How Savi Is NASCO?

Many of us in the Internet research community have been very concerned about the national security implications of the massive transportation system that is being built to accommodate imports from the COMMUNIST Chinese.  The information below takes the concern to a new level.... RED ALERT!

Update:  News from the Financial Times, September 3, 2007, "Chinese Military Hacked Into Pentagon"

In the past couple of days I received documents from a fellow researcher concerning a partnership deal between the North American SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc. and Savi Networks, LLC.  The proposal is essentially a marketing deal in which NASCO performs the 'up front' operations of marketing while Savi Networks handles all of the technical aspects of an Trade Corridor Management System (TCMS).   The TCMS tracks RFID-chipped containers and "will be able to integrate data from other platforms, including truck/trailer, rail and other "visibility" networks".    In other words, they will be able to track anything that has an RFID chip in it that is within range of a sensor.  

Savi Networks Partnership Proposal, September 29, 2006 

Highlights from the Proposal

  • Savi Networks is a joint-venture between Lockheed Martin (  Savi Technology and  Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) )
  • Savi Networks will maintain and support the Network Infrastructure
  • NASCO will obtain all permits, approvals, legal documentation, labor and other items necessary to enable Savi Networks to install, implement, maintain and support the Network Infrastructure.
  • Savi Networks gets exclusive rights to expand network deployment and expand the NASCO-SaviTrak system.
  • Savi Networks will have exclusive right and title to market the data collected by the Network Infrastructure
  • and MORE


In February of 2007, Savi Networks sent a Letter of Intent to NASCO   

And in June of 2007, the deal was complete as Tiffany Melvin (aka Tiffany Newsom) exclaimed in an email to George Blackwood, Jim Bergfalk, Dale Vander Schaaf, plus others.  

NASCO - email to George Blackwell re: Savi / NASCO agreement - including "revenue sharing" arrangement.   Notice how the 'royalty' price went way up - from .25 cents per container to $6.00 per container. 

So what's wrong with this picture?  

Hutchinson Whampoa has close links to the Communist Chinese Army.   (Recall Global Crossing?)

So effectively, the COMMUNIST CHINESE ARMY will have a transportation system designed for them - at U.S. taxpayer expense, with RFID tracking capability of anything moves near a sensor IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES!

Notice in Tiffany Melvin's email, she notes the fact that they've been acting as an agent of Savi Networks and that they've worked on this project for 13 years.  Meanwhile, George Blackwood who is the real snake in the grass lies low.  Blackwood, was the founder of the North American International Trade Partnership Coalition which merged with NASCO in 2005. He is obviously the A-Team who solicited the involvement of Mayors, businesses and other government officials.  "Tiffany" is the B-Team - "perky" marketing person for what is most certainly a treasonous act of partnering with a foreign government to put "dual use" tracking devices on our roads and bridges. 

A Conceptual Design for the Trans-Pacific Multimodal "Security" system was found on the NAITCP website after their merger with NASCO.  It was recovered using the Wayback Machine.  This design document mentions Shanghai... oh but whoops!  Tiffany said they had been working on this for 13 years - not just the brief period since the September 11, 2001 attack as the document implies:   (Notice in this document they mention Mexico and APEC; North America and Asia...  but not the United States.)

An important step towards the further integration of Mexico with its APEC trading partners is the development of a modern multimodal security system between North America and Asia.  The backbone of this new system will be frequent maritime routes between selected Asian ports and the Mexican ports of Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas.  These sea routes will be supported by enhanced rail service running through the heart of North America.  TFM and Ferromex, in coordination with Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific, will be the workhorses hauling cargo north out of the ports of Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas.

"The recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. have heightened concerns for security within the APEC region.  The TPMSS will promote greater multilateral customs coordination and work to increase the integrity of cargo shipments as a means to advance the Shanghai Counter-Terrorism Declaration.  The terrorist attacks illustrated the critical yet fragile nature of the international transport system. For the global economy to flourish, the transportation system must continue to provide safe, secure, efficient and reliable movement of goods.

