The Ghost of Morganthau Haunts Our House

2.  Partitioning of Germany.
 (a)  Poland should get that part of East Prussia which doesn't go to the U.S.S.R. and the southern 
portion of Silesia as indicated on the attached map, (Appendix A).


 (b)  France should get the Saar and the adjacent territories bounded by the Rhine and the  
Moselle Rivers.
 (c)  As indicated in part 3 an International Zone should be created containing the Ruhr and the 
surrounding industrial areas.
 (d)  The remaining portion of Germany should be divided into two autonomous, independent 
(1) a South German state comprising Bavaria, Wuerttemberg, Baden and some smaller
areas and 
(2) a North German state comprising a large part of the old state of Prussia, Saxony. 
Thuringia and several smaller states.

There shall be a custom union between the new South German state and Austria, which will be restored to her pre-1938 political borders.

Map Image   -   Notice the international zone

Partitioning of the United States

The partitioning of the United States began in 1983 with the La Paz Agreement which created an international zone overlapping the U.S.-Mexican Border.  It was billed as an environmental agreement, but it doesn't take much research into the background of it to see that the agenda was much more than that.  Initially, it appeared as if the plan for international zone was a first step toward merger between the United States and Mexico (and ultimately Canada) for the 'Free Trade Area of the Americas' which by definition eliminates U.S. borders and involves the loss of national sovereignty.  But the economic merger - which by definition means the administrative merger through "harmonization", is ultimately for the purpose of redefinition of political jurisdictions which is of course, partitioning. 


Green Area is the International Zone created by the La Paz Agreement

The EPA Director is the designated management authority for the La Paz Agreement on the U.S. side - along with their counterpart on the Mexican side of the border.  In 1992, a formal program called Border 2012 was established.  It's been renewed and is now named Border 2021. 



In 1977, Jimmy Carter established a Commission to produce report in an integrated way to predict the future of life on earth.  The name of the report is 'Global 2000: Report to the President'.  Gerald O. Barney, a Club of Rome member was tapped to lead the Commission.   

Excerpt Page 13:

[...the reports]  First, they examine many major global sectors in an integrated way:  they  project future trends in such areas as trade, foreign debt, demography, natural resources, environment, technology, health, education, and security, and they look at ways in which these areas interact.  Second, these studies take a long-term approach rather than limiting their perspectives to "five-year" plans.  This is critical since the importance of some trends and their intersectoral linkages is much more apparent in projections that extend for a decade or two.  Third, these studies evaluate alternative futures in terms of economic, ecological, political, and social sustainability.  They continually address the question, "Will this development strategy lead to a healthy situation in the long run, or will it have troublesome consequences after a few years?"

Through prestidigitalization (computer magic) they produced reports saying that the world is dying because of man and the conclusion was that management of environment was required to "save the planet" but the subtext and the environmental planning is ultimately for the extermination of most of the human population on earth.

Computer models can produce any outcome that is desired.  And even when the intentions are honest, it's not possible to program for all the variables and potentialities of the future even in a corporation where most variables can be controlled.  It was the height of silliness to produce a "global projection" 20 years out.  Gerald Barney and everybody who participated in this report used their model like a Gypsy uses a crystal ball at the carnival and their report would have had just as much credibility to any honest person.

"It reads like something out of "The Empire Strikes Back."  The time:  the year 2000.  The place: Earth, a desolate planet slowly dying of its own accumulating follies.  Half of the forests are gone; sand dunes where fertile farm lands once lay.  Nearly 2 million species of plants, birds, insects and animals have vanished.  Yet man is propagating so fast that his cities have grown as large as his nations of a century before."  Newsweek

This report and the environmental agenda is nothing more - and nothing less than the return of the Nazi Eugenicists wearing a Green Mantle.  And the mind twist on the Morganthau Plan is that while it would appear that Morganthau formulated his plan to protect the world from a re-emergent Germany, the cancer of Eugenics began in this country and by his plan for post World War II Germany, he proved himself to be one of them playing both sides. 

Preface - Page 14 

"Environmental problems do not stop at national boundaries.  In the past decade, we and other nations have come to recognize the urgency of international efforts to protect our common environment. 

As part of this process, I am directing the Council on Environmental Quality and the Department of State, working in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and other appropriate agencies, to make a one-year study of the probable changes in the world's population, natural resources, and environment through the end of the century.  This study will serve as the foundation for longer-term planning. 

President Carter issued this directive in his Environmental Message to Congress on May 23, 1977.  It marked the beginning of what became a three-year effort to discover the long-term implications of present world trends in population, natural resources, and the environment and to assess the Government's foundation for long range planning.

Going back to the La Paz Agreement, the EPA Director was named to be the coordinator for the agreement, but because it is an international zone, and as the study indicates, the Department of State controls it and they are using that power to destroy the United States as a sovereign nation first - followed by the repartitioning.  This became apparent when I was researching 9-11 and found there was a nexus with the North American Union in the person of Samuel "Sandy the Burglar" Berger who to my way of thinking committed treason against the United States. 

On September 11, 2001, Gen. Colin Powell was in Lima, Peru to sign the Inter-American Democratic Charter which has been called a Magna Carta for the Americas