Global Green Treason

At the top of the list of disputes regarding what really happened on September 11, 2001 has been whether there were airplanes involved or not  (Planes - No Planes).   My reticence to publically support the 'No Planes' theory was pragmatic.  It's an exercise in futility to try and convince people that what they saw with their very own eyes was a fictionalized version of events unless you can offer enough proof to overcome the barriers in the mind that prevent people from accepting the idea that they were duped.   And worse, they were duped by the very institutions that they depend on for truth regarding world events - the mainstream media and the government.   But, now that enough time has passed to dull the emotional trauma of the day, coupled with the volumes of evidence that has been collected by the 9-11 truth movement, plus the increasingly visible abnormalities across the American landscape and the government's bizarre responses to them, and most importantly, I think that now I can explain in relatively simple terms how they did it, it's time now to "come out" so to speak.  And we can thank Louis Caldera for my inspiration to write this.  

A well known characteristic of a psychopathic personality is that they drop clues regarding their deviant behavior because they believe they are intellectually superior and are too clever to be caught.  They get a kick out of watching the "lesser intellects" trying to solve the crime.   They really want to shout to the world - "see how clever I am?"   That's what Louis Caldera was doing when he arranged for the recent unannounced fly by Ground Zero in New York.  He was returning to the scene of the crime and reliving the thrill of September 11, 2001.  He was saying to the world, "See how clever I am".   Of course Caldera wasn't alone in the conspiracy, but he was no doubt a major inside player.   No normal, decent person would even think of doing such a thing as the fly by.  The "photo op" explanation doesn't cut it.  It's as silly and transparent as "the dog ate my homework".


Pentagon Virtual Private Network

On April 28, 2009, Melodee of Truth Quest Radio did an interview with (Hawkscafe) David Hawkins and Field McConnell about their research into 9/11, Sidley Austin and the murder-for-hire network.  As it turned out though, it wasn't the Sidley Austin  information that captured my attention, it was the mention Pentagon 'Virtual Private Network (VPN)'.  According to Hawkins, John Chambers, the CEO of CISCO systems was part of a group that built a 'Virtual Pentagon' system for both for redundancy required for the Continuity of Government - and by definition, a tool for war gaming.    CISCO is the industry leader in Internet communications infrastructure products - routers, bridges, repeaters, network hubs, etc.  

It's unfortunate that most of the news articles about 9/11 are no longer available on the Internet so I can't give you a link on this, but there was an article that had an interview with an FAA official who described the events of the day.  As he described it, there is an emergency communications line between the FAA and the National Military Command Center (NMCC).  When there is an air emergency, the FAA contacts NMCC on this emergency line which is supposed to be an "open line" - meaning that the NMCC can hear everything going on at the FAA and the FAA can hear the NMCC - the idea being that everybody is hearing everything in real time.  The FAA official said that when they lost the transponder signal on the first airplane and they couldn't get a radio response from the pilot, he initiated communications with NMCC on the emergency line.  Apparently, after it was initiated, the communications line was closed by some mysterious means that the FAA official didn't understand.  He said he'd used that line many times in his 20 years at the FAA and they never had a problem.  At the point when I read that article, I knew that the crime of 9/11 involved computer systems.  The revelation of a Pentagon VPN explains how it could be that the emergency line could have been cut off without anybody realizing it because if the military authorized the access necessary to build a VPN for the Pentagon, you know the FAA authorized the same thing to be done for their network.  The VPN would allow real time exercises - emergency drills done with the air traffic controllers at the same time they are directing real air traffic. 

Disclaimer:  I don't claim to be an expert on telecommunication, networks or anything else for that matter and it's probably a fool's errand to try and explain what a VPN is - but that never stopped me before so no reason to stop me now. 

The best way to visualize a virtual private network is to think of it as a duplicate environment.  It is an exact replica of the physical environment but it exists only as a logical model of the real thing.  A simple network consists of a bunch of computers attached to a server or a hub.  The hub connects to the phone or cable line and that is the access point to the telecommunications lines we call the Internet.  Obviously, the network at the Pentagon would be far more complex - but it doesn't matter because the principle is the same. 

