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"New World Order Coming Into View"

In a United Nations Special Session in the spring of 1974, the UN passed resolution 3201 (S-VI)  'Declaration on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order' and resolution 3201 (S-VII) Programme of Action on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order'.    It's not much of a leap to think that this is in fact, what is referred to as 'The New World Order'  with the 'economic' part dropped off for obvious reasons. 



We, the Members of the United Nations,

Having convened a special session of the General Assembly to study for the first time the problems of raw materials and development, devoted to the consideration of the most important economic problems facing the world community,

Bearing in mind the spirit, purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations to promote the economic advancement and social progress of all peoples,

Solemnly proclaim our united determination to work urgently for THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ORDER based on equity, sovereign equality, interdependence, common interest and cooperation among all States, irrespective of their economic and social systems which shall correct inequalities and redress existing injustices, make it possible to eliminate the widening gap between the developed and developing countries and ensure steadily accelerating economic and social development and peace and justice for present and future generations, and, to that end declare...


Environmentalism has been co-opted to be the tool for redistribution of wealth to suit the interests of the influential minority.  Just about any policy - theft of property rights, theft of water rights, resettlement, exportation of productive capacity, suppression of economic activity by restricting energy, etc.  can be justified on the basis of 'protecting mother earth'.      In the case of the "highest order" of the influential minority, the objective is domination of the world's resources with the natural result - totalitarian control of the world.  I wish this was science fiction but it isn't. 

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter commissioned a report to "assess the probable changes in the world's population, natural resources and environment through the end of the century as a foundation for long-term planning.[1] The Global 2000 Report to the President took 3 years to complete and was published in mid-1980."    The project was directed by Gerald O. Barney.  Brief biography of Barney from the 'Our Task' organization website:

"Dr. Gerald O. Barney founded OT and he is the primary author of this web site. Dr. Barney was President of the Millennium Institute from 1983-2005. He founded MI in 1983 to promote long-term integrated global thinking especially in national governments and faith traditions of the world. He and his colleagues have developed the Threshold 21 (T21) integrated national sustainable development computer simulation model, which has been adapted to over twenty developing and industrialized countries to assist in the preparation of national sustainable development strategies and plans, such as Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs). Previously, Dr. Barney directed The Global 2000 Report to the President for President Jimmy Carter, led the national program of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and worked in the Council on Environmental Quality, Executive Office of the President during the Nixon Administration and earlier for the Center for Naval Analyses."

Long-term integrated global thinking" in this context means management of resources including people (human resources) - the way they think; the way they live; their norms, values and beliefs.   This is rule 'Rule by Technocrats'  and the technocrats rule is the Rule of One - maximum efficiency, no redundancy, keep only the unique, the useful and eliminate everything else.   

The following are excerpts from various sources about the Global 2000 report.   This report clearly was an international report for the United Nations in the same category and for the same purpose as Willy Brandt's North-South Report and  Gro Brundtland's 'Our Common Future'.    There is one difference however, the Global 2000 report is the nexus between the depopulation agenda of the Rockefellers and the Club of Rome, and the lunatic fringe element who are making it their mission to reorient religion towards worship of the earth rather than worship of a deity in man's likeness.   In fact, Gerald Barney produced an updated version of the Global 2000 report titled, "Global 2000 Revisited"  oriented towards spiritual leaders for the 1993 Parliament  of the World's Religions.   And Steven Rockefeller has taken on the task of evangelical for toad worship as well. 



From the Despatch Website: W.B. Howard, "Understanding the New Age, New World Order Biblically"


Gerald Barney urges religious leaders to create a "community of Earth's faith traditions" that will bring about a world-wide spiritual celebration of earth's entry into a new era in the year 2000. At the dawn OF THE YEAR 2000 all humans ARE TO BE officially forced TO BOW THE KNEE AND WORSHIP GAIA, MOTHER EARTH. In the Global 2000 Revisited report a weird invitation has been issued. All religious leaders and heads of state, every country, are to convene in Thing vellir, Iceland on January 1, 2000. On that day, in a tent surrounding a pagan stone altar, the assembled leaders must present hand-written covenants which pledge their loyalty to GAIA and their agreement that the New World State should govern in HER NAME! Barney calls this "a ritual death to and giving up of the old 20th century and its ways of being and thinking..." (Vol.1 P.21).

Why Thing-vell-ir in Iceland? The Church of Gaia, the ONLY WORLD CHURCH allowed, will have the Thing- vell-ir Oath of mutual support and protection. It seems that Thing-vell-ir is symbolic of the death of Christianity, as the entire nation in Iceland converted to Christianity at the beginning of the second millennium. Says William Norman Griggs:"This ritual described by Barney would amount to a reversal of this conversion - not only for Iceland, but for Christians around the world. It may be significant that the pagan religion of Wotanism, which stressed man's supposed subordination to the natural order was the ancient religion of Iceland." (Wotanism also influenced Hitler in his Third Reich plans.)


