Free Trade is

Grand Theft Country


From the Congressional Record1, it's clear that when superhighway trade corridors were designated as high priority corridors in 1995, the members of Congress were under the impression that the new transportation system would facilitate exports from the U.S.   I can see the sales pitch they were given.... probably done on an island setting - maybe the Marianas Islands... Close your eyes and take a deep breath... can't you just smell the salt air, Matey? 

Free Trade!

Importing Teas and Spices From the Orient

Exporting 21st Century High Tech to the magical, unlimited potential Chinese Market

This diagram is from a presentation by the North American SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO)2.  You can see that they are still selling the idea of exports and when they give statistics on volumes of trade, they give aggregate numbers not attributing who is making all the money as represented by the statistics.

For a true picture of what 'Free Trade' has done to our economy, you have to look at charts of the trade deficit.  The trade deficit is the difference between the amount we import versus the amount we export. 


American Worker Schmuck
The pot of gold for 'Free Trade' is going from the U.S. to China.  Organizations like NASCO don't care about that because they represent brokers and corporations that make money no matter which way goods flow. 

The BIG LIE is that the United States is the richest nation in the world.  The BIG TRUTH is that the United States is biggest debtor in the world. 

CIA World Fact Book - Rankings



The solution we are told is to build windmills and change our lifestyle.

How low can we go?    

George Bush named Islamic Fundamentalists as the enemy and said that they want to bomb us back to the Stone Age.  The second part of that statement is true - the label given enemy is largely symbolic. 



Cutting The Supply Lines