Quick and Dirty Profile of a Socialist Con Man

Maurice Strong

The article by Henry Lamb ties Rockefeller who is behind the North America Union to the socialist environmental agenda to the use of environmental front groups who steal private property for their profit - hiding behind environmentalism. 
Maurice Strong: The new guy in your future!
"This experience may have been the genesis of Strong's realization that NGOs (non-government organizations) provide an excellent way to use NGOs to couple the money from philanthropists and business with the objectives of government. In 1959, Strong created his own company, MF Strong Management. While serving as executive vice-president of Canada's Power Corporation, he also ran his own company, Alberta gas company, another company called Ajax, and elevated his role in the international YMCA and Canada's Liberal Party. He told Elaine Dewar, "We controlled many companies, controlled political budgets. We influenced a lot of appointments.... Politicians got to know you and you them."[5] "
Also note that Maurice Strong was the Director of Earth Summit 1 in Stockholm.  The output from that session was the 1972 Declaration of the UN Conference on the Human Environment which was the basis for the La Paz Agreement creating the 'Border Region' between our country and Mexico.  The EPA was put in charge of the area with the power to expand authority and to accept financing from outside sources (i.e. Rockefellar Foundation and others).  
"Strong was chosen to direct Earth Summit I, in Stockholm in 1972, not for his demonstrated interest in the environment, but because the Swedish representative to the U.N. believed that only Strong, with his extensive worldwide network of friends, could get both the developed and developing nations to participate. Strong was very busy when asked to organize the conference. He was recruiting people for Trudeau's new government, and he was managing his private investments which included real estate holdings in a company consisting of two former Canadian officials and himself. He also took a position as trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation which supplied a grant for the running of the Stockholm Conference office. He was also given the writing services of Barbara Ward and of the French ecologist Rene Dubos, who worked for the Rockefeller Foundation.
The 1972 Stockholm Conference on Human Environment (Earth Summit I) had far more international significance than was ever reported. NGO's (non-government organizations) were funded by the Canadian government to attend the conference to give the appearance of participation by the general public. Of course, only those NGOs personally selected by Strong received funding."
La Paz Agreement
Who is Maurice Strong?
And here we have the global redistribution of wealth under the mask of alleviating global poverty when the reality is that they are just about profits for the multinationals and slave labor and abject poverty for the masses. 
Civil Society and Trade Negotiations: A Business Perspective
The "Spiritual" Angle of Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev - worship of Mother Gaia as a unifying principle for global governance:
UN eSchool Initiative  (This is the real reason behind what's going on in the schools - make them so dangerous to children that people pull them out... and they turn to eSchool instead - of course all of the Who's Who are involved in education software - including Neil Bush and the CIA (In-Q-Tel).
This is worthy of some investigation.  I'll bet right now that Maurice Strong's business interests were entertwined with Enron. 
Maurice Strong - Testimony to Congress Foreign Relations Committee