To be able to send and receive transactions (emails for example) over the Internet, your connection (machine) is assigned an IP address.  The IP address is like the address on your house.    It is something like     Each one of those numbers breaks down just like your 9-digit zip code.    The symbolic URL that you use:   gets translated into an IP address [].  The IP address on your email is read a piece of hardware called a Router.  The Router routs the emails and other transaction activity from location to location until it gets to the Yahoo IP location specified.  

The way a virtual private network would work is that the router - instead of routing your communication to   to the node 209,  it would route to 444 for example,  with the rest of the IP address staying the same.  The 444 node would be the address to the virtual environment, the duplicate logical environment.   By the same method, communications to your IP address could be "spoofed" and instead of, it could be routed to 555.100.92.50   in a modeled environment. 

As a visual aid, you could rent the 1994 movie Speed with Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper.  In this movie, the psycho Dennis Hopper rigged a bomb on the bus with a timer to start a sequence that would trigger the bomb to go off when the bus dropped below 50 mph.  He also had a camera on the bus so that he could watch the driver as she ran the gauntlet of cars and obstacles at high speed.  Keanu, picks up an inadvertent clue from the psycho about the camera and because he is supercop, he figures out a way to spoof the camera image that Hopper is receiving so that what Hopper is seeing is a video in a loop rather than a live shot. 

In a different movie - a different scenario using the same concept, the video images that could be sent back to Hopper could be of the bus driver being attacked by a hysterical passenger, hitting a car, and exploding - none of which would be real.  It would be just a video inserted into the communications stream between the real camera and the person viewing it. 

The diagram above is not technically accurate, but it is logically accurate.  What you see in that diagram is what I believe happened on September 11, 2001.  

This idea of spoofing a monitoring camera is not a new idea, I remember seeing it in Mission Impossible episodes decades ago.  The concept is the same for a virtual private network. Once you understand that, then you can understand how the National Military Command Center (NMCC) could be "blinded" - not seeing anything, not hearing anything, how the FAA air traffic controller could be seeing ghost airplanes on his monitor, how people could receive scripted phone calls from actors (phone systems are computerized) and could be completely fooled by "virtual events" like video footage of an airplane flying into a building.  Think of it as prestidigitalization  - presti-digital-ization -  computer magic.   But it's not really magic.  It's the application of technical knowledge of computers and networks to commit murder and treason - the first digital coup d'etat.   Net-centric warfare.

World Trade Building 7 was a significant government facility and it housed New York City's emergency management system - a fusion center of command and control for New York.  That facility would have been the hub for both NYC and the federal government because of all the agencies that were housed there.    

All of the News broadcasters have a system of receiving video feeds from each other when there are major events.  You may or may not have noticed but the first video images of airplanes hitting the towers were from what had to be a helicopter position because they were basically eye level with the top of the towers.  When the first explosion occurred in the first tower, the New York City command and control center would have been set into motion to "manage the emergency".  That means that video feeds from News helicopters would have been routed through the WTC 7 facility - which means that the output video feeds to the News broadcasters could been - and probably were spoofed at that point - so what we all saw was photoshopped images of an airplane flying into a building - aluminum flying smooth as butter through solid steel. 

Less than an hour after the pyrotechnics show, both towers were destroyed by controlled demolitions that no doubt were triggered out of the World Trade Building 7.   Sometime around 5:00 that afternoon, Building 7 was also destroyed in a controlled demolition - destroying the evidence of the spoof. 


The Making of the Official Myth

There are volumes of evidence that has been collected to prove the official myth of 9-11 to be false so I'm not going to repeat any of it.  But with the above as the basis of understanding the events of 9-11,  watch this brilliant video analysis of the News coverage immediately following the demolition events.

The 9/11 Solution - The Myth Begins

Circumstantial Evidence

The following is circumstantial evidence, but it's pretty strong circumstantial evidence considering the potential for 10's of billions - if not 100's of billions of dollars in future construction business.   Not to mention that they expect to be the supply chain manager for construction contracting.   On this webpage, click on the 'Turner Logistics Overview' hyperlink for the video. 

