Push Back!


Get your hip boots on because the corporate propaganda is beginning to flow.   The issue obviously is the budget and the targets are "entitlement" programs - Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.   Oh... but you say... these programs are "unsustainable".  And there is lots of "waste, fraud and abuse".    

Rather obviously, those are sound bites that you've been conditioned to parrot every time one of the program names is mentioned. 

What you won't hear is anything about the "supply side" economic policy that has become the international economy that has been bleeding our country of income and the government of a tax base.   Do you recall where the bailout money went?   It went to foreign banks and Wall Street firms.   They give them your tax money - and then come after the programs that are really subsistence for a lot of people - and more every day because of the U.S. international trade and economic policies.  

The importers, the banks and the transportation companies are making all the money because of the structure of the "supply side" economy.    It's because of the aggregation of money into fewer and fewer hands that the tax liability is falling heavier on the domestic individual and small business taxpayers. 


This is why the U.S. is having to borrow - it's because we don't produce domestically for domestic consumption and domestic support for infrastructure. 

Regardless of how you feel about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, don't allow them to sidetrack your thinking about the global economy because it's the corporate welfare that is bankrupting the country, not the subsistence programs for the victims of the corporate welfare.

The corporate tax code was designed for an industrial economy.  It needs to be changed for an "importing economy"  -  meaning that they should be taxing gross sales and not allowing deductions for offshore production and transportation.  That would go a long way towards correcting the budget deficit and it would also encourage the return of manufacturing to this country. 

If we don't fix this "supply side" insanity, the COMMUNIST Chinese will own this country and maybe they already do.... but at the very least, don't give it up without a fight.  


Vicky Davis
May 15, 2011