Thinking About....Global Cities

Did the Clinton Administration conspire with the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Goldman Sachs (Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin)  to have the cities wage war on the nation-state and by definition, the rest of the country?    It's a question that keeps running through my mind as I'm collecting information to try explain how and why the Mayor of Boise, went so far off the rails because everything Brent Coles was involved in was drenched in Agenda 21 and internationalism.  

If you think about what Thomas P.M. Barnett said about Military in the 21st Century about "billable hours"... and the boys are never coming home.   It makes sense.    The military is attached to the nation-state.   In the Clinton-Gore "reinvention of government", Al Gore was "partnered" with the Russians - (Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission)  and one of the first meetings Bill Clinton held was the Blake Island meeting with the Communist Chinese (1993).    Clinton and Gore gave away our satellite and communications technology to the Communists.   And the DOJ signed an MOU with the DOD to "partner": 

 "In 1994 the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) entered into a cooperative agreement to develop technologies of value to both.

Militarizing the police....  but also turning the military into police. 

Remember Rumsfeld telling Congress about the missing money?    The Defense Department did not escape the "reinvention of government".   Defense Secretary William Cohen initiated the project to replace the military procurement system, Defense Reform Initiative (1997). 

Goldman Sachs was a conspirator both in providing financing for cities - funding the city ghettos where the people were already disenfranchised with not much to lose, and also for waging war on America's corporations - the "dirty" ones that were part of the "old economy".   When you're a market maker, it's easy to manipulate the market - doing things like the precipitous drop in IBM stock in 1994 that had no basis in reality... at the same time pumping stock like Netscape... also with no basis in reality. 

Is that what Madoff was doing?   Simply providing a "volume service"?    If you had programs designed for analysis of the price and volume - and you were working on the inside where you could control the trading, I can see how this would work.  You could pay for it easily just by slicing the rounding error on the trades and people don't notice the missing    .00999
so you could have a day-to-day operation, but then when you were ready, you could attack... or pump a stock like AOL - that then took over Time-Warner - so you'd have fake stock and by definition counterfeit money, buying real assets. 


Of course, I can substantiate everything I said above... and much more.  



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