See the Turner Construction contract documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act along with supporting documents from other sources at the 9/11 Blogger website.




Corporate Incentives For Cooperation


The ‘Green’ in the Green Schools Initiative for corporations is the Greenback.  A person could literally drown in the corporate salivation on this program:  The following are a few statistics provided to potential investors in the ‘Go Green’ program. 

Market Analysis

“According to the U.S. Department of Education Annual Report for 2003, there are 94,112 public K-12 schools in the United States employing 3 million teachers and reaching 48 million students… . The Go Green Initiative seeks to create environmental change on every campus across the country, affecting millions of students, teachers and parents. Therefore, the market opportunity for sponsors that align themselves with the Go Green Initiative is extraordinary!

Past experience has shown that schools are eager to adopt the Go Green Initiative when presented with the program, even without incentives. However, we have found that financial incentives provide school communities with the ability to create optimal conditions for Go Green success. Schools need two things that the Go Green Initiative supplies: (1) a simple environmental education program that encompasses all aspects of a school’s environmental impact; and (2) the necessary funding to acquire goods and services to make their Go Green program as successful and enjoyable as possible for participants.”


The original page that this market analysis was extracted from has been changed, but a copy of it was obtained from the wayback machine:   PDF   

The revised webpage can be seen here:   Go Green Initiative     And while you are at this website, take a look at the "Founder"  of the Green Schools Initiative.  Click on the link 'Invite the Founder to Speak'.  It takes you to a page at the Executive Speakers bureau.  There are big clues on that page. 


Everything that Bill Clinton and Al Gore did during their eight years in office was to sell-out this country.  They set us up for the digital coup d'etat.  Their goal was to eliminate our national sovereignty, sabotage government computer systems and U.S. government agencies, sabotage military systems and in particular the military procurement systems through which insurgent forces can be funded and called up to commit acts of terrorism.  I believe the purpose was to ensure that the Global Agenda would proceed even after they were out of office. 


Partnership Between DOJ and DOD

1994 - NCJ 164268  -  "Partnership" Between Law Enforcement and the Military

"In 1994 the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) entered into a cooperative agreement to develop technologies of value to both. This agreement, codified in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and signed by the Deputy Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General, formalized and focused a longstanding ad hoc relationship. To manage this technology development program and to direct its day-to-day activities, the MOU established a Joint Program Steering Group (JPSG) that would represent both departments and be staffed with members from several agencies."

[MOU Source:  "The Development of 'Non-Lethal' Weapons During The 1990's" footnote 26.  Researcher Amanda Teegarden, OK-Safe]

Warrior Cops:  The Omnious Growth of Paramilitarism in American Police Departments

Rand:  "Seeking Nontraditional Approaches to Collaborating and PARTNERING with Industry"

Assessing the Potential for Civil-Military Integration:
Technologies, Processes, and Practices

September 1994, OTA-ISS-611

Excerpt p. 14-15: (emphasis added)


Definitions are essential--not only for the term "civil-military integration," but also for the various related activities, such as "commercial goods" and "commercial services." Policy formulation for CMI has been handicapped by the lack of a standard definition of CMI. OTA developed a working definition of CMI (see chapter 3), and definitions of commercial goods and services (see chapter 4).

In this study, Civil-Military Integration (CMI) is defined as the process of uniting the Defense Technology and Industrial Base (DTIB) and the larger Commercial Technology and Industrial Base (CTIB) into a unified National Technology and Industrial Base (NTIB). Under CMI, common technologies, processes, labor, equipment, material, and/or facilities would be used to meet both defense and commercial needs.


Louis Caldera

Before finishing his third term in the Assembly, Caldera resigned to begin serve as managing director and chief operating officer for President Bill Clinton's Corporation for National and Community Service (1997-1998), a domestic volunteer program.

