War Time Reorganization


I didn't start out this research to find systems linkages.  I was really just interested in this guy Mehta and his connection to predatory lending to the subprime credit card market.  But once again, all roads lead back to the reinvention of government - and the fascist redesign of government computer systems - and September 11, 2001. 


I started out researching Providian Financial Corporation and the CEO Shailesh Mehta.  The reason I was interested was because PBS has done a series of programs on the credit card industry.  Providian was the corporation that led the way on setting the tricks and traps terms for predatory lending via credit cards to those least able to pay.  This is yet another front in the economic war on the American people.  I don't believe it was a coincidence that it occurred at the same time as the Community Reinvestment Scams, the subprime mortgage market and the dot con game.  It was part of the strategy of economic warfare against the American people. 

There were two crooks mentioned in the PBS program.  One was Mehta and the other was a guy named Andrew Kahr who was a Financial Services Consultant who started Providian Financial.  When he stepped down as CEO, he selected Mehta to be the CEO and Kahr moved to France.   Providian was based in San Francisco.  One of the best articles I found on the Providian rip off was published by the San Francisco Chronicle in 2002, "How Providian misled card holders".

It should be noted that the PBS program attempts to paint the Democrats as the good guys for recently passing legislation - mostly window dressing - to prevent credit card companies from gouging customers.   Senator Dodd was featured being contrite for his part in it (he voted for the legislation to allow it).   Dodd is the Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee so one could say that his hands are dirty for every aspect of the economic war on the American people.   Dodd was fully involved in getting the bankruptcy laws changed so that people become virtual debt slaves to the credit card companies - but of course, PBS doesn't mention that in their program.

What disturbed me about Mehta is that his home is a replica of the White House.  The hubris of that is stunning.  Especially when one considers that the Indians have decimated the American IT industry - virtually taken it over, plus the fact that they have infiltrated and taken over our biological research sciences within the government and national laboratories - plus the fact that the only undisputed, prosecuted case of biological terrorism on the American people was done by Indians who were occupying a small town in Oregon - around The Dalles in the 1980's.  All of which adds up to me, that the Indians are occupying our country in a kind of reverse colonialism - using the threat of terrorism to take over.   Still want that vaccine they are offering you? 




Corruption of the U.S. Justice Department

On February 14, 2001, George W. Bush nominated Larry D. Thompson to be Deputy Attorney General and Ted Olson (9/11 wife allegedly called from hijacked airplane using cell phone) to be the Solicitor General.

While searching on Providian, a very interesting article popped that mentions both Providian and Larry D. Thompson.  It was titled, "Head of Bush's "financial crimes swat team": a fox to guard the henhouse".  It was published in July of 2002 on the World Wide Socialist website.  Excerpts:

Larry D. Thompson, the US deputy attorney general, has been named to head the new corporate crime task force that George W. Bush announced in his July 9 speech on Wall Street. The 16-member panel, which Bush called a financial crimes “swat team,” will include several individuals from the Justice Department as well as Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill and FBI Director Robert Mueller.

But just as Bush is tarnished by his record at Harken Energy and Vice President Dick Cheney is under investigation for shady practices at Halliburton, Thompson’s public persona as anti-corruption cop is undermined by his past association with the credit card company Providian Financial Corp. While Thompson served on the Providian board of directors and audit committee, the firm was cited for consumer, shareholder and accounting fraud, as well as insider trading.

Providian was eventually forced to pay over $400 million in two different settlements, though the company never admitted any wrongdoing.

In addition to consumer fraud, Providian was charged with accounting irregularities while Thompson was head of the audit committee. Starting in the second quarter of 2001, the company began writing off loan defaults on a monthly basis, rather than immediately. The change in accounting practice had the effect of delaying a sharp drop in earnings, shifting $30 million in loan losses to the third quarter report of 2001, rather than the second quarter report.

While eventually all the expenses were accounted for, the accounting gimmick allowed top executives to cash in on stock options before the value of the shares fell. Outstanding shareholder and employee lawsuits have alleged insider trading.

During this period, CEO Shailesh Mehta sold 75,000 shares worth $3.7 million. David Alvarez, a former president of the company’s integrated circuit unit, sold off $12.2 million worth of options. Several other directors and executives followed suit.

