Trade And Integration of the Americas

The document below was found on the website of the Organization of American States.  It is a draft resolution from the United States to the OAS.  It was presented in May 2005.   The OAS website design for documents does not allow for direct links to documents so I copied to the document to display here.  You can go to the website to see the original and other documents by clicking HERE.   When you get to that website, select Search for OAS Documents and in the search text box, enter the title "Trade and Integration of the Americas".  You'll see several documents on the subject.  This document is PL11001. 

This document clearly shows (to me at least) that 'free trade' is a trojan horse to subvert the U.S. Constitution by 'pooling sovereignty' with other countries into a 'Free Trade Area of the Americas' which is just a deceptive name for North American Union.