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In the paper I wrote the other day (The Great Swindle) on the $700 billion bailout,  I said that they were attempting to pull off another dialectic.  While shouting Emergency! Hurry!  Hurry!  What they were really up to was that Paulson wanted the authority to forfeit sovereignty over our financial regulatory system - changing it over to the international regulatory system.  Thanks to the work of a fellow researcher and her sources, I have more information on it.,1002,sid%253D2333%2526cid%253D184920,00.html

International Financial Standards Roadmap

Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 156 / Tuesday, August 14, 2007 / Proposed Rules

IFRS - Definition and description



This area is kind of beyond me but it does appear to me that at the very least, the options markets were integrated into an international system.   And I do know that the oil futures market is controlled out of London and Dubai which is why our government couldn't do anything about it when the manipulation of oil prices began.  (I heard that in a Congressional hearing on the Oil Futures Market and that hearing should still be posted on C-Span).

Options Market - dated 1999

Options Linkage Program

The regulatory "authority" for this is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority  (FINRA)


It should be pretty clear that the real problem is globalization (internationalization) and the structural deficiencies in our economy - the structural deficiencies being that we don't produce much of anything of value to sell in the global economy and what our financial industry is selling is bad paper.