The Zombies are Coming!  The Zombies are Coming!

Who are the Zombies?    They are Pied Pipers who play a sweet tune to lure victims to their economic death.  Their tune is "FREE TRADE!  FREE TRADE!  It's FREE so it has to be good! ".     

FREE TRADE!   FREE TRADE!  FREE TRADE!   The answer to all questions... the answer to all problems is FREE TRADE!  

Return of the Zombies

For a brief time, the Free Trade Zombies seemed to disappear apparently waiting for Obama to get situated and in position to become the new Czar of the Zombies but like a case of the Clap, they're coming back.     

The other day I saw Hillary Clinton in a press conference with the President of Columbia.  Recall that the last "Free Trade" agreement that Bush tried to get passed was the Columbia Free Trade Agreement.   That was just before the economy took the final nose dive into the dirt - and the Banksters blackmailed the Congress on the bailout.  Mighty coincidental timing as I think about it - with suspicions reinforced by articles about Bush trying to force Congress into voting on the agreement.  Since that time, I've spotted several other Zombies appearing to position themselves to restart their FREE TRADE is good mantra. 


The Free Trade Zombies are financial vampires.   Our economy has been hemorrhaging because of FREE TRADE.  It's in the dirt - not quite dead yet so the Zombies have been sent once again to spread the message that the solution to hemorrhage is to apply more leaches - drain more of that green blood - export more of America's economy.

Zombies are characterized by their invincible ignorance despite all evidence to the contrary that 'FREE TRADE' is a trojan horse and the concept has been used by global con artists to gut our economy.  These agreements are the reason we are in the economic condition we are in now.



Most Free Trade Zombies don't realize that our economic condition is due to "free trade" because Zombies don't THINK, but they are in fact, the Ghouls for Globalists.  They promote the agenda of globalism which is to erase national borders - sacrificing national sovereignty through the fraud of FREE TRADE.  FREE TRADE is really a trap to create economic dependence - and then ultimately the takeover of national economies and social policy by the totalitarian globalist system that benefits only the likes of Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet - the Dons of Davos, Corporate Mafia.

The strategy of economic dependence is very simple - make capital accessible to the target country at cheap, loss leader rates.  Then once the country is so in debt that the loans can't be repaid because they don't have the tax base for it, the vultures move in to tell the country that they must privatize everything, sell off national assets, and allow the multinational corporate WMD's to invade their country.  They must open their borders to tariff free imports and re-orient their economies to focus on exports.  This concentrates the wealth of the nation in the hands of a few with the majority of the people left left to fend for themselves - jobless, penniless.  That's what the Zombies call "Freedom" and "Liberty"  -   FREE to freeze and starve in the dark on your own as the wealth of the nation concentrates at the top with crushing poverty at the bottom causing social unrest and mass migrations of people seeking employment to support their families. 

The corporate mafia Dons have done this in country after country.  It's a formula.  It has a playbook that you can follow.  You can look at Mexico from the Mexican Peso Crisis in the late 80's and early 90's.  Follow it - and you will see the strategy.  The most concise description of the strategy is the 'Washington Consensus'.  This was the name given to a list of ten policy items included in a report titled, "What Washington Means By Policy Reform" written by John Williamson of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. 

1990 Washington Consensus

1990 Houston Economic Declaration (G8)

1990 GHW Bush - Announcing the Enterprise of the Americas Initiative

1992 GHW Bush - Executive Order 12803 -  Sell off U.S. Infrastructure Assets and Resources

The NAFTA agreement and the Uruguay Round of trade talks (WTO) were both negotiated under the Bush Administration and were signed during the Clinton Administration. 

1995 Commission on Global Governance release their report"Our Global Neighborhood"

1996 Analysis of "Our Global Neighborhood" by Henry Lamb

2000 William J. Clinton signed the Millennium Declaration calling for Global Governance

2001 GW Bush - Remarks to the Council of the Americas (Rockefeller)

Compare the rhetoric with the reality of today:  

2001 Council of the Americas - The Century of the Americas: Setting the New Hemispheric Agenda (NWO)

2001 Bush - Free Trade Agenda

September 11, 2001      Bush Remarks to the World Affairs Council, 2002


Building the Free Trade Area of the Americas - erasing borders, trashing the constitution and eliminating national sovereignty

2001-09-28  Jordan FTA signed

2003-10-20  Thailand FTA negotiations launched

2003-12-30  Chile FTA  PP Implement 7746

2003-12-30  Singapore FTA  PP Implement 7747

2004-08-03  Australia FTA signed

2005-12-22  Morocco FTA PP  (June 15, 2004 )

2006-03-31  Implementation of DR-CAFTA - Dominican Republic-Central America

2006-01-11  Bahrain Free Trade Agreement signed by Bush

2006-09-19  Senate passes Oman FTA

2006-03-08  Malaysia FTA negotiations launched

2006-02-02  Korea FTA negotiations launched

2007-09-28  Elimination of duties for certain goods from Mexico

2007-12-14  Peru FTA signed

2008-03-20  Columbia Free Trade Agreement - failed

2008-10-16  Extending Andean Trade Preference Act

2008 - Joint Statement on the "Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas"

2008 - Condoleezza Rice - "Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas"

SECRETARY RICE: Thank you very much, and I am really delighted to join my foreign minister colleagues and the trade ministers here for our Pathway ministerial. It’s our first opportunity to get together after the heads of state meeting. This groundbreaking forum is bringing together partners who share a fundamental commitment to expanding opportunities for their people. And that commitment is grounded in democratic values, and it is also grounded in a belief that open markets and free trade leads to growth, and that that can indeed be used to promote social mobility. [Yes.... downward mobility]

The Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas Initiative aims to build on the remarkable democratic consolidation of our hemisphere over the last two decades...

