Swarming of the Sustainable Developers

Yesterday, I posted a webpage concerning the Technocratic Coup d'etat on America.  I showed how legislation was passed to reorganize our government in such a way that power was consolidated under the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) with the Chief Information Officers (CIO) of the agencies of government reporting the Director who currently is Peter Orszag.  And I showed how the CONPLAN was actually the implementation of the Global Emergency Management Incident Information System (GEMINI). This morning I awoke to the whiny, nasal voice of Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) testifying in a Congressional hearing on a 'National Infrastructure Development Bank'.  Since DeLauro was the sponsor of the Food Safety Legislation last year that would have made your family garden part of the National Food Supply Chain subject to regulation and inspection if your children sold your excess cherries at a roadside stand, she got my attention. 

DeLauro's Food Safety Legislation -   H.R. 2749 -   "Collectivization by Computer System"

Because of my recent discoveries of LBJ's treason of establishing a Soviet-American Institute for Applied Systems Analysis conceived in 1966 and chartered in 1972, plus the discovery of the fact that Alice Rivlin, former Director of the OMB and Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve was first appointed by LBJ and she wrote a book called, "Systematic Thinking for Social Action", I thought I'd better find the swamp that hatched this DeLauro woman.  And what a lucky break it was that I did.  According to her bio, DeLauro was Christopher Dodd's Chief of Staff before being elected to Congress in 1990.  She's married to Stanley Greenberg who runs a lobbying firm named, "Greenberg-Quinlan".   Just looking at their client list tells you that this is a high powered outfit but what really caught my attention given the current disaster in Louisiana, was the picture on the left with the hyperlink their 'BP Case Study'.  What an incredible co-inky-dink wouldn't you say?




Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania was also at the hearing.  Pennsylvania is the state that is burning underground.  Allegedly, a fire was started by some trash in coal mine and now it's burning.  But that's probably a co-inky-dink too - not to mention that Pennsylvania was the site of the "Let's Roll" Hollywood production of the 9-11 plane crash where there was no plane and there was no hole (if the plane doesn't fit, you must convict).  But I digress. 

Pennsylvania's state government is being run by the consulting firm KPMG and the computer company, UNISYS which apparently gives Rendell time enough to partner up with Mayor Bloomberg of New York and Ahnuld Schwartzenegger in a lobbying initiative they call, Rebuild America.   PBS has posted an interview with Rendell where you can hear him talk about it.  These people rarely ever mention the global aspects of it.  Although surprisingly, Rendell did mention the G7 in an article published "The Hill" titled, "Rebuild, vitalize, and modernize our country's networks".

"Can America afford to do this? I believe we canít afford not to do it. Every other G-7 nation has undertaken a massive infrastructure revitalization program in the last 15 years and we must also if we are to remain economically competitive. Our country is like every business; if we donít invest in our assets and acquire new ones when necessary, we simply cannot remain successful."

He also said,

Each year we delay, our need grows larger and more costly. In 2004 the American Society for Civil Engineers estimated that it would take $1.6 trillion just to bring the infrastructure we have into fair condition. In 2009 they updated their survey and it now stands at $2.2 trillion. This price tag does not even include building any new infrastructure, such as high-speed rail systems that are common today in Europe and Asia, or an expanded electricity grid or broadband system. These are improvements we must make to remain competitive, but they add billions more to what we need to spend.

Does anybody see a problem here or is it just me? 

But I guess we don't have to worry about it because Christopher Dodd got permission from Goldman Sachs in 2007.   See Page (lucky) 11  of the National Infrastructure Bank Act of 2007 information packet posted on Dodd's website.   And son of gun, as I was getting links for this commentary, I looked at something I wrote two days ago, and what do you know...   one of our banks is a two trillion dollar bank.  And this fact came up in a Senate debate on financial reform.  You don't suppose that Chairman Dodd colluded with Goldman Sachs to extort money from the U.S. Treasury to fund the National Infrastructure Development Bank do you?   And as I recall, Dodd is going to be retiring from the Senate.  I'll make you a bet.  Dodd will become Chairman or CEO of this National Infrastructure Bank.  Damn...  

The Global Central Planners really do have a Global Plan for Rebuilding Everything using technological control systems.  The whole climate change propaganda package is alleged to be the reason for it - but the reality is that the agenda is being driven by the Technocrats and the purpose is to integrate technology control systems into everything such that the Global Central Planners will be able to technocratically manage the planet.  If it isn't clear to you by now, I'll just state it for you straight out.  Congress has become just a puppet organization.  They merely go through the motions - the pretense of acting like a governing body, but the reality is they are just rubber stamping the programs of the Global Technocrats.   


Vicky Davis
May 14, 2010