Misalignment of Interests

This morning, I thought I had some good news.  The U.S. Justice Department has finally moved on some of the H-1B scams.  As you know, the H-1B visa is used by corporations to import foreign professionals to take jobs away from the American professionals on our own soil - especially in the areas of IT and engineering.   When the U.S. Senate voted to give away U.S. economic sovereignty when they approved the creation of the World Trade Organization, the agreement included Trade in Services - which meant that they put the American job market for professionals up for trade.  They were selling out American citizens and they were turning professionals into commodities.  Of course, this was done for the financial firms - insurance and banking that wanted to be able to use American jobs in exchange for market access in foreign countries.  Never mind that they were destroying the lives of American citizens by pushing them out of the American job market and never mind the bankruptcies that followed when American professionals couldn't find work.  None of that was important as long as American Express, AIG and Citibank could get market access in foreign countries. 

The two stories I got this morning are minor victories in what is a massive fraud and betrayal of the American people.  I'm posting this just to give you a hint of what really goes on because you know that every case the Justice Department takes is low-hanging fruit - just for show. 

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against Eight Individuals In Connection With $2.3 Million Bribery And Kickback Scheme To Secure Business From A Medical Cost-Management Company

Justice Department Hits IBM Over H-1B Hiring Practices

But it's not all good news on this front -  never mind the fact that we hear all the time about how allegedly afraid officials are of terrorist penetration of the electric grid - so it makes perfect sense to import foreigners to teach them how to do it.  Right?

Northeast Utilities brings on H-1B workers

Another article sent to me by a friend was about a Senate hearing that was going to be held on September 25.  You'll notice that the article is in the India Times - not an American paper.  That's because U.S. policy to benefit the financial sector against the interests of our country and the American people is an open secret.  It's not really discussed in the American mainstream media.  It used to be when Lou Dobbs was on CNN but we know what happened to him because of it. 

U.S. Senate Committee to hold hearings on Indian Economic conditions

After reading that, I went to the Senate Banking Committee website and found the hearing.  It's only about an hour long but it is loaded with information and most importantly, it gives you a glimpse of who is really behind the global meltdown as it was described in the video presentation - Meltdown because the issues that Mark Warner is promoting are the same issues that causes Iceland's banking problems - privatization of their banking system.

Note:  the hearing actually starts about 20 minutes into the video.  During the first 20 minutes, the screen is blank and there is no sound.  

Assessing the Investment Climate and Improving Market Access in Financial Services in India

If you have a problem accessing the video, here is the link to the hearings page.  This hearing was on September 25, 2013 with the same title as indicated above.   Hearings HOME Page

Besides pimping for the banking, insurance, finance and tech sectors using American government power, you'll hear Mark Warner talk about wanting India to implement an electronic payment system for government subsidies (welfare payments), a goods and services tax (harmonized global tax system), and a national, biometric ID system. 

The last thing I want to point out is the company that one of the witnesses works for:  McLarty Associates.  McLarty Associates is the company of Mack McLarty and he was Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff. 

Wiki Background on Mack McLarty     Note:  Mack McLarty was an investor in the foreign car company CODA.

McLarty Associates  -  and looky here.... they are "partners"  with the Scowcroft Group.  Brent Scowcroft held many positions in Republican governments over the years.   The Scowcroft Group.   

What you should get from this is an understanding of how "our" government works for multinational corporations and their interests are in foreign countries - which by extension means that our Congress is working for foreigners against the interests of America and the American people. 

India Caucus

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Vicky Davis
September 29, 2013