Guest Worker Program

In 2004, George Bush announced ‘his’ proposal for a "New Temporary Worker Program" as a piece of his immigration reform package:      (Note:  link to GWB White House Archive for Temporary Worker Proposal.  1/6/2014)  


“I propose a new temporary worker program that will match willing foreign workers with willing American employers, when no Americans can be found to fill the jobs. This program will offer legal status, as temporary workers, to the millions of undocumented men and women now employed in the United States, and to those in foreign countries who seek to participate in the program and have been offered employment here. This new system should be clear and efficient, so employers are able to find workers quickly and simply.

All who participate in the temporary worker program must have a job, or, if not living in the United States, a job offer. The legal status granted by this program will last three years and will be renewable -- but it will have an end. Participants who do not remain employed, who do not follow the rules of the program, or who break the law will not be eligible for continued participation and will be required to return to their home.”


How do you suppose a program like that could be implemented?   Loop back to America’s Job Bank and America’s Talent Bank.  With a flip of a switch… available for work, not available for work - AND the mandatory participation of all of America’s employers listing their jobs - loop back to Marc Tucker’s letter to Hillary Clinton:


“The employment Service is greatly upgraded and separated from the Unemployment Insurance Fund. 
All available frontline jobs--whether public or private must be listed in it by law.”


Now loop back to the SAVE Act which requires mandatory employer verification of legal status for all prospective employees.  The act of entering the information for verification is in effect, the after-the-fact posting of an available job.  It’s a simple matter from a systems standpoint to keep a history of the verifications that include the job description.  After a year or two, for most employers, there will be a record of the types of jobs that each employer hires for.  At that point, it won’t be a big deal to employers to require them - by law - to list all job openings.  Internally, in the system and for the employers convenience,  it will be a simple matter of flipping a switch… job available, no job available. 



Around the same time that George Bush announced “his” temporary worker program, Congressman Tom Tancredo introduced H.R. 3333 To enhance border enforcement, improve homeland security, remove incentives for illegal immigration, and establish a guest worker program.”


Short Title- This Act may be cited as the `Rewarding Employers that Abide by the Law and Guaranteeing Uniform Enforcement to Stop Terrorism Act of 2005' or the `REAL GUEST Act of 2005'.



(a) In General- The Secretary of Labor shall take any steps necessary to ensure that all State employment agencies and all employers in the United States are able to acquire secure, password-protected access to the Internet-based job database provