Letter to Congressman Mike Simpson

May 27, 2008

RE: Constituent Letter on North American Union, NAFTA Superhighway and the Security and Prosperity Partnership

Dear Congressman Simpson,


I received your response to a letter I apparently sent concerning the North American Union (NAU), NAFTA Superhighway and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).  After reading it, I am compelled to write again to straighten out the record because you are misinformed and as a result, you are passing bad information along to your constituents. 


First of all, the North American Union is not a rumor.  It is a fact.  The only issue is one of semantics.   You can call it the ‘Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)';  a Common Market, a Customs Union;  a North American Community (gag), or you can call it Pan-America.  It doesn’t matter because they mean the same thing  -  the economic integration and administrative merger of the United States, Canada and Mexico and ultimately, Central and South America with the goal of a fully integrated hemisphere governed by an unconstitutional, appointed commission.  The name North American Union stuck because the organization and the purpose is virtually identical to the European Union.   A more accurate name for it would be the Soviet Union of the Americas.



/soviet, sov-/

   — ORIGIN Russian sovet ‘council’.


Unelected boards, councils and commissions are "soviets".  The soviets are given regional jurisdictions - overriding elected, representative government to implement the Third Way fascist-communist agenda for the North American Union.   There is a simple way to put to a test what I just said.  Define “partnership” between government and corporations.  HINT:  Think Mussolini.   And because we now have a fascist government with corporations and government as partners, the partners are regulating the Serfs (formerly called citizens)  - creating a police state and a kleptocracy. 


I’m sure you are aware of the Pacific Northwest Economic Regional Council (PNWER).  It is a soviet comprised of representatives from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.   On their website, it says the following:


"We are  China and East Asia's gateway to North America"


You can find links to the PNWER on this page where I wrote about it:


Regionalism is Dialectic Materialism




The PNWER, the Arizona-Sonora Economic Region, the International Border region created by the 1983 La Paz agreement and the subdivision of the West Texas Economic Development District (WTEDD)  represent the redefinition of borders and political units.  They exist at a higher level than existing political units (states).  As I said above, they are run by soviets and they are the beginning of the breakup of the United States as a sovereign nation.   Which brings us to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).  


Security and Prosperity Partnership


The "rumors of a North American Union" as you say, did not begin with the SPP in 2005.  Rather, I would say that the exposure of the agenda to merge the United States, Canada and Mexico into a regional union like the European Union is the result of a 'Netizen' investigation into the un-American activities observed in this nation following September 11, 2001 and the schizophrenia of this Administration's response to it.   The rhetoric did not match the actions.   The propaganda campaign was "terror, terror, terror" -  be afraid... very afraid, but  we're leaving the borders wide open.  "Terrorists allegedly fly airplanes into buildings - but don't worry, just go shopping.   We're exporting high dollar knowledge jobs and importing cheap labor to replace American citizens in the labor market.  The propaganda in the mainstream media was that Indians were smarter and that's why we needed to import them to take knowledge jobs; and Mexicans worked harder taking jobs that Americans wouldn't do to explain the illegal invasion of our country by Mexican foreign nationals.  


In local newspapers available on the Internet, we read that there were record personal bankruptcies and foreclosures; massive layoffs, 11,000 people applying for 400 Walmart jobs in Oakland CA;  8,000 people applying for a similar number of Walmart jobs in Phoenix, AZ;  lines at the Food Banks in Ohio extending for blocks and blocks - all the while the mainstream media is reporting "the economy is booming, everything is just great".   And of course, there were the corporate bankruptcies that were the result of public and private corruption on an unprecedented scale.  Tens of billions of dollars were stolen as a result of breech of fiduciary responsibility and public malfeasance and how many people went to jail?  4 or 5? 


Couple this cognitive dissonance with the failure to do a proper investigation of 9-11, the failure of America's defense system to protect Washington DC and the scientific impossibility of  the official explanation of the collapse of the Twin Towers and especially the obvious controlled demolition of WTC 7.  Failures on 9-11 are rewarded with promotions and medals for service to the country, nobody is to blame and the 9-11 event is used as an opportunity restructure the government using plans that were created before 9-11.  All of this was the recipe for activation and high alert status for patriotic American citizens.   And it is through the efforts of those citizens to try and figure out what in THE HELL is going on in this country that the NAU agenda was discovered and is being exposed.  


