Trojans on the March

Yesterday, there was a hearing of the House Science Committee on Research and Development.  This might sound like a boring Hearing, but I can assure you it wasn't.  It got my heart pumping and blood boiling.  If you've read any of my work on the Trojan Triangle System, you won't be able to help but to connect a lot of dots just by listening to the testimony of the hearing witnesses.   I'm only going to skim the surface but the subject of this hearing is the entry point to the cesspool of treasonous policy that led to the coup d'etat on our government through administrative means.   For that knowledge, you have to swim to the deep end of the cesspool and dive. I've done that - and you need to do it - if you care about this country.  

Experts Testify on Effects of R&D in Economic Competitiveness

Apparently, the sequester threat and budget problems are threatening to reduce funding for what the people purport to be research funding.  Always in these hearings, they recall the research funding of the past.  In the past - 50's, 60's, money for research was for basic research (secrets of the universe type stuff) and it was done at the national laboratories and elite universities at a time when merit counted.  True genius got the money and science was advanced.   In the 1970's research money was democratized, colorized, genderfied and science was socialized.   Today, we have R&D money going to community colleges.  Enough said.

On the right hand side of the C-Span webpage that has the video of this hearing, is a link that says, A Crucial Role in Innovation.  This link is to an opinion piece written by two of the hearing witnesses, Richard Templeton, Chairman, president and CEO of Texas Instruments and Shirley Ann Jackson, president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.   For people concerned about invasive surveillance technologies - which should be everyone, you need to read that opinion piece because they talk about why the R&D is needed from their point of view. 

In this hearing and anything written on this subject, always includes the words innovation, competitiveness, technology.  What is implicit but rarely if ever mentioned is that the "innovation economy" aka "knowledge economy" which is really what they are talking about.  They are attempting to give the impression that you can commodify invention and to make it the key sector of the U.S. economy.   When you peel away the layers of bovine excrement, you figure out that what is really at issue is a university education as a commodity of trade.  A student visa or an H-1b is a commodity of trade and the universities and corporations are in the import business for these human commodities.  That's why they want to be able to offer a green card and permanent residence in the U.S.   It serves as part of the "benefits package" of an education at a U.S. university.   No thought is given to the future for American students and in fact, the propaganda supporting foreign student education is at the same time, demoralization and insult to the American people who pay for the system that has been turned into a benefit of foreigners. 

Adding injury to insult, you'll hear witness testimony on the small business incubation system - mostly from Shirley Ann Jackson that is connected to the university system.  Not only is a university education a commodity for trade - raising the cost of education for American students, but the universities also assist in the establishment of businesses that are government subsidized (job creation, tax credits, waiver or elimination of tax liability, etc.) and university subsidized and locally subsidized in the economic development zones aka inland ports and foreign trade zones.  They didn't talk about that part too much except for a brief mention of working with OPIC and exports which is supposedly the plan - for these zones to be export zones, but if you don't export anything, then what's the point?    It's my opinion based on my research that these zones become foreign occupation zones - but I'll leave it there for now. 

This is a very, very important hearing not only because they are talking about billions of federal taxpayer dollars - not to mention state and local contributions to this con game, but primarily because the future of this country for American children depends on the path taken by our country on these issues. 

Vicky Davis
February 7, 2013

The Trojan Triangle system is extremely complex because it involves first, the definition of the zone, the selling to the community, the funding mechanisms and then the university connection.  A couple of years ago, I put together a story in pictures of the output of the "innovation ecosystem".  It involves the energy sector but it should be understood that you could find similar stories for any technology-related sector where the universities can partner with business and call it research - the most worrisome of which is biotechnology. 

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