  We must get out of the WTO and cancel all of the illegal and unconstitutional 'free trade' agreements.  We need to rebuild our economy from the ground up.  If we can't produce it here in this country - then in most cases, we don't need it.

3.  We need to put a stop to regionalization and public-private partnership.  The public-private partnerships are fascist tools for implementing communism.  They are the combination of the power of government coupled with the corporate agenda to enable and facilitate collectivism.  Regionalization is the means of establishing unelected, unaccountable 'sapiential circles' of useful idiots who are given power over various aspects of our lives.  Regional bodies cannibalize our existing governmental structures. Nobody should have the power to make decisions that affect our lives that are not accountable and visible to the public.       

4.  We need to completely rid ourselves of the corporate whores in Congress.  We need regular people in Congress who remember what the Constitution says and who honor and value it.  What we don't need in Congress are millionaires and/or their puppets.  Don't accept candidates that bought and paid for by organizations like the Club for Growth.   We need people who understand what it is to work for a living and who understand what it feels like to watch as your industry is exported to a foreign country - taking your livelihood - your life with it.   We need people who think beyond the next quarter's profits and their golden parachutes. 

5.  We need to protect private property rights and we need to stop the implementation of the UN Agenda 21.  Environmental laws and regulations are being used to eliminate private property rights.

6.  Kick the UN out of our country and run out of the country anybody who promotes the communist UN-UNESCO agenda. 

7.  Most important of all is that you must stand up, tell the truth and confront the communists on every aspect of their agenda.  And if you don't do it, then don't expect that anybody else will do it either. 


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"       Edmund Burke