Battle of Ideas and Systems - Part 4

A World of Opposites


Nothing makes one's head spin more than doing forensic analysis on the social, political, cultural and administrative systems of your country in the context of world history at breakneck speed because things in the country have gone awry.   That would be true even if everyone was honest about what they were doing and why.   But when the institutions that we depend on to be working for our benefit become dishonest in their objectives and rhetoric, the complexity multiplies exponentially.  

A little over a year ago, I wrote a commentary to describe an observation that I'd had for several years but could not put into words that were coherent.  The observation was of everything moving backwards or being the opposite of what it was supposed to be.   Knowing something based on anecdotal evidence - even when it's overwhelming and being able to communicate an understanding of it are two entirely different things.  At the point I could describe it, I wrote "Full Throttle Reverse" - and then a background piece titled 'Reverse Engineering Civilization' which is actually a better title because that's what is being done.  I could make a case that the reason for the reverse engineering was due to the redesign of our government and the computer systems they use for administration, but the real reason is because western civilization - western tradition is being cast aside and we are transitioning to a command economy and totalitarian social control systems.   The confusion we all feel is because the rhetoric is still in the western tradition, but the actions are in the eastern tradition of communism/fascism which together go under the heading of socialism. 

Everybody understands the concept of difference between rhetoric and action.  It's called lying.  But when there are layers and layers of deceptions it becomes much more difficult to discern the truth.  The only real solution to finding truth is to find the beginning of the deception that brought the country to where it is today.  Backward and forward analysis with logic checking and truth and value set verification at every step.  Of course, one can examine history at any point and find progressive deceptions - but we have an immediate problem that must be solved and that means the study must be limited to relatively recent history when the government noticeably transformed from one that operated in the western tradition to one that operates in the eastern tradition. 

In the first three parts of this series on the 'Battle of Ideas and Systems', I traced it to the Helsinki Final Act that was signed by Gerald Ford in 1975.  The Helsinki Agreement was for the eastern bloc countries and the western bloc countries to open their territories to the exchange of ideological, scientific and economic warriors to change the battlefield of the Cold War from the military arena to a civilian battlefield in our cities, towns and governments.  In other words, our government invited the enemy into our homes, our schools, our communities and into the halls of government. 

When the government takes an action, the impact of that action is not felt immediately.  It's like turning the Titanic.  It takes miles to even feel the slightest shift.  With the Helsinki Final Act, it took until 1982 for Ronald Reagan to announce that the U.S. would participate in civilian ideological warfare on American soil in a 'Battle of Ideas and Systems' and he established the National Endowment for Democracy to wage a covert Marxist war on America and the world.  The Marxists knew the game.  The majority of the American people did not even know there was a game.  

To understand the "game", you have put yourself in the position of a power player - enemy agent infiltrating a country by stealth.  Consider your strategies in terms of maintaining appearances for as long as possible so as not to tip off the heavily armed, traditionally aggressive population.  What do you do?  First, would be to find the people of influence who can be bought - and you set up an organization to fund campaigns for them to get them in office or alternately, in positions of power where you can get them further your agenda which is suicide of the nation - destroying it from within.  Because that is the objective.  To get us to destroy our own nation before it destroys us.  And they've done just a bang up job of it because obviously they did study us but we didn't study them so we were like the proverbial sitting ducks swimming around just waiting for the hunters to pick us off. 

I'm not sure where they (the Eastern Bloc - communist countries) began looking for people of influence to buy - but a good guess would be the churches.  At the top of my list of suspected whores who would sell his Mother on the street corner for a quarter would be Jerry Falwell.   Falwell was a con artist with a bible.  Where did he get the money to start his organization and to buy the television time?  And who helped to propel him into the public consciousness? 

In 1979, Falwell founded the Moral Majority, which became one of the largest political lobby groups for evangelical Christians in the United States during the 1980s.[9] The Moral Majority was founded as being "pro-family", "pro-life", "pro-defence" and pro-Israel.[5] The group is credited with delivering two thirds of the white, evangelical Christian vote to Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential election.[10] During his time as head of the Moral Majority, Falwell consistently pushed for Republican candidates and for conservative politics leading to criticism by some other conservative Christian leaders such as Billy Graham for giving sermons about political issues that did not have a moral element.  [Wikipedia

What Falwell did was to train Christians to act like Pavlov's dogs every time the word "abortion" was mentioned.   The logical inconsistency of thought concerning the child's well-being after it was born (parent's problem if the kid is hungry or cold or not being educated) notwithstanding, but mention the "A" word and the Christians will sit up and bark like dogs every time. 

