Redrawing Boundaries for a New Management Structure

This is going to be a quick and dirty webpage because I have something to do today but I want this information out.  Some people on my email list have received parts of it because I continue thinking even after the SEND button is hit - and there is always one more thing I should have said.

Today, on Darren Weeks radio program on RBN, he was talking about H.R. 1505.  Pastor Chuck Baldwin wrote an article about it - referring to the website of Dr. Ed Berry who wrote the analysis of it.  The name of Dr. Berry's website is Polymontana.    

Dr. Berry's analysis:   H.R. 1505 is a fatal betrayal of America

Pastor Chuck Baldwin's article:  H.R. 1505 Giant Land Grab for the Police State

Just from what Darren was saying, I knew that the issue was about creating an international zone on the Northern border - which not coincidently completes the encirclement of the United States with international zones.  That sounds obscure - but you'll see in a minute.   First, here is the summary of H.R. 1505 from Thomas, the website of congress,


Prohibits the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture (USDA) from taking action on public lands which impede the border security activities of the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) (Secretary).

States that the Secretary shall have immediate access to any public land managed by the federal government in order to conduct activities that assist in securing the border (including access to maintain and construct roads, construct a fence, use patrol vehicles, and set up monitoring equipment).

States that a specified waiver by the Secretary of certain laws regarding sections of the international border between the United States and Mexico and between the United States and Canada shall apply to all sections of the international land and maritime borders of the United States within 100 miles of such borders with respect to the Secretary's activities under this Act.

From here on, I'm going to give you excerpts from the emails that I sent to various people in my mad scramble to connect the dots:

I believe what that legislation will do is to authorize "participation" in the La Paz Treaty with Mexico - except creating an international zone on the northern border. 


Here is a copy of the treaty on the EPA website 

The international zone is under the day-to-day operation of the EPA on the southern border - with overall responsibility being in the Secretary of State's office. The northern border would no doubt be DHS - but still under the Secretary of State.

What that zone will do is essentially encircle the United States border to border North-South-East-West creating essentially an "island" with international corridors (shipping lanes) providing the capability for a continuous "voyage" from body of water to body of water.

I know that sounds crazy - but read on

Ports in the Desert

How the United States became a Land Bridge Between Two Bodies of Water

They actually need the international zone on the border to complete the circle.   Look again at the map of the international zone on the southern border. 


Next thought, yesterday, I started working on another economic development scam like the Hoku story - but this time in my home town.   The pattern is the same:   A small business with big ideas - lots of money discussed for the building of facilities and the promises of jobs.  City and state officials begin drooling like dogs looking at a T-Bone.  Plans are drawn up for the new facilities and commitments are made for what?   Building infrastructure.  Before any building - regardless of the type - can be build, the city and utility companies must provide the infrastructure.   The commitments include deals such as loans to be repaid via property tax add-on payments as well as direct loans and aid.  This is all done on the promise of a real business with real jobs. 

What it actually turns out to be though - is subprime small business lending.   The small businesses aren't really businesses at all - except in the sense of marketing for the purpose of getting our communities and our states in debt for the infrastructure. 

What happens then - is that businesses don't succeed  -  not surprising because they were bogus from the beginning but the cities and states are on the hook for the debt created for infrastructure with no new tax base to pay for it. 

Ah ha.. say I.   I get it.  The subprime mortgage meltdown and now the no doc subprime small business lending:


The Paris Club - Houston Terms

Do a search on this page for Houston Terms 

Debt for control - under new management. They are creating massive debt for local communities - it's an extortion racket.  Once the debt is created by whatever means works, then the Houston Terms come into play and the international "managers" take over. 


That's about it except for one more thing -    new management units  as they break up the United States:


And... one more thing :)      Debt created through fraud perpetrated by organized crime (and this is organized crime) is not enforceable.  There is a definable pattern to this activity within the United States and it has been brought to you by the Paris Club - and their economic hitmen who set up the con game which has been executed through U.S. government programs and grants to the cities and states.  


Vicky Davis
November 5, 2011