The Ghost of Morganthau Haunts Our House

4. Restitution and Reparation.

Reparations, in the form of recurrent payments and deliveries, should not be demanded. Restitution and reparation shall be effected by the transfer of existing German resources and territories, e.g,

(a) by restitution of property looted by the Germans in territories occupied by them;

(b) by transfer of German territory and German private rights in industrial property situated in such territory to invaded countries and the international organization under the program of partition;

(c) by the removal and distribution among devastated countries of industrial plants and equipment situated within the International Zone and the North and South German states delimited in the section on partition;

(d) by forced German labor outside Germany; and

(e) by confiscation of all German assets of any character whatsoever outside of Germany.


U.S. Restitution and Reparations

Who paid to rebuild Europe - especially Germany and Japan?   Supposedly the money was loaned under the Marshall Plan but were the "loans" really repaid?  We have no way of knowing.  What we do know is that the United States has paid and paid and paid money, goods and services to the rest of the world.  Money has been doled out under the heading of foreign aid.  Foreign students have been imported to be educated in U.S. taxpayer funded institutions.  There was the Peace Corp - free labor for foreign countries.  And all for what?   Why?  Goodwill?   HA! 

Our country is bankrupt.  It's being bought up by foreigners.  It's being invaded by foreigners - displacing Americans in our own labor market.  Our government is dysfunctional.  The politicians are mostly crooks and morons.  For all intents and purposes, they could be living on a different planet because what they do has no benefit to the American people - in fact, just the opposite. 

So called trade agreements exported America's productive capacity and with it - the exportation of the tax base.  Who does that?  The trade agreements allow "free" re-importation of goods and services which undercuts domestic producers - putting them out of business.  Who does that?   What government exports their source of income, attacks their own domestic economy with imports at the same time they build a welfare state?   Who does that?  The welfare state is now being dismantled which will leave the American people with no resources, no productive capacity, and no social safety net - economically powerless in their own country.  Who does that? 

In capitalist systems, the idea is that people - in the form of a business - risk their capital to build a business and if they are successful, they reap the rewards in the form of profits.   Wall Street used to provide a mechanism for businesses to raise money for businesses - building equity.  It's been transformed into a casino - and as with Las Vegas, the House always wins.  There is no way with a straight face that anybody can call the U.S. economic system a capitalist system - not any more and that was true even before the Super-Grand Theft of hundreds of billions of dollars openly extorted from the Congress by AIG and the criminal banking syndicate.     

The mortgage market meltdown was completely engineered.  The excuse that the Wall Street Geniuses thought that the price of housing would never go down is stupid and anybody who believes it is stupid.  It's also stupid to believe that anybody would loan money to people who don't have the means to pay it back.  And to believe that the lending industry... just didn't see it and didn't understand would be stupid.  STUPID! STUPID!  STUPID!   

There are so many ways that wealth has been extracted from the American people, they are too numerous to mention.  



Somehow, Mexicans have gotten the idea that the southwestern United States belongs to them and they are attempting to occupy this territory.  They have virtually taken over southern California and since there seems to be no resistance coming from the federal government - and in fact, border patrol agents are being persecuted and prosecuted for doing their job, it appears that the U.S. government is in concurrence with reconquista

MeCha, and La Raza  are both dangerously radical, racist Nazi-like groups that the government turns a blind eye to while they focus their Homescam "security" attentions on American citizens in categories so broad that it includes virtually the entire American population.  See the MIAC Report.