The Yoke of Control

Over the past four months, I’ve been writing about a system that I called, the “Trojan Triangle”.  Having grown up in a very different America, there was a high hurdle of history, culture and experience to scale before I could describe the Triangles with a succinct definition.  Even as I write this and knowing what I know, it’s still almost unbelievable.

First, Trojan Triangles are key components of a new system.  When implemented, big systems are hardly ever “switched on”.  There is a phase-in period when the old system is closed off and shut down while the new system is put into place.  The phase-in period is called “conversion”.  The Trojan Triangles are the locations for conversion of the U.S. economy to the same economic system as Communist China. 

The economic system of China is not talked about much in America media.  If mentioned, it’s only mentioned in passing that the Communist Chinese government owns a percentage of around 40% of all businesses doing business in China.  That’s their deal with the multinationals.  The Chinese government controls labor and keeps prices low and they get a percentage of the profits of the corporations.  

It’s been very lucrative for the American multinationals to do business in China.  They produce goods using virtually slave labor controlled by the Communist Chinese government and they import those goods into the United States using their American brand.  Because the multinationals have one foot in this country and the other foot in China, they can pretend they are still American while they manipulate our political system, buy politicians and lobby for laws and the elimination of laws to further increase their power to control our country. 

NAFTA Chapter 11 giving corporations “investor rights” is proof of that power.  “Foreign corporations” can challenge American domestic laws if our laws prevent them from making a profit.   This gives the multinationals the power to wear both hats at the same time – domestic and foreign.  They can act through a foreign “partnership” when it’s convenient and they can act as a domestic firm when that suits their purpose.  It’s a rigged system that the people are powerless to overcome no matter how many demonstrations they hold or politicians they boot out.  

The Trojan Triangle system is the yoke of control that will allow them to drop the pretense of a free people in a free America.  It began in 1990 when the decision was made in Houston, TX to internationalize our economy.  This decision put the capstone on the pyramid for the international system of “global governance” which is just a euphemism for global totalitarian tyranny – the proverbial velvet glove on the iron fist.  

In 1991, Secretary of Labor William Brock initiated a Commission to begin work on a national system of labor management through training – with training for the workforce being integrated into the education system as a continuous flow from grade school through entry to the workforce and throughout life – cradle to grave. 

The work of the Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) was to define the industries, job categories, job descriptions and skill requirements for the purpose of establishing a system of certification for all jobs in the United States.  For the computer types who read this, they defined the tables for the integrated school-work computer system which is in effect, a national personnel system.

In 1992, the SCANS Commission published a report titled, “Learning a Living” that described the system they planned to implement.  It boggles the mind that they could describe what they planned and that few if any people sounded the alarm.  One can only surmise that the word art and expert manipulation of perception allowed them to proceed without the national alarms sounding.  This may have been the case because it was done during a Republican Administration.  Business would of course profit from having the government take over "worker training".   

In the 'Learning a Living' report, they describe a system of work-based learning; learning in context, applied academics.   The Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Title 1, provided for the establishment of “workforce development areas” in the states to be controlled by “workforce investment boards”.  Put the workforce development areas with the system of work-based learning and what you have is the Trojan Triangle system and you have the means by which the American economy is being transformed to the Communist Chinese system of “partnership” in the economy with government control over economic opportunities – hence control over the people through the system of certification and placement. 

The workforce development areas are the location of the small businesses that are actually part of the school system that provide “learning in context”.   These areas are also called “small business incubators”.   The reason for that is because selected students are given money to start small businesses in the community – to compete (put out of business actually), the existing private sector small businesses that were started under the old American economy.   The bonus for these areas is that they get the use of the students who are still in high school and college as free and virtually free labor.  They also get preferential treatment on government contracting because they are part of the government.    

Where do they get the money to do all of this you ask?   Foreign Direct Investment.  The Immigration Act of 1990 provided authorization for the EB-5 visa plus many other types of visas but the EB-5 in particular allows a foreigner to buy his way into our country for an “investment” of $500,000 or $1,000,000 depending on location.  The money from that visa goes to what appears to be a private sector venture capitalist but which is actually connected to the workforce investment board.  The EB-5 Regional Director then decides who gets the venture capital to start a small business. 

And that’s the Trojan Triangle system and the yoke of control for the conversion to a Communist system in America.  

 Vicky Davis
October 3, 2010