The Scourge of Collectivism


Since the beginning, the objective of my research has been to try and figure out why this United States is not the America I grew up in.  I've been focused primarily on the government computer systems because they are at the heart of the "transformation" to an unrecognizable form of "governance". 

In the process, I discovered that government and corporate (and Foundation) Systems Analysts masquerading as "concerned citizens"  under the cover of non-profit groups have been sent into communities all over the United States to hold facilitated meetings allegedly to redesign governing systems and processes to serve the needs and desires of "stakeholders".   What these people are doing is implementing the system of 'commonism'.  People of common interest getting together to design a solution for their common problem - that has impacts on everybody and not just the "stakeholders".   So now our common problem as American citizens is to understand that "commonism" is communism is social engineering.   If you don't mind being manipulated like a puppet, then commonism is the system for you.  However, if you are a person who doesn't want to spend your life fighting off gangs of "commonists" who want to tell you how to live, then you'd better understand the system so that you can send the "commonists" back to the swamps of hell from whence they came. 

It took me a few years to figure this out because I never thought it would happen in this country but the more impoverished people become, the more attractive "commonism" becomes.  As wealth concentrates into the hands of a few, people at the bottom have to join gangs to fight - and if necessary, to steal what they need to survive.  The "Haves" at the bottom, also have to join gangs to defend the crumbs that they have.  So essentially, the system of "commonism" is institutionalized gang warfare in which nobody wins.  It's not possible to participate as a "stakeholder" in all of the areas of your life that the "commonists" are attempting to redesign.  The effect is that people end up living in a  permanent stage of siege in the "commonist" system.

The reason I recognize and know the system of "commonism" so well is because it's what I did for a living working for corporations.  Since I was trained as a Computer Systems Analyst for the purpose of designing corporate systems, I didn't realize that Systems Analysis actually originated in the field of engineering.  It is the methodology used by engineers to observe and document production processes and to design newer and more efficient production processes.   Within a corporation it makes sense because the corporation has totalitarian control over all of the factors of production - including the employees for the eight or so hours that they are on the clock.   The problem with Systems Analysis occurs when they scale the walls of the corporation and are set loose in the society to extend their totalitarian corporate control over all the resources and people in the country.  It means you are never "off the clock" - they own you. 

Imagine my surprise when I figured out that I was a professionally trained collectivist - not in the political realm but in the business realm.  But the perspective it gives me is what compels me to say, WAKE UP PEOPLE!    The last thing in the world that human beings need or want is shop floor efficiency as a way of life.  Witness the robot arms in a car production facility because that's the life you are looking at for your children - if they make it through the purge.  And there will be a purge because shop floor efficiency demands it.  The Systems Analysts will identify the categories of "excess" - which is waste - and they will flag them for elimination.

After my epiphany on my career, I tried to read Karl Marx, Theory of Knowledge but gave it up because it would take too much time.  I don't know if it lost something in the translation or if he was intentionally being obtuse.  I suspect the latter because Theory of Knowledge is actually a deceptive marketing tool wrapped as a philosophy.  Cutting through the brown stuff, Marx seems to be teaching people that they can understand problems and design solutions by ways other than being an expert in the field.  That's only true to a limited degree - which is why the 'commonist' system fails - because you have people designing solutions to problems they don't fully understand.  Even if the "stakeholders" understand their problems fully, they don't necessarily understand the impacts on people who were unaware of the stakeholder meetings where the decisions were made. 

Just for fun, the next time you see a public notice of a stakeholder meeting, why don't you go to the meeting and ask the public official in charge, when they asked the voters if they wanted social engineers invited into the community to re-engineer the community systems.  Ask him when he became a "commonist", who is in his cell and what is the pre-planned outcome of the meeting.  It would be great if you had somebody with a video camera filming - just to see the look on his or her face.  Once you understand what they are doing, you can cut them off at the knees - and have a lot of fun doing it. 

The following are links to the website of a professional facilitator - 'Engineer of Consent'.  They specialize in manufacturing consent for predetermined solutions to predefined problems.  People attending facilitated 'stakeholder' meetings are simply dupes acting as extras in a stage play.



Vicky Davis
May 2, 2009