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The railroads, shippers, and corporate trucking will do exceeding well by having the taxpayers pick up the tab for their global freight tracking system.  

The following diagram was found in a Conceptual Design document on the (now archived) North American International Trade Corridor Partnership (NAITCP) website.  The name of the system is the Trans-Pacific Multimodal Security System.  The graphic was labeled "Duplication in other Economies".  What that tells you is that the large technology firms are looking at the world as one large corporate entity and they are designing systems to automate it - for their profit and convenience - shifting the cost to the American taxpayers.  This particular system will save a lot of money for the COMMUNIST Chinese and their shippers.  And what do you get?  Cheap Chinese crap, poisoned food, and lead toys for children - and as a bonus - you too can become a Walmart Greeter because that will be one of better jobs in this global economic system. 

The concept of the system is to inspect and tag containers and their contents with RFID chips at the shipping point of origin.  From that point on, tracking of the containers will be computerized with sensors along the route picking up the RFID signals and transmitting the status, location, ownership, etc. to the nearest server.  That information will then be available to shippers and their customers for status checking - estimated time of arrival, etc.  See any American public interest yet?

Trans-Pacific Multimodal Security System


Freight Operations Technology

The Reach of Intelligent Freight Technology (Note: everything said about commercial asset tracking also applies to passenger vehicles of private citizens). 

Smart Ports

The ports of entry will be "smart ports" meaning that there will be sensors to pick up RFID tag signals in the containers, container transfer routing systems, supposedly radiation detectors because we can't be sure that some Asian Osama Bin Laden won't slip us a nuke in a container (but no real need to do that as long as they can slip poison into our food that can't be detected until after people and pets die).  

It's useful at this point to look at the The Kansas City Smartport because all of the ports of entry in this global system will be roughly the same.   They have graciously put us a website to tell us about their goals, strategy and plans.  Did you see the public interest there?  Exports to Mexico?  Probably shipping back the empty containers for Mexican home building. Oh yeah... economic development along the corridor?
That means Walmart.  Have a Nice Day!


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