There are too many people to mention who have contributed to this net investigation but one significant contribution as it pertains to the North American Union deserves special mention.  That is the timeline compiled by Debra Niwa. If you read the material at the links provided, the pathway to the treasonous agenda of the NAU is undeniable.  Among Internet researchers, it was well known before 2005 when the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) was announced.   Considering the subject matter of the SPP, they had to go public.  It was no longer possible to continue the agenda in stealth because the initiatives affected the Serfs directly.   Reference the 'Border Cooperation 32-Point Action Plan' that was posted on the Canadian Embassy website in Washington DC.  :


Another document to look at relative to the SPP is the Fact Sheet that is posted on the White House website. 

  • Develop a common security strategy to further secure North America, focusing on:
    • Securing North America from external threats;
    • Preventing and responding to threats within North America; and
    • Streamlining the secure and efficient movement of legitimate and low-risk traffic across our shared borders.
  • Promote economic growth, competitiveness, and quality of life. Through cooperation and information sharing, the SPP will work toward:
    • Improving productivity;
    • Reducing the costs of trade; and
    • Enhancing the joint stewardship of our environment, facilitating agricultural trade while creating a safer and more reliable food supply, and protecting our people from disease.


Standardization of process and harmonization of regulation across borders with integrated computer management systems does in fact, create the North American Union while leaving a facade of separate nations.  By the process of creating international systems, regulatory databases and computer systems, and government employees working with foreign government employees, you are merging the administrative functions of government - giving up the sovereignty of the United States.    People can't be married and single at the same time and countries can't be integrated and sovereign at the same time.  QED.



The following are the international systems that I’m aware of:

International Registration Plan (IRP)
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

International Building Code

International Residential Code

International Energy Conservation Code

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

America’s Job Bank (now hiding behind the façade of a private, non-profit organization)

North American Agricultural Statistics

“Trusted Shipper”  and Global Freight Tracking system

North American Real ID



On the NAFTA Superhighway, again the issue is one of semantics.  The plans for the international high priority corridors dates back to the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991.




(a) Declaration.-Congress declares that the authorizations of appropriations and apportionments for construction of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways made by this section (including the amendments made by this section) are
the final authorizations of appropriations and apportionments for completion of construction of such System.




`The purpose of the National Highway System is to provide an interconnected system of principal arterial routes which will serve major population centers, international border crossings, ports, airports, public transportation facilities, and other intermodal transportation facilities and other major travel destinations; meet national defense requirements; and serve interstate and interregional travel   [U.S. Dept of Transportation, Research and Innovation Technology Administration (RITA), H.R. 2950 Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA), National Highway System Replacement language for Section 103 of Title 23 Section 1006 (a) (b) (1) Purpose http://ntl.bts.gov/DOCS/istea.html  ]


In 1995, the National Highway System Designation Act (P.L. 104-59) named specific roadways as high priority corridors.  This legislation was like an addendum to the ISTEA of 1991:   


Sec. 332. High Priority Corridors, (Items 26 and 23).  


(26) The CANAMEX Corridor from Nogales, Arizona, through

        Las Vegas, Nevada, to Salt Lake City, Utah, to Idaho Falls,

        Idaho, to Montana, to the Canadian Border as follows…:


``(23) The Interstate Route 35 Corridor from Laredo, Texas, through Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to Wichita, Kansas, to Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri, to Des Moines, Iowa, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Duluth, Minnesota.




    (a) <<NOTE: 23 USC 309 note.>>  Pan American Highway.--

            (1) Study.--The Secretary shall conduct a study on the

        adequacy of and the need for improvements to the Pan American


            (2) Elements.--The study shall include, at a minimum, the

        following elements:

                    (A) Findings on the benefits of constructing a

                highway at Darien Gap, Panama and Colombia.

                    (B) Recommendations for a self-financing arrangement

                for completion and maintenance of the Pan American


                    (C) Recommendations for establishing a Pan American

                highway authority to monitor financing, construction,

                maintenance, and operations of the Pan American Highway.

                    (D) Findings on the benefits to trade and prosperity

                of a more efficient Pan American Highway.

                    (E) Findings on the benefits to United States

                industry resulting from the use of United States

                technology and equipment in construction of improvements

                to the Pan American Highway.

                    (F) Findings on environmental considerations,

                including environmental considerations relating to

                Darien Gap.

            (3) Report.--Not later than 2 years after the date of the

        enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall transmit to Congress

        a report on the results of the study.



