Father Mao Knows Best


What a way to start the New Year.  The cognitive dissonance is so great I think I'll need to tie myself to the chair to keep from falling off.   David Andelman, Editor of the World Policy Journal is calling for dictatorship - not in those exact words, but not far from them either.  He is calling for an "imperial presidency" and an economic system like that of China. 

Here is a link to the history page of the World Policy Journal  

Andelman was the featured speaker at an event sponsored by Bard College Globalization & International Affairs Program.  The title of his talk is "The Imperial Presidency - Gone And All But Forgotten".   The date of the program was December 11, 2013 but the first airing on C-Span was today, January 1, 2014

History of World Leaders
Program ID:  316750-1
Category:  Public Affairs Event
Format:  Forum

Update:   Sorry... I was so upset about this program, I forgot to put the link to the C-Span program (doh!)


That's all I'm going to say about it because Andelman's words speak for themselves.  Take this man seriously because he is seriously connected to the real power in this country.

Vicky Davis
January 1, 2014