A Planetary Emergency!



Last week at the Center for American Progress’ forum on “National Clean Energy Project:  Building the New Economy”, former Vice President Al Gore said, “we have a planetary emergency” and I agree with him.  We do have a planetary emergency.  We just differ on the nature (no pun intended) of the emergency. 


This forum moderated by Tim Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation and it was a followup to the Clean Energy Summit held in August of 2008.  August 18-19th to be specific.  On C-Span, there is a link to a website regarding the August summit. 




Industry leaders, scientists, policy experts, citizens, and the media will gather in Nevada at the national summit hosted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), and University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to chart a course for our nation's clean energy future. This is a pivotal opportunity to focus on defining a policy agenda that accelerates the development of renewable energy, energy-efficiency technologies, and robust clean energy markets in Nevada, the nation, and the world.
Listen to the 07-23-08 news teleconference.

Developing a Clean Energy Future for Nevada, the Nation, and the World


The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is committed to increasing energy efficiency and to significantly reducing energy consumption through its energy management systems, recycling programs, and turf reduction efforts.  Our goal is to make the National Clean Energy Summit carbon neutral.



I started out to write about last week’s forum, but after listening to it - and starting to write and then including the note about the Clean Energy Summit, I realized that the August Summit was followed by the banking crisis which was the impetus for the “bank bailout” that wasn’t a bailout and the economic stimulus legislation that is completely targeted toward the “Clean Energy” projects.  What a freaking amazing coincidence isn’t it?   It sure was lucky timing for that “banking crisis” that wasn’t it? 


There is a Brasscheck video of Representative Paul Kanjorski in which he talks about what Henry Paulson told the members of Congress about the “crisis”:




I accuse Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, Henry Paulson of perpetrating a fraud against the American people -  a trillion dollar fraud!    The “banking crisis” that wasn’t - was the faux emergency to scare the Congress into funding that the projects that the Cult of Bucky lunatics want to implement.   That’s the planetary emergency that we all face.  This country is being run by the criminally insane. 





This is on the CAP Energy Forum  that I started to write about: 



One of the life hazards of being a Systems Analyst is that it is impossible to just listen to people without checking for logic, consistency, facts and extrapolating the ideas - forwards and backwards so when I listen to the Bucky Cult members talk about their plans to build a New Economy for America based on reducing energy usage, converting the entire infrastructure to use  the “free energy” of the planet  (Bucky:  eternally regenerative universe)  and at the same time guaranteeing the power companies continually growing profits, I can’t help but wonder, “How’s that going to work?” because I don’t see it.


According to Senator Reid, the economic stimulus funds included $11 billion for a new national energy (smart) grid capable of sending “free energy” from where it can be generated (in the west covering the entire west with windmills - chewing up the farm land - and sending the power east - and though he didn’t say it, I imagine that Las Vegas would like to have some of that “free energy”.  


The Smart Energy Grid must be DC using unreliable sources of energy (wind and solar), so they will also need to pepper the landscape with batteries.  Correct me if I’m wrong here - but isn’t battery acid a very dangerous substance - even after it’s no longer potent enough to make the battery work?   And how much are these enormous batteries going to cost for this “free energy” that won’t be “free” because they will be guaranteeing the power companies continued growing profits?   And how are we going to feed ourselves if we cover our farm and ranch land with windmills?     And after all the buildings are retrofitted for “clean energy”, what are going to be the industries that America will have - that won’t be exported to China?  And what jobs will there be that will provide income to pay for the “free energy” that will cost equal and greater to today’s power?    It seems to me that these are pretty basic questions that should be answered before we set about redesigning our economy around rebuilding our infrastructure for “free energy” that isn’t.  


Vicky Davis,
March 2, 2009   -   and too upset to continue writing about this




Center for American Progress Links


Green Energy

http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2008/09/green_recovery.html  (Notice the amount of land taken up by the wind mills to power 2,500 homes.   A nuclear plant built on the same amount of land would power a half million homes - and it wouldn’t require a new energy grid with batteries and battery acid covering the landscape. )


Transforming America’s Economy


(It’s on this page where you can see the direct parallel between Buckminster Fuller’s ideas for global communism and deindustrialization of our economy.   Nothing in the plans for the “New Economy”  addresses the structural problems in the economy that are moving jobs and economic activity offshore.  Not one single idea.  In fact, the very people who are promoting this agenda - the big IT and Technology corporations - and the ones who enabled and promoted the export of our productive economy and our knowledge jobs.  And the systems they are implementing are CONTROL systems - management systems designed as if the United States is just one large corporation and we are all assets of the corporation to be managed by their systems.  The systems include energy, the labor and education, immigration and the importation of “guest workers”, our transportation system, our communications system - everything.  Management and Control.  Freedom is dead.