Debra Niwa undertook a research project (NAFTA Superhighway Memory Hole)  to trace the history of the use of the term “NAFTA Superhighway”.   The earliest reference she found was in a Congressional Hearing by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Friday March 10, 1995. 


Page 687-688, Excerpts from Remarks of Mr. Geren


NAFTA presents us with the greatest opportunity in world trade, in spite of the problems that Mexico is suffering through right now. For the long term, NAFTA, with what it offers with Canada and Mexico, presents us with the greatest opportunity for economic improvement in our country that we have seen in a long, long time. It is an opportunity for us to grow our markets, an opportunity for us to build good- paying, good-benefits jobs, not just in Texas, but all over the United States. And it is essential that we plan our transportation infrastructure based on what this international trade is going to require.




I think this NAFTA superhighway is a very important step in the right direction.

    If you look at the map over there, I think it is self- evident what it means to the whole country, not just to Texas. And if you look at the NAFTA corridor as the trunk of a tree, one that hooks up Mexico and all those markets down there with the industrial heartland of our country, as well as the most important economic centers in Canada.

    I urge this committee to give careful consideration to this concept. As this trade grows, the current I–35 won't be able to handle it. It will deteriorate. We won't take advantage of all the imaginative opportunities that this superhighway designation can give us.

    Some of the ideas that have been mentioned to me that seem to make so much sense—if we could come up with a system where you can pack beef in Chicago, have it go through customs in Chicago and perhaps put a bar code on the truck, and have that beef be shipped right down and go straight into supermarkets in Mexico and not have to stop at the border crossing—there are so many imaginative things that can come out of it if we do put our best minds to work on maximizing the potential here.


Page 699 Excerpt from Remarks of Mr. Cornelius


I really believe that the intelligent vehicle highway system, the IVHS program, represents our best opportunity to accomplish those goals, and IH-35 represents not only the State's, but I believe the Nation's most viable candidate for becoming the first of these new generation of superhighways.



So the designation of ‘superhighway’ refers to the technology built into the highways that corresponds to the technology that has been installed in vehicles.  The intelligent vehicle highway system was described in a document titled, “Strategic Plan for Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems in the United States", IVHS America, Report No:  IVHS-America-92-3, May 20, 1992. 


And just in case the irony eluded you, our entire transportation infrastructure plan is based upon the failed economic policy of 'free trade' and internationalization of our productive capacity (i.e. export of our economy).   So we are building the world's most expensive transportation system to import goods to the U.S. (plan was for export) but nobody will have the money to buy the stuff even if it comes from slave labor nations like China .   Funny don't you think?    I'm just rolling on the floor over this one.


As for NASCO, their members include publics officials - cities and provinces along the trade zone, state departments of transportation and port authorities. So while under this corrupt system of ‘new federalism’ instituted by Bill Clinton and Al Gore they have a charter calling themselves a non-profit, private interest group, they are in reality, anything but a private interest group for PR.  In fact, they have a public decision making authority among their membership AND a financial interest in the surveillance and tracking technology being implemented on the Superhighways by Savi Networks (Lockheed)  and Hutchison Port Holdings (Hutchinson-Whampoa aka COMMUNIST Chinese Military).  


Savi Networks Partnership Proposal to NASCO - September 2006


February 2007, Savi Networks - Letter of Intent to NASCO


June 2007 - email from Tiffany Melvin to George Blackwood re: Savi Networks deal.  The deal includes a revenue sharing arrangement -  $6.00 per container.  



What a deal right?   NASCO has members that are public officials who make decisions as public officials while padding their pockets masquerading as a non-profit group getting paid $6.00 per container that registers in the tracking system.    This is racketeering and corruption on a grand scale, padding the pockets public officials who are committing malfeasance in office by their participation, bribery and theft of taxpayer infrastructure and property - and adding insult to injury, the system they are involved with is a police state tracking and monitoring system that is contrary to every tenet upon which this country was founded. 



So Congressman Simpson, while I appreciate your assurances that there is no intent to create a North American Union, and the SPP is simply to increase cooperation and the superhighway is nothing to be concerned about - just go shopping,  it gives me no comfort to know that you are continuing to monitor the situation.  Dishonesty and public corruption got us into this nightmare and only honesty and the highest level of integrity will get us out of it.  I hope you will be part of the solution - and not a party to the problem. 


Thank you,


Vicky L. Davis