1994 - Senate Debates and Statements on the WTO

May 12, 1994 Senator Bob Dole - Insert for the record, speech by Jeffrey Garten, Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade
July 12, 1994 Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan - World Trade
July 13, 1994 Senator Larry Craig, National Treatment for foreign firms, Concern for sovereignty, Insert for the record on National Treatment


July 13, 1994 Senator Larry Craig, Insert into the record, letter signed by 42 State Attorneys General, expressing concern about WTO and requesting a summit with federal officials  (Begins Pg 3)


September 27, 1994 Report of Related Documents to Implement Agreements Resulting from the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Uruguay Round - Message from the President--PM 147


September 30, 1994 Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan - Opening Statement on WTO Debate
October 7, 1994 Senator Fritz Hollings - GATT:  A Fact Check
December 1, 1994 Senate Debate on Uruguay Round Agreements Act (creating the WTO)  (large pdf)

Senate Debate in 3 parts for smaller pdfs

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