The Media




A couple of years ago, the FCC was set to make a decision that would have allowed further  consolidation of the media.  As it stands now, there are basically six companies that control virtually all of what we read, see and hear.  The FCC regulations allowing more consolidation would probably have reduced that number to three.  The following are the corporations that control our perceptions of the world.  

Advance Publications Corporation

Disney Corporation

General Electric Corporation

News Corporation

Time Warner Corporation

Viacom Corporation


The image that mass media cultivates is that they reflect popular culture.  The truth is that they aren't reflecting it at all.  They are creating it and in so doing, they are manipulating your perception of the world. 

When the trashiness of the media is discussed on television, they never fail to mention that we - the public own the airwaves.  Theoretically, that gives the public the right control them but it's all a farce.  Most people have cable and cable is exempt from the laws that pertain to over the air broadcasters.  Since we receive over the air broadcasts on our cable, we don't differentiate.  This means that ABC, CBS and NBC have different rules to play by than FOX.  

Another image that the mass media cultivates is that they present news and information.  The truth is that they have become the gatekeepers information rather than the providers of information.  The wider reach channels do stories that are unquestionably local with local being defined as a story with no national significance.  The more disgusting the story, the more time it gets.  Personally, I don't know anybody who is interested in the seemingly endless coverage of the Scott Peterson or Kobe Bryant cases.  Thousands of hours of TV time are given to analyzing every aspect of these cases - over, and over and over again.

The 'news' has become a vehicle for the Hegelian Dialectic.  For example, there have been endless stories of pedophiles and porn on the internet.  "They're coming after the children!".  What are the solutions to the dilemma? Government control and snooping on the internet of course.  Never mind that so-called entertainment programs on television have themes that can only appeal to the most perverted of pedophiles and rapists.  Logic says... if you want to stop pedophiles, go after the pedophiles.  A good place to start is with the people who write television 'entertainment' programs. 

The 'missing children' story line is obviously to create the idea in the minds of parents that their children need to be RFID chipped.  This fits with the 'vision' of our technology jailers to eliminate the need for hardcopy ID.  Rarely is it mentioned that chipping the perverts would be the way to go.  With a chip, your every move can be monitored and in fact, the technology exists to execute you on the spot if you are found doing something you shouldn't be doing.  No doubt the ACLU would step in to say that chipping perverts is discriminatory so everybody needs to be chipped to 'keep things fair'. 

In looking at media and mind control (i.e. the manipulation of perception) I found some fascinating information.  Here is one - in particular, click the link and scroll down to persuasion techniques and read it. 

Persuasion Techniques

Now think about the Fox News lineup - O'Reilly, Hannity and Colmes and Greta Van Susteren.  And you probably thought they were just trying to appeal to different audiences in different time slots huh?   If you still have doubts, consider the fact that Roger Ailes is an expert at mind manipulation.  "He has been described as "the amusingly ferocious Republican media genius" and a "pit-bull Republican media strategist turned television tycoon."  Roger Ailes is the President and CEO of faux news on Fox. 

The Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) recently published a study on viewer misperceptions of the war on Iraq.  The following is a summary of their findings as presented in handy little graphs by the TurnOffYourTV website.