Assault on Consciousness

You can tell from my website, that I've been studying what's going on in our country for quite a long time.  In age, I'm closer to the grave than the cradle and I can say with absolute certainty that there is nothing normal going on.  The government has gone rogue.  There is an insurgency.  A police state is rolling out.   Government has merged with corporations for the collection and dissemination of information that will serve the purpose of managing the economy, the people and the places where we live and work.  These information systems are the implementation of collectivism and they will enable fascist management of every aspect of your life.  Rather than talking about communism (commonism), people are talking about "different forms of capitalism".  Red China is already under a system of "state capitalism"   and the United States is headed in that direction.  The information management systems are key components in the move to "state capitalism" (state managed capitalism) but even that is not quite accurate because the majority of information systems are networked globally and they are global systems for global governance.   So that's where we are. 

Understanding what they are doing is only half the battle.  One must understand how they are doing it so that you don't fight the shadow puppet and instead, focus on the person making the shadows. 

The Compelling Reason

Put yourself in the place of a Collectivist (Communist) leader.  Your job is to implement a collectivist system that will manage the activities of both the public and private sector - nationally.  This implementation will curtail the freedom of people in the private sector.  Even if you get buy-in from the public sector officials, there must be buy-in from the private sector and the reverse is also true. Obviously, you'd prefer that they not understand what is being done until the system is fully implemented.  You have the assignment, but you don't have command authority over either the various jurisdictions of the public sector or the private sector.  Tradition must be thrown out completely. Laws and culture must be changed and that only can be accomplished when there is a compelling reason to do so.     

Note:  Just so that you know that what I'm saying is real, the following are a few examples of national communist management systems:   Food Safety System - Field-to-Table tracking (government management of agriculture);  Health Insurance Exchanges mandated by the health care "reform" passed early in Obama's Administration (nationalization of health insurance behind the facade of private enterprise); the National health information (electronic medical records) system (nationalization of medical records);  the smart grid for collective management of electricity use (effective nationalization behind the facade of private enterprise - the availability of electricity can be used as a logistical weapon against people and business).  There is a long list systems of management that cross the line between the public and private sectors that enable collective management.   

The compelling reason is the cold bucket of water in the face.  It's the overwhelming evidence that something needs to change.    The compelling reason for change can occur naturally, but in the situation that is occurring in our country, there is no time for the natural occurrence.  Compelling reasons are being created.   Columbine, Sandy Hook, NYC on 9-11, Oklahoma City, Virginia Tech all provided compelling reasons for change.   The change proposed doesn't necessarily have to logically follow the problem scenario because the mainstream media is used as a tool to evoke an emotional response to an already mesmerized public.  A friend suggested to me this strategy is trauma-based mind control (TBMC).  I resisted that definition because my impression was that TBMC was a one-on-one or several on-one strategy but after giving it some thought, I accept the explanation because the interaction of a television viewer and the images and sound presented on it are one-to-one and many-to-one via the screen.  The television coverage of September 11, 2001 was without question TBMC.  The images of plane flying into the towers and the towers collapsing played and replayed for several days did in fact induce "shock and awe".   The public focus on the emotional response is an assault on consciousness.  Emotion interferes with rational thought - and that is the objective - to inhibit rational thought.  

The use of artificial problem creation, TBMC media produced reaction followed by the 'prepared in advance' solution is a live-time planned and staged dialectic in the public arena using a "gaming" scenario.  Use of the word game does not imply fun.  It means a plan is made, people are assigned roles and are given a script to follow all of which are directed towards the goal of problem creation, reaction and solution:


  1. The art or practice of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments.
    1. The process especially associated with Hegel of arriving at the truth by stating a thesis, developing a contradictory antithesis, and combining and resolving them into a coherent synthesis.
    2. Hegel's critical method for the investigation of this process.
    1. The Marxian process of change through the conflict of opposing forces, whereby a given contradiction is characterized by a primary and a secondary aspect, the secondary succumbing to the primary, which is then transformed into an aspect of a new contradiction. Often used in the plural with a singular or plural verb.

The following chart is a timeline for a strategic plan for Smart Cards.  The purpose of showing this chart is to show that the solution does not occur immediately.  Rather, it takes time to change a society and its way of doing business.  The creation of the 'compelling reason' would occur in the first block of the chart.  I wasn't aware that the technique of dialectics were being used at the time this chart was published but an example of a compelling reason would be the theft of veterans information from the Veterans Administration by a rogue programmer.  One or more of those events would create the compelling reason for Congress to act - providing funding and the changes in law that would be necessary for adoption of the Smart Cards as a strategy for positive ID for access.  


Public officials and the other people we rely on like First Responders, are not immune to the assault on consciousness.  Specialization and compartmentalization combined with the invocation of the emotional response has caused the people who should be the protectors of our society and way of life - to become the alien agents of change - implementing the police state control system required for the imposition of the communist system wrongly called state managed capitalism.

The latest dialectic being played out now is the Sandy Hook shooting.  The media of course has focused on the emotional response to children being attacked with the solution being to take away guns from American citizens - which in turn invokes an emotional response.  Alex Jones was the perfect dupe for the alternative media confrontation with the mainstream media.  Alex is an emotional guy --  I'll never surrender my guns!   Meanwhile, the Obama Administration proposal for the solution involves information systems.   Why information systems?   Because national databases and control systems (authorization for gun and ammunition purchase)  removes the "mass"  from the picture leaving the action of gun confiscation and prohibition to a one-on-one field.  It allows the government to claim there is no confiscation of guns and no prohibition on guns... if you can't buy one because the control system says you are not authorized, then it's only you and not everybody even though it will be everybody eventually - one at a time.  One person against an institutionalized control system can never win because he can't get attention for the problem.

Take a look at the Obama Administration planned response to the Sandy Hook shooting focusing on the information and control systems: 

The information systems and nationalized databases are the tools of the police state and the means of economic and social control for the communist system of a state planned and controlled economy.  Dialectics are being used to provide the compelling reasons for change from the American system of government - to the communist/collectivist system.  You must not allow them to play on your emotions.  When a media event occurs that provides a compelling reason for change, set your emotions aside (don't look at the shadow puppets) and look for the person making the shadows and look for the real purpose behind the event - and fight that.     


Vicky Davis
January 21, 2013