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For Immediate Release: July 2, 2003
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United States and India Hold Talks
On Stimulating High-Technology Commerce

The United States and India today held the first full meeting of the U.S.-India High-Technology Cooperation Group (HTCG). The two governments agreed to form the HTCG in November 2002 to facilitate and promote bilateral high-technology trade, including trade in dual-use goods and technologies, as part of the broad commitment by President Bush and Prime Minister Vajpayee to transform the relationship between the two countries.

The meeting was led by U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce Kenneth I. Juster and Indian Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal, and included representatives of a number of agencies from both governments. The two sides discussed a wide range of issues relevant to creating the conditions for more robust bilateral high technology commerce, including market access, tariff and nontariff barriers, strategic trade, and export controls.

"Creating the conditions for a vibrant high-technology trade relationship is a key component of the Administrationís overall agenda for fundamentally transforming U.S.-Indian relations. Both sides discussed changes in policy and regulation that can facilitate such trade and strengthen controls on the possible diversion of sensitive items. Todayís meeting of the HTCG was an important step in this process," said Juster. "We look forward to working cooperatively with India in the future to build on the progress that we have made today."

The discussions were informed by input received on Tuesday, July 1, from over 140 representatives of U.S. and Indian private industry at a public-private forum on U.S.-India trade and investment, convened under the auspices of the HTCG. The day-long forum included presentations on the climate for U.S.-India trade and investment, and on financing innovation, and breakout panels focusing on the information technology, defense technology, life sciences, and nanotechnology sectors. The forum included remarks from Commerce Deputy Secretary Sam Bodman, Under Secretary for Industry and Security Ken Juster, Under Secretary for Technology Phil Bond, Indian Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal, and more than 20 senior executives from U.S. and Indian companies at the forefront of high-technology commerce between the two countries. Under Secretary Bond, who moderated the event, commented that, "The HTCG has placed a very high priority on robust private sector participation from both the United States and India. The industry dialogue was stimulating, thought-provoking, and constructive towards enhancing the U.S.-India high-technology relationship. This will encourage further industry collaborations to strengthen innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustain economic growth between our two countries." Details about the forum can be found at file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Vicky%20Davis/internationalprograms/letter2hightechrepsjun19.htm.

The next meeting of the HTCG is expected to be held in Delhi, India later this year.



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