"Global 2000 was a $1 million study by the State Department, the Council on Environmental Quality, and eleven other participating federal agencies. It attempted to project international trends in population, pollution, and resource availability through the year 2000. The global outlook painted by the report was extremely bleak..... The ultimate cause of our actions is a severe cultural disorder: We have no globally accepted ethical framework to guide us in our new global responsibilities. Just when, for the first time, we find ourselves faced with the ultimacy - the irreversible destruction of the Earth's major life systems - we find ourselves ethically destitute, caught in the grips of a paralysis of judgment about what is happening and what we need to do." SF Chronicle, December 31, 2000, 'Whole World in Our Hands, Gerald O. Barney


"Eight years earlier the Club of Rome's Limits to Growth had predicted that the world faced mass starvation, resource depletion of gigantic proportions, and other environmental degradation. The widely publicized writings of authors such as Paul Ehrlich, Barry Commoner, and Lester Brown year after year have warned that planet Earth is teetering on the brink of ecological disaster.

One factor, however,  made Global 2000 vastly more influential than the writings of previous prophets of doom: It was the official position of the U.S. government. Stated Philip Shabecoff, environmental reporter for the New York Times, in explaining the widespread attention afforded -Global 2000: "The State Department is not prone to releasing frivolous  documents-"  Heritage Foundation, "Half-Truths and Consequences: The Legacy of 'Global 2000', Stephen Moore, January 7, 1985


"The author first met Dana Meadows and her colleagues in the Limits to Growth project during a postdoctoral year at MIT, setting the author on a new career and life path. The first major step was directing the Global 2000 Report for President Jimmy Carter. In the Global 2000 project, we improved the connections and consistency among the sector-specific elements of the Government's Global Model. The results of the projections were generally consistent with the Limits study, but analysis showed that the Government's models were biased optimistically because of omitted feedbacks. Another major step was the establishment of Millennium Institute (MI) and the development of the Threshold 21 (T21) integrated national development model. There are no global decision makers who can address the global issues of Limits; humanity's global decisions are largely the combined consequences of national level decisions. MI's T21 model provides an analytical tool for ministers of finance and planning that produces the same financial and monetary outputs as the models used by the World Bank and IMF, but that also address the social and environmental aspects of national sustainability issues. After more than a decade of work, T21 has gained much respect and has been customized to more than a dozen countries, industrialized as well as developing. In addition to describing the influence of Dana and system dynamics on the author's life, the article sketches out work needed for the future. Copyright 2002 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd."  Wiley InterScience Journal, Abstract:
The Global 2000 Report to the President and the Threshold 21 model: influences of Dana Meadows and system dynamics by Gerald O. Barney


"As we have seen, Hans Kung, the author of the "Global Ethic," candidly admitted that the triumph of the Global Ethic would mean the end of traditional religion. This prospect was touched upon by MI executive director Gerald Barney during his keynote address to the Parliament of World Religions. Barney has served as a national program director for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and is a well-connected member of the ecological elite; he is privy to the privately expressed thoughts of the eco-pagan elite. Thus it is of tremendous interest that Barney disclosed to the Parliament of World Religions that "an internationally famous, highly influential author on sustainable development told me, 'Religion must die. It is the fundamental cause of virtually all social, economic, and ecological problems and much of the violence in the world.'"  Cephas Ministries, "One World Worship by means of the United Nations", March 28, 2000


If the fact that this analysis - by just following the historical documentation has taken a turn towards the insane doesn't set off your alarm bells, then perhaps you should check your pulse. 

Peak Oil

A discussion of the Global 2000 report wouldn't be complete without a mention of 'Peak Oil'.   As it turns out, the report made dire predictions of  the apocalypse at the point of Peak Oil was projected to hit - approximately around 2000.  What a coincidence.   New millennium; New economy; New religion; New World Order.   It's not much of a stretch to think that 'Peak Oil', like Global Warming is a propaganda campaign.  It's logical peak oil rather than physical and it's being promulgated because the UN globalists desire a New World Order and they need an reason to completely redesign the way that people live on earth.    

Developed countries and developed economies require energy.  Cut the flow of energy and you kill the economy - which is really what's been happening to the United States.  Our participation in the United Nations - and the incremental implementation of the communist agenda of redistribution of wealth has been killing our economy - and its in it's last gasps if we don't find some clear thinking, patriotic Americans to represent America in the puppet palace we call Congress. 

The following are several articles on peak oil from different sources and different points of view:

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Note:  Michael Ruppert was the first person out with a book, "Crossing the Rubicon" after 9-11 blaming the
administration for 9-11 and giving "Peak Oil" as the reason.  hmmmm

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March 11, 2008