Regionalism - Path to Global Collectivism

Under the control of the COMMUNIST United Nations

Whether they can define it or not, all people understand the concept of 'hierarchy'.  Hierarchy is the order of rank.  The Boss outranks the Employee.  The General outranks the Private.  

In legal systems, the same principle applies.  The 'free trade' international agreements are regional agreements that supercede U.S. domestic law.  So effectively, what is happening with the  'Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) - aka the North American Union is that a legal system is being built that outranks the U.S. government - and the U.S. system of government under the Constitution is being subverted.   That was the intention of the people who started all this 'free trade' frenzy.  The proof is that in 1992, George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803 ordering the sell-off of U.S. infrastructure assets.  When a business sells off it's assets, what does it mean?    When a government sells off it's assets, it means the same thing - Going Out of Business.   

End of U.S. sovereignty.  End of the United States as a nation.   

Map Source:

International Organization for Migration