On May 22, 1998, Clinton announced Caldera as his selection for Secretary of the Army.[4] On July 2, Caldera was sworn in as the 17th Secretary of the Army by Secretary of Defense William Cohen.[5]

Corporation for National and Community Service

Caldera on Transformation


1992: Enacted as part of the 1993 Defense Authorization Act, the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) is created as a demonstration program to explore the possibility of using post-Cold War military resources to help solve problems here at home. It is modeled on the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps and the United States military.

1993: President Bill Clinton signs into passage The National and Community Service Trust Act, formally merging the federal offices of ACTION and the Commission on National and Community Service, including Serve America and NCCC, to form CNCS, along with the addition of the new AmeriCorps program.

Troops to Cops

And what did 9/11 do?    It gave cities and states lots more money to hire lots more insurgents - as first responders.  And who is in a better position to remove evidence than first responders?

Global Information Society -

GEMINI        (The twins)

Global Emergency Management Information Network Initiative (GEMINI)

GEMINI covered through demonstration projects and conferences the areas of networks, communication, support functions and specific hazards with the aim of taking advantage of information society tools to help in emergency management on a global scale. The project has been instrumental in laying the ground for a follow-up initiative to develop a Global Disaster Information Network.  



Greed, Arrogance and Stupidity

It's my belief that September 11, 2001 was the direct result of the redesign and privatization of government. It's difficult to know where to begin because you could just about pick any year and you'll find on-going, incremental betrayal but it accelerated with the pace of technological change during the 1990's.  In fact, there appears to be ample evidence of a corollary to Moore's Law.  The corollary is that greed, arrogance and stupidity increases at double the rate of the number of transistors on a chip which according to Moore's law doubles every two years.  The remainder of this document will serve as my proof of concept. 


"Redesign of Government"  and Acquisition Reform

The government - including defense administrative functions were turned over to private sector business executives to redesign in a corporate, profit-making model.  When that turnover occurred, it was in effect, turning the power of government over to those business executives.  What they did with that power was to destroy the lawful American  government - replacing it with a fascist police state behind the facade of a legal government.  Removing regulations, oversight and controls on the federal contracting and acquisition systems made plenty of money available to buy silence, complicity - and a murder-for-hire network for whistleblowers in what was effectively a 21st century coup d'etat.  


Governance means  "covert, privatized governing authority"

Global means "not national"

On September 8, 2000, President William J. Clinton signed the United Nations Millennium Declaration. The Millennium Declaration is a mandate for global governance.

Comrade William J. Clinton

At the signing of the Millennium Declaration

Thematic framework for the Millennium Summit

(a) The role and function of the United Nations in the twenty-first century;
(b) Towards a global society: the tasks for the United Nations in the twenty-first century;
(c) New challenges to multilateralism in the era of globalization;
(d) International cooperation and the role of the United Nations in the twenty-first century;
(e) The role of the United Nations in promoting peace and sustainable development of mankind in the conditions of globalization.

7. Other proposals, either within an overarching theme or as separate themes, were as follows:

(a) Strengthening the capacity of the international community to respond to conflict by taking measures, including preventive measures, peacekeeping and humanitarian activities and peace-building activities, and linkages among them;
(b) Modality for a cooperative mechanism among the United Nations system, regional organizations and non-governmental organizations;
(c) Peace, international security and settlement of disputes;
(d) Disarmament;
(e) Conventional and nuclear disarmament;
(f) Development cooperation and poverty eradication;
(g) Development, including poverty eradication;
(h) Development financing;
(i) Sustainable development;
(j) Globalization and its implications;
(k) Poverty eradication in the context of globalization;
(l) Human security in the context of globalization;
(m) Human rights;
(n) Social development and human rights;
(o) Structural changes and enhancement of the United Nations system;
(p) Regionalism and multilateralism;
(q) The relationship between the United Nations and civil society;
(r) Strengthening the relevance of the General Assembly: new arrangements for the work of the General Assembly;
(s) International cooperation and the role of the United Nations in the twenty-first century.

