Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS)

Department of Labor - SCANS Reports

1990 - Achieving Necessary Job Skills:  Review of Previous Approaches

1990 - Identifying and Describing the Skills Required by Work

1991 - What Work Requires of Schools

Blueprint for Action:  Building Community Coalitions

SCANS in the Schools

1992 - Learning a Living

1993 - Teaching SCANS Skills

Workplace Essential Skills                    (D. Niwa   Highlights of Workplace Essentials)

SCANS - Skills and Tasks for Jobs    (Common Core - See Section 2  -   "Foundation Skills")


SCANS Process, SCANS Assessment and Certification System (SACS), 2003, SCANS Center, Johns Hopkins University

Idaho SCANS Career Pathway, Certification

NCCTE - "Implementing SCANS"  

GOALS 2000-SCANS:  The Basic Bibliography of SCANS Reports, by Dr. J.R. Gilstad

Tangled Web by Joe Esposito

Who's Who Map of Connections by Joe Esposito

Tangled Web - Update by Joe Esposito


Catalog of Workforce Information Sources

Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED)

Government as a High Performance Employer



Background and Additional

1987 - Workforce 2000, Work and Workers for the 21st Century.  Secretary of Labor commissioned report.  This report was the background thinking that provided the justification for the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills which became the SCANS project/system.    ( Local pdf )

1987 - Education and Economic Development.  ERIC Digest Series Number 23

Convention on Technical and Vocational Education
Adopted by the General Conference (UN)  at its twenty-fifth session
Paris, 10 November 1989

1952 - Lillian Moore Roberts,  UNESCO
2004 - Microsoft (Bill Gates)  - UNESCO:   Agreement for Cooperation

NCEE - Ira Magaziner,  "America's Choice:  High Skills or Low Wages"
NCEE - Tough Choices or Tough Times

Al Gore - Press Release 11/4/99, Public-Private Partnerships - 21st Century Skills
Al Gore - Report, 11/4/99, "Skills for a New Century: A Blueprint for Lifelong Learning  (incorporate SCANS)

The New American High School Conference insert              SOURCE