It was also around this time—in May of 2001—that Thompson sold some $4.7 million worth of Providian stock upon being confirmed by the Senate to his government post. The sale was nominally carried out to comply with ethics regulations. It was nevertheless a lucky coincidence. Providian stock began to fall two months later from a high of nearly $60. The company only revealed its accounting change in August of that year, under pressure from investors. By November, the stock was trading at a low of $2.

[Note:  August 14, 2002, Judicial Watch Press Conference announcing lawsuit against Larry D. Thompson charging stock fraud related to Providian.]  


On March 2, 2002, Attorney General John Ashcroft gave a speech announcing formation of the National Security Coordination Council.  (Sidebar:  This must have been the Justice Department press conference I watched on C-Span in which the military marched in with the flags and stomping boots like Nazi Stormtroopers.  It scared me because I've never heard the U.S. military march like that).   Excerpts from the speech:    

The president has charged us with a critical mission: to protect our nation and its citizens from serious, immediate, ongoing threats. To fulfill this mission, the Department of Justice has launched the most comprehensive criminal investigation in world history. We've embarked on a wartime reorganization of the Department of Justice, putting the prevention of terrorist attacks at the center of our law enforcement mission.

Outside Washington, we have forged new relationships of cooperation with state and local law enforcement. We have organized federal, state and local law enforcement into regional anti-terrorism teams. Hundreds of thousands of leads, many from concerned and responsible citizens, have been investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Over 100 individuals have been charged.  (note: And subsequently released)

Within the Department of Justice, we recognize the concomitant need to marshal our formidable resources to fight terrorism in the most effective manner possible. Accordingly, today I am announcing the creation of the National Security Coordination Council of the Department of Justice. The principle mission of the National Security Coordination Council will be ensure a more seamless coordination of all functions of the department relating to national security, particularly our efforts to combat terrorism.

Among the most important lessons we have learned is the lesson that countering a threat as vast and as complex as international terrorism requires unprecedented cooperation and coordination. No single individual, agency, department or government can succeed alone. We have instead sought to weave a seamless web of prevention, involving not just government but businesses and communities, state and local governmental operations, citizens in a united effort to identify, disrupt and dismantle terrorist networks.


With the benefit of hindsight, we can now ask, What criminal investigation?   There hasn't been one so with this - and the mountains of other evidence, we can conclude with a high degree of confidence that 9-11 was a staged event, the real purpose of which is embedded in Ashcroft's speech:    In order to implement the federal enterprise architecture (seamless web - police state surveillance Fusion Centers -  breeching the boundaries of federal, state and local jurisdictions) for the "reinvention of government",  they needed "war time authorities" so that they could override and/or modify our laws and the U.S. Constitutional protections of American citizens.  They couldn't have done that without the September 11, 2001 charade.   And it was a charade.  That's why it was never investigated and why the government stepped up quickly with hush money for the families of the victims.  

Another excerpt from the speech above proves the point:

[Ashcroft] Now, before I turn this event over to the deputy attorney general, I would like to mention and discuss the DNA samples being taken from detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Currently, the United States government is collecting and using the collection of DNA samples as a standard identification tool of these detainees. And as we discussed yesterday, the FBI oversees the combined DNA index system, or what is called CODIS. That's the national DNA index. While the law does not currently allow law enforcement to collect DNA samples and use them, the law --pardon me, let me just start that again -- the law does allow law enforcement to use DNA samples.  The law does not allow these samples to be entered into the DNA database because the samples do not fit categories currently housed in CODIS. What I'm saying is that the samples collected from detainees in the war effort are not among the categories that would currently fit in the CODIS system. We believe that this law should be changed.

The rest of the presentation before the Q & A is about the CODIS database and information collection.  See what I mean?   It's these little logical faux pas that reveal the true motivations and the real story.  The criminals who did 9/11 could cover up the big elements of the crime, but they couldn't control the dialog afterwards.  This is like the little kid who gets caught with cookie crumbs all over his face while he is telling you the dog ate the cookies.  

Also on March 5, 2002, they released the details of the mission of the National Security Coordination Council Establishment of the National Security Coordination Council, March 5, 2002

September 19, 2002, U.S. Department of Justice, Fact Sheet on Information Sharing Initiatives in the War on Terrorism