 In October 2001, the APEC Leaders called for the implementation of projects designed to strengthen activities in the area of critical sector protection, including telecommunications, transportation, health and energy.  Also, in order to allow customs authorities to better enforce laws while simultaneously minimizing the negative impact of new security programs on the flow of goods, the APEC Leaders have called for the implementation of enhanced customs communication networks and the development of a global integrated electronic customs network."

And what about this "Shanghai Counter-Terrorism Declaration"?  

[Note:  I couldn't find the actual Declaration, but this document was listed as a framework to meet the goals of the Declaration].

Encourage more public/private partnerships to realise the APEC vision. The Trans-Pacific Multimodal Security System (TPMSS) is an innovative example of how public/private partnerships between several APEC economies can promote business facilitation, customs modernisation, the use of intelligent transportation systems, capacity building and enhanced global security.

Improve communication of the benefits of trade liberalisation and regional integration to our respective communities, to strengthen support for and generate momentum to achieve the Bogor Goals. ABAC finds the sectoral dialogues which APEC has begun with the private sector useful and urges their continuation. For its part, ABAC has implemented an aggressive outreach programme to articulate the benefits of globalisation, free trade and the unique role of APEC on the world stage.

It seems pretty clear that George Blackwood and David Eaton's tutelage provided Mexico (NAFTA) and China (APEC) the ammunition to team up against the U.S. using NAFTA Chapter 11 to force the U.S. to accept this Lockheed and COMMUNIST Chinese act of aggression against the people of the United States.

Shanghai'd By APEC

And of course, that's not China's first act of aggression - this was:

April 1, 2001 Revisited

And lest we forget, poisoned toothpaste and wheat gluten, lead and lead paint in baby's toys.  

And - not to forget, Vincente Fox used NAFTA Chapter 11 to force the U.S. to allow Mexican trucks to cross our border and come into our country where they become 80,000 pound weapons of mass destruction on our highways. 

Vincente Fox - Chapter 11 blackmail


Adding insult to injury:  

NASCO applied for - and got a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to IMPLEMENT THE SYSTEM at the initial site (to be determined) !!!!!  The amount of the grant is $1,066,747 !!!    (Note: Task 7 - development of software - except that Savi already has the software developed - and it was developed for the DOD and paid for by the U.S. taxpayers).  The name of the project is "NAFTRACS" as mentioned in the email above.   And they were given a sole source contract for it!!! The date of application is May 2007.  Check that with all of the above communications.  

From the  Savi Networks company overview,

The SaviTrak Information Service is the first commercially available, RFID-enabled supply chain asset tracking network. But being first doesn't mean being experimental. Since 1994 Savi Technology has supplied the world’s largest active wireless shipment tracking network for the US Department of Defense and a growing number of its allies using real-time data-feeds based upon active and passive RFID, GPS and Satellite information. At the DoD, over 35,000 shipments are tracked annually at over 1500 locations and 40 countries using a Savi-enabled network. Now, Savi Networks is deploying this same proven and standards-based infrastructure for commercial purposes.

There was also a FAQs document on the Savi website that says the following:

Savi technology, inc. was founded in 1989 and is a global leader in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware, software and services. the company markets a family of active tags, readers, signposts, enterprise software and professional services. Savi Networks is a subsidiary of Savi technology, inc., and was established in 2005 to deploy and market a global shipment visibility service. Users access this service through a secure web-based application and pay on a per-transaction basis

From the Savi Technology website:     

The company is the primary technology provider for the world's largest RFID consignment monitoring network for the U.S. Department of Defense, which employs RFID, barcode, cellular and satellite communications systems to track more than 35,000 conveyances daily across a global network of 1400 locations in more than 45 countries.

Founded in 1989, Savi Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin,, with headquarters in Mountain View, California and offices in Johannesburg, London, Melbourne, Singapore, and Washington D.C.

Since the system was developed for the Department of Defense, that means the U.S. taxpayers paid for it. 

