Jacob Javits - On the Record

While researching Operation Pan America and Kennedy's Alliance for Progress, I encountered information on New York Senator Jacob Javits.  He was a supporter of the idea of a 'Common Market' billed as "free trade".  One thing I found posted on a website was a reference to Senator Javits placing in the Congressional Record, a report on a meeting he attended.  The group that sponsored the meeting was the Bilderberg Group.  I didn't want to send it out until I confirmed that it actually is in the Congressional Record.  Today I got that confirmation. 

Congressional Record
April 11, 1964
Volume 110 - Part 6
Pages 7684 - 7685

Senator Jacob Javits - On the Record


If you're interested in the research that led me to that document:

Operation Pan America

Alliance for Progress

La Paz:  U.S.-Mexico Regionalism


Vicky Davis
May 16, 2013