I didn't understand the strategy behind the use of the churches until several years ago when I found a profile of Union Pacific donations to Republican House Majority Leader Tom Delay's political PACS.  Church leaders say the word "abortion", Christians sit up and bark, send in a check and lobby for "conservative judges" who then corrupt and pervert the legal system with decisions that further the demise of the nation and they provide the money to elect politicians that serve the Marxist agenda of destroying our nation. 

In 2006, when I found that information, I wrote about it (Hidden Rivers) because I was following the Jack Abramoff scandal, Grover Norquist, the Club for Growth, Tom Delay, Dick Armey, NAFTA, CAFTA , WTO and all of that.  Today, I just re-read an article that I kept because it was important then... but with the understanding of the "Battle of Ideas and Systems" and the dismantling of America, it's key.   The title is "To Russia, Love Tom DeLay" and it was originally published on the TomPaine website.   PDF of the entire article.



To Russia, Love Tom DeLay

Russ Baker

January 04, 2006

Investigative reporter and essayist Russ Baker is a longtime contributor to He is the founder of the Real News Project, a new organization dedicated to producing groundbreaking investigative journalism. He can be reached at

Once in a very long time, a scandal comes along that seems to capture the essence of our times. I’d say that scandal appeared on Saturday, when most of us were too busy getting out the honkers and the booze to notice.

Here’s the crux: Was the Republican leader Tom DeLay working on behalf of Russians against the American public interest—and being compensated for it?

That’s a pretty strong accusation, but unless I read my Washington Post wrong, that is exactly what was alleged in a front page story that appeared on Saturday, the last day of 2005, and therefore may escape proper notice. The article is even easier to miss because of the mundane “more of the same” headline above it: " The DeLay-Abramoff Money Trail : Nonprofit Group Linked to Lawmaker Was Funded Mostly by Clients of Lobbyist."


The problem with these stories—which range from machinations over gambling licenses and Pacific island sweatshops to golfing junkets in Scotland—is that they are complicated, seemingly obscure and center on figures like Abramoff, who, while important, is merely an enabler of a larger and more troubling reality: How Republicans inside and outside of the Congress are subverting democracy itself, with public funds going to advance the personal interests of a small set of powerful Americans.

The figures that really matter in this story are bigger fish—among them DeLay, the architect and de facto leader of the corporate takeover of Congress under cover of a social revolution.

That’s why the Post story should be one of the biggest stories of the new year, even if it got lost on the last day of the old one. It needed to be published on another day, and it needed to be told differently. So, here’s a stab at capturing what I see as most important about it.

Cumulatively, a careful reader comes away with the following conclusion: DeLay was essentially being bribed by Russians. Specifically, a phony nonprofit set up by DeLay’s former top aide was used to transfer monies from powerful Russians to DeLay, in return for his influencing legislation that could direct U.S. taxpayer money into their pockets. The Russians, working through superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, put up most of the $2.5 million “contributions” that funneled through the outfit.


Monies were passed from Russian oil and gas executives working with Abramoff through a now-defunct London law firm and an obscure Bahamian company into an outfit, set up by former DeLay Chief of Staff Ed Buckham, masquerading as a grassroots advocacy group on family values. The group, the U.S. Family Network, existed for five years, but apparently did little or nothing on family issues, though it actually had the temerity to send out fundraising letters to the public, warning that “the American family is under attack from all sides: crime, drugs, pornography, and… gambling.” It also paid for ads attacking vulnerable Democratic candidates.

Click HERE for the full article.



This is not to say that Democrats were not infected with the Russian Disease (actually the British Disease because they are the destroyers behind the scenes) because Club for Growth will fund anybody who agrees to the agenda - in hindsight, it makes me wonder how much Russian money was funneled into Chicago, Kansas City and San Francisco.


Vicky Davis
April 17, 2010

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