They'rrre Baaaack!   And They're Coming Out!


Eugenicists coming out BIG AND BOLD in Oklahoma.  



Oklahoma Genetics Plan - Executive Summary    (Local copy)

Oklahoma City Bioscience Benchmarking - Battelle Technology Partnership

Oklahoma City Bioscience Strategy -  Battelle Technology Partnership  (still looking for this one)

Powerpoint - Integrating Genetic Services into Public Health   Recovered from Wayback  PDF


ASTHO's Genetics Program             (Recovered from Wayback  PDF)

CDC Conference - Michigan, 2000



Integrating Information Systems - Integrating Newborn Screening    (Recovered Wayback  PDF )


State Development Grants for Newborn Screening     (Local Copy PDF)

(this is why they needed the nationalized, electronic medical records)


Vicky Davis, Computer Systems Analyst
May 1, 2011