Defense Industry Conversion

Flashback - 1961:  Public Law 87-297, "Arms Control and Disarmament Act": 

Sec. 3. As used in this Act--
      (a) The terms "arms control" and "disarmament" mean the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction, or
elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement including the necessary steps taken under such an agreement to establish an effective system of international control, or to create and strengthen international organizations for the maintenance of peace.

This legislation was never repealed and is in effect to this very day.  I stumbled onto it when I was researching the 'Intelligent Vehicle Highway System' which is the computer surveillance and tracking systems - military technology turned on the public for "civilian use" -  that are being implemented on our highways.  This is the result of 'Defense Industry Conversion' - conversion of defense industry manufacturers and service providers to domestic "peaceful" use.

Article by Jacques S. Gansler
Review by Eliot Cohen

This is a rather broader book than its title implies. Gansler, an experienced and well-regarded student of the defense industrial base, argues that civil-military integration -- relying on a single industrial base -- requires substantial changes in how the Pentagon does business, including a dismantling of much of the military's depot system of maintenance and upgrades. In making this case the author is illuminating on a number of matters, including legislative impediments to sound acquisition practices and trends in civilian technology, which he believes should help undermine the military specifications that have long made defense technology outrageously expensive. An important book, which deserves attention not only in the Pentagon but, more important, on Capitol Hill.

Gansler Bio


A ten-year review of the vision for transforming the defense acquisition system


Without ignoring the impact of prior efforts, we limit this review to the decade that began on September 7, 1993 when Vice President Al Gore released his landmark report: "Creating a Government that Works Better and Costs Less: The Gore Report on Reinventing Government" as part of the NPR. While the Gore Report primarily focused on government waste and inefficiency, elements of the report impacted efforts at transforming the way the government conducts the business of defending the country as well. While the Gore report only mentioned three things directly related to acquisition reform, the fact that the Office of the Vice President was behind the concepts carried considerable weight. As related to defense, the Gore Report called for a need to 1) simplify procurement, 2) eliminate regulatory burden and 3) rely more on the commercial marketplace. These goals spoke of a need to change the culture of how the government conducts the business of defense.


On February 9, 1994, six days after being confirmed as Secretary of Defense William Perry released a memo titled, "A Mandate for Change" calling for a complete cultural change in how the DoD operates. Budgetary and efficiency issues remained important guiding principles drawing from the NPR, but the focus shifted from processes to outcomes (capability in the field). The main directives of the Perry Memo were based upon themes in the NPR. First, he called for a cultural change pointing out that the systems themselves were dysfunctional.  Second, the outcomes were not effective (primarily too slow). Third, the obstacles to change were mostly internal (bureaucratic inertia). Secretary Perry clarified the essence of the need for change in his memo and created the sense of urgency that required immediate action. It also became clear that the DoD was not exempt from the NPR mandated transformation effort in the Federal Government.


After the Perry Mandate in 1994, a special office of Deputy Under Secretary for Defense (Acquisition Reform) (DUSD[AR]) was established with Colleen Preston the first office holder. Her vision for change was based heavily upon events at the time including the recent passage of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1993 (FASA). The formation of the AR office was a strong signal to the acquisition community that change was coming as a result of the Perry Memo. Colleen Preston became a spokesperson writing articles in the Acquisition Review Quarterly (Preston, 1994), testifying before Congress (Preston, 1995a), and appearing in other DoD publications (Preston, 1995b).

Her mandate was to find ways to address the declining industrial capability while improving system responsiveness and reducing costs again echoing the main drivers of the Perry transformation vision. It thus was a mandate for both increased efficiency and effectiveness while restructuring the industry-government relationship base. This was obviously a daunting task especially given the size and inertia of the defense industry and the acquisition community in general. DUSD(AR) Preston set out to build a specific change vision around the elements of the Perry Memo by importing best practices from the business world.

Three specific initiatives probably best characterize her efforts: the implementation of Process Action Teams (PAT), the adoption of Integrated Product Teams (IPT), and efforts made to capture lessons learned within the DoD and the acquisition change process itself. All three of these have endured within the broader acquisition community as acceptable methods of operation throughout the decade.


Vicky Davis
May 11, 2009