Doing the kind of research I do is like watching a disaster movie in slow motion.  The disaster isn't a plane crash or an earth quake.  This is more like being on different planet - the planet Crypt-o-Vic and with my telescopic vision, I'm able to see that earth has been taken over by monsters who look like humans but who lack humanity.  They are re-designing all of the systems for living that were built by humans for humans.  The new systems are based on inverted values - systems for entrapment and death of the soul. 

A few years ago, C-Span broadcast a conference sponsored by the Competitiveness Council.  One of the speakers, Jorge Gerdau of Brazil, said something so startling that I recorded his presentation.  At the time I recorded it, I knew it was important but I didn't know how it fit into the global redesign.   Now I do.  

Audio Recording (15 minutes):

Did you get that?   In the past, in a closed economy, corporations competed with each other.  In an open, global economy, regions of people will be competing with other regions of people.  The monsters are setting up regional Colosseums for human gladiator workers to compete in an Olympic struggle for life.  That's why Gerdau focused on attitude.  Workers must develop the right attitude for the competition for life. 

Gerdau speaks in meta-language.  Most humans don't understand meta-language so the monsters can speak openly about what they are doing - and the humans think they know what is being said, but they don't.  Humans are the commodities that Gerdau referred to in the beginning of his speech.  In the context Gerdau was speaking, regions are zones.  And the zones are logical triangles - modeled after the North Carolina Triangle Research Park - but modified for human competition in a global centrally planned system of attrition in the utilization of resources and ultimately for the attrition of population through exclusion from the global economic system of triangles.  I know that sounds obscure but this movie has a complicated plot line.  And it's not my intention to pick on Mr. Gerdau specifically.  Just the opposite in fact.  I appreciate Mr. Gerdau's candor.  It's unfortunate that he is spending his time and money to assist in the implementation of this system in Brazil - but then he will profit greatly from it the same as the wealthy businessmen all over the world will profit from it.   

Source: Globalization: Preparing for the Next 50 Years, Rick L. Weddle, President and CEO, Research Triangle Foundation of NC


The Trojan Triangle



Trojan Triangle

and the

Interlocking Chain Of

Human Capital Management



It was at the 1990 meeting of the G7 in Houston, TX when the decision was made by world leaders to destroy nation-states by eliminating borders, privatizing government functions, deregulating corporations so they could  become multinational monopolies, and empowering the large, metropolitan cities to become international city-states of the global system.  The city-states use their majority of representation in the House of Representatives to impose the dictates of the international Komintern on the rest of the population.   

According to one report I read, in large part, the intellectual basis for global market economy was provided by Michael Porter in a 1990 paper titled, "The Competitive Advantage of Nations" and judging from the amount and nature of material by Porter on the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness website, it would seem to be true.                                    

It takes a highly educated person to concoct a sophisticated storyline for a con game as big as "globalization".  Porter fills the bill.  But it isn't a game.  It's a strategy for global control that should be considered in the category of war fought in the civilian arena by an intellectual and wealthy few against the majority.
                                                                                            This is not to say that he is responsible for the design of the


Michael Porter

Trojan Triangles in their entirety, but when one uses their intellect to provide the framework for a deception, they deserve to become a poster boy for it.


Method of the Madness

The three sides of the Triangle - education, transportation and community are comprised of systems built separately within the disciplines but once the systems are integrated, they form the Trojan Triangles.  With a current view of life in America, the system of the Triangles makes no sense.   In the global context, they make sense to the extent that they will provide the control points - and the training of the administrative class for the global system of socialist management of the community and local economy.        





Vicky Davis
June 5, 2010