Moving on to 1991 and the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991  (ISTEA)


 A new comprehensive transit planning and research program is funded as a 3 percent takedown of the total amount of funding provided.  A total of $944 million is authorized over 6 years.  This program combines the former Sections: 6 Research, 8 Planning, 10 Managerial Training, 11 (a) University Research, 18(h) Rural
Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP), and 20 Human Resources Programs.
  Of these funds, 45 percent is for Metropolitan Planning, 5 percent for RTAP, 10 percent will go to States for planning,
research, and training, 10 percent for a new Transit Cooperative Research Program, and 30 percent for a National Planning and Research Program.

 The National Planning and Research Program includes a transit technology development program, and establishes an Industry Technical Panel to assist in identification of priority technology development areas....

University Transportation Centers/Research Institutes

 Five new university transportation centers have been added to the University Transportation Centers (UTC) Program.  These centers, as well as the original 10 UTC's are funded by both the FHWA and the FTA.

 Also, five additional university research institutes are established.  Funding is from the Highway Trust Fund, other than the Mass Transit Account, and is in the amount of $37.5 million over the 6-year period.


An Intelligent Vehicle-Highway Systems (IVHS) Program is established, with approximately $660 million authorized for the 6-year authorization period.

The Act also requires development of a completely automated highway and vehicle system which will serve as the prototype for future fully automated IVHS systems.  The goal is to have the first fully automated roadway or test track in operation by the end of 1997.  An IVHS Corridors program is established to provide for
operational tests under "real world" conditions.  Corridors which meet certain transportation and environmental criteria can participate in developing and implementing IVHS technologies.


A car with an RFID chip in it is no different than a container - btw... it is also no different than a person with an RFID chip embedded in their driver's license or their skin.  It's an object emitting a signal (ID) to be tracked. 

So - the U.S. taxpayers paid for the system a second time in the ISTEA of 1991. 

1998 - Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21)

         From the summary:

Investing in research and its application to maximize the performance of the transportation system. Special emphasis is placed on deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems to help improve operations and management of transportation systems and vehicle safety.

Research and Technology

A total of $1.282 billion in contract authority is provided for FYs 1998-2003 to fund the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) program. Of this total, $603 million is targeted to research, training, and standards development. Programs to accelerate integration and interoperability in the metropolitan and rural areas and to deploy commercial vehicle ITS infrastructure are established and funded at $482 million and $184 million respectively. Funding for metropolitan areas is limited primarily to integration of infrastructure.

In addition to the funds authorized specifically for ITS, ITS activities are eligible under other programs. Both NHS and STP funds may be used for infrastructure-based ITS capital improvements and CMAQ funding may be used for the implementation of ITS strategies to improve traffic flow that contribute to air quality improvement. Transit-related ITS projects are defined to be capital projects and are therefore eligible for related funding.

The legislated purposes of the program are, among others, to expedite integration and deployment, improve regional cooperation and operations planning, develop a capable ITS workforce, and promote innovative use of private resources. In carrying out these purposes, the Secretary is required to update the program plan with the inclusion of clearly stated actions and milestones leading to the program goals.

Canada's Asia Pacific Gateway Initiative


NASCO website is down at the moment so I couldn't do this link,

but I do have this link Joint Working Group




Summary:   It appears to me that Lockheed Martin - together with COMMUNIST China and the Mexican government conspired with NASCO-NAITCP against the people the United States.     

This international transportation system - and the accompanying global network and cargo tracking system is for China and their partners - who are traitors to the United States.  There are no benefits for the American people and in fact, it leaves us vulnerable to invasion and restricted movement and surveillance by a foreign power.  It allows for "free pass" access to our country by that foreign power. 

Photo and quote courtesy of Dr. Daneen Peterson:  "Treason Abounds"  at Stop the North American Union 

Consider that the "Chinese have a world-class economy, the world's largest army, a fast growing navy and a nuclear arsenal aimed at U.S. cities.  They are dead serious.  Here's what one of their military leaders said:  'As for the United States, for a relatively long time it will be necessary that we quietly nurse our sense of vengeance . . .  We must conceal our abilities and bide our time.' -- Lt. General Mi Zhenyu, Vice Commandant, Academy of Military Science, Bejing."   (Source: G. Russell Evans, Reflections on Defending America's Honor at the Panama Canal, November 11, 1999,,