Our governments know that when you invest in people, they can fuel your societies’ economic and social transformation. Thus, democracy, development, and social justice are partners in delivering for humankind. Our governments also know that the truly great challenges of our day can best be met by marshaling our complementary strengths and abilities in the service of our shared goals. Our leaders recognized in their joint communiqué in New York on September 24th that to fully realize the benefits of trade liberalization and open markets, we must promote, integrate, and advance all aspects of our hemispheric, economic and development agenda.

Under President Bush, with the support of Congress, the United States has doubled development assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean. We are working to unlock the vast potential of our region’s citizens by investing in improved healthcare and education, in access to capital, in economic infrastructure and security. Here in Panama, for instance, we have established the first regional healthcare training center where medical professionals from six countries are receiving training that they can carry home to their fellow citizens.

The United States has also worked to forgive billions of dollars in debt that too long hampered the potential of some of the poorest nations in the region. And through the Millennium Challenge Account initiative, we are allocating assistance where it will have the greatest impact: in countries that demonstrate a commitment to political and economic freedom, in healthcare and education for their people, in the sustainable use of natural resources, the control of corruption, and respect for civil liberties and the rule of law. [What a joke right?]


"Free Trade" is a concept label that is shorthand for the elimination of borders and sovereign nations.  It is the strategy for integrating the economies and social systems of multiple nations into a union that is governed by the global totalitarian socialist system.  So don't EVER tell me that you support "Free Trade" and that you support a sovereign, independent, constitutional republic of the United States because the concepts are polar opposites. 

Free Trade is Treason by Trade.  And that's the way it is.   


Vicky Davis
August 30, 2009


PROTECTIONISM IS GOOD!    If you care about this nation and the future for your children and grandchildren.

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Columbia Free Trade Agreement Conflict

Businessweek:   Bush: I'll Trade You Detroit for Colombia?

If news reports this morning are correct, the Bush Administration is willing to trade a loan bailout for Detroit, which it has opposed, for a Congressional cave-in on a trade deal that will benefit the country of Colombia.

By mid-day, though, the White House was denying it expressed a quid pro quo to President-elect Barack Obama that would have him and Congress support the Colombia Free Trade Pact in exchange for Detroit aid.

Not Columbia, Maryland, mind you. Not Columbia South Carolina. The country of Colombia.

Remember when the presidential candidates were arguing over free-trade deals? The Colombia thing? The administration wants Congress to lift restrictions we have with the South American country that makes it tougher for U.S. companies to sell stuff there. The opposition by Congress isn’t centered on a potential loss of jobs in the U.S. In fact, Columbia export companies already have nearly total unrestricted access to the U.S. But it doesn’t work the other way.  MORE


Politics USA:  Bush Asks Pelosi to Change Her Mind on Columbia Free Trade

President Bush used his weekly radio address to ask Speaker Nancy Pelosi to change her mind and allow the House to vote on the Columbia Free Trade Agreement.

"Recently I sent Congress an agreement that would expand America's access to markets in Colombia. Unfortunately, the Speaker of the House has chosen to block the Columbia free trade agreement instead of giving it an up or down vote that Congress committed to. Her action is unprecedented and extremely unfortunate. I hope that the Speaker will change her mind. If she does not, the agreement will be dead. And this will be bad for American workers and bad for America's national security,” Bush said.

Bush said that the agreement would lift tariffs on thousands of U.S. goods that are being imported into Columbia, “Today, almost all of Colombia's exports to the United States enter duty-free. But the 9,000 American businesses that export to Colombia, including nearly 8,000 small and mid-sized firms, face significant tariffs on their products. The situation is completely one-sided. Our markets are open to Colombian products, but barriers that make it harder to sell American goods in Colombia remain. If the free trade agreement were implemented, however, most of Colombia's tariffs on American goods would be eliminated immediately.”  MORE

Associated Press:   Bush chides Congress on Columbia

Bush has staked out free trade as one of his chief economic legacies, winning a bruising battle to implement the Central American Free Trade Agreement with six countries in Latin America as well as a number of individual pacts. While two other agreements with Panama and South Korea are also pending, analysts said the Colombia agreement is likely to be the last one that has any chance of winning approval in Bush's last year in office.

The administration insisted the deal would be good for the United States economically because it would eliminate high barriers that U.S. exports to Colombia now face, while most Colombian products are already entering the United States duty-free under existing trade preference laws.  MORE




Vicky Davis
August 30, 2009