Mind of the Time

I've been reviewing all of the documentation I have on the infiltration of our country by the Communist Chinese government behind front companies in connection with Harry Reid, the Bundy Ranch, solar farms, cattle rustling by the BLM - all of it.  Every time I do this kind of backward review of where my research has taken me, I do a mental sort of the pieces of this massive global puzzle.   It became massive because the job of an analyst is trace the problem back to the origin because if you don't do that, any fixes - solutions one might propose could just cause compounding errors making it infinitely more difficult to fix than it was originally. 

The trace backwards to debug a systems problem which is essentially what I've been doing these many years requires following the ideas that directly link to the problem and part of that process is to think in the mind of the time which means putting yourself back into the timeframe and reviewing the circumstances which were current at the time.  What did they see?  What did they know?  Who was involved?  What were they trying to accomplish?   What did they have to work with?   What were the constraints - political, economic, cultural, etc? 

This mind of the time exercise goes back to Dallas, Texas in 1986.  The State of Texas had just completed their Mobility 2000 Regional Transportation Study.  In conferences of the interest groups involved in transportation, it was decided to form a coalition led by a group calling themselves Mobility 2000. 

"1988, Mobility 2000 was formed to develop a national program of automated highway technology which eventually evolved into Intelligent Transportation systems (ITS).  Mobility was the organization precursor to ITS America, of which AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) was a founding member" - Virginia Tech, Dissertation, AHS Maglev System Architecture, Siradol Siridhara).

Between 1988 and 1991, they got the support of Congress and the White House to design a technology-laden, national transportation plan.  

Mind of the Time - here is a map of the United States; your job is to design an efficient national transportation system using all of the technology available at the time - and projecting into the future for technology that would soon be available; and include political changes that were in progress (i.e. the North American Union); include people as an abstract concept - modes of travel; include environmental considerations; include energy and telecommunications; include highway safety, etc.  Think of everything because the idea was an international transportation system for the 21st century.  

When I first wrote about this, I called it The IT Project That Ate America because the people who conceived this project and who designed the roads and systems didn't consider anything except how to create the straightest lines between population centers, what technology they needed at border crossings, what technology they would need at transportation hubs for an international transportation/trade system, etc.   They also knew that IT systems were expensive - both on initial purchase and for thereafter but the designers of the systems were not constrained by budget considerations.  They were designing 'blue sky'  anticipating that the state and federal money would pay for about half and private investment would pay for the rest.  This is why the Spanish firm Cintra tried to get a long-term lease on a section of the Trans-Texas Corridor and why the Communist Chinese government front companies are trying to invest in the transportation hubs. 

Hutchison Port Holdings, a subsidiary of Hutchison-Whampoa which is a subsidiary of the Communist Chinese military, sells systems to manage port operations.  A port is essentially a little country unto itself - an island as it were.   Because the transportation system that was being designed is an international transportation system, the transportation hubs in the significant population centers were designed as international ports.  As international ports under Admiralty Law carried over into the WTO body of law governing international trade, they are not "national territory".  They sit above ground so to speak.  Under the provisions of non-discrimination under the WTO, the Communist Chinese government masquerading as private corporations has "a right" to invest in our country under WTO rules. 

The Bundy Ranch 

Without an understanding of the central economic plan for the United States as it was designed around the "21st century Transportation Plan", what's happening on the Bundy Ranch makes no sense.  You have an American government agency acting as claim jumpers, rustling cattle and trying to run the Bundy's off their property.  Why?   Because the land that the Bundy's own and the land that they have the grazing rights for, was designated to be a mitigation area for the environmental damage caused by an "energy producer" that is establishing a business for the 21st century transportation system.  In this case, a solar farm. 

How does that work?   When they designed the highway system, they designed 21st energy systems (holding off the debate about wind, solar and moving backward) - roads, pipelines, electric charging stations for electric vehicles, international transportation hubs, etc.  Because they knew that these facilities would be causing environmental damage (holding off on the debate of insanity), the EPA devised a system of trading -  this area designated for environmental damage - and this area over here saved and restored to it's pristine condition.  The Bundy's ranch happens to be in an area designated to be pristine as the "offset" for the environmental damage of solar farms - probably both the Moapa River solar farm and the ENN solar farm. 

Global Administrative System

The 21st century transportation system for the United States isn't just for the United States.  It's a global system.  How can that be?  Through the United Nations and the various international organizations, what has been set up - the New World Order - is an administrative system.  The Blue Sky ideas come from some Utopian Dreamers (with corporate money backers) and they conceptualize the best, most efficient way to run the administrative systems of the world.  The politicians of a country write the framework legislation and provide the police state muscle for implementation of the plans on the ground level.  When the people in a country object, the military is brought in to kill them. 

That's how the Bundy's became the Tali-Bundys.  They objected to the BLM stealing their property and trying to run them off their land.  Think I'm wrong?    That couldn't be?

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We have a mindless administrative bureaucracy implementing a global centralized plan without a real American government and real Americans running it to put the brakes on and to think about what they are doing.   Activists all over the country may not understand the full scope of the problem, but their mind of the time and mine, is to restore an American government that works for the American people - and not against them.  We are living history.

Vicky Davis
April 16, 2014