Letter to Governor Butch Otter

July 4, 2008

The following is a letter I wrote to Governor Butch Otter.   Words can't begin to describe the extent of my distress.  This was my best effort:

Governor Otter,

I was shocked today to find out about the Idaho Health Data Exchange and that it was your initiative.  For the record - so that you can NEVER say that you didn’t know what was going to happen with it, know that this Health Data Exchange is part of a national system that will allow a repeat of what happened with human experimentation in Nazi Germany.   Only this time, they won’t have to round people up to put in concentration camps.  They will be able to select the populations remotely - and using Decision-Support with unqualified medical providers (physicians assistants and nurse practitioners).  The computer system will “decide” the diagnosis and treatment.   The monsters behind the system won’t even have to get their hands dirty. 

The plans for this system have been discussed at length in forums on C-Span and there is a lobbying group that has sponsored conferences at which Dr. Elias Zerhouni, Director of NIH, a radiologist and an Algerian, naturalized American at age 24, described how the system would be used to select populations for study and experimentation.


And you know what I’m saying is true because there was a presentation at the National Governor’s Association meeting on 7/22/2007 in which Ginny Wagner, IBM, Dr. Douglas Woods, Mayo Clinic described the plan for a “new form of medicine”.   I was so horrified by what they were saying, I wrote a webpage called, “IBM and Dr. Mengele - Together Again”. 


So Governor Otter, when the “defectives” in our state start dying of curious circumstances, the blood is on your hands because you absolutely knew what you were doing by implementing this system in Idaho.

God have mercy on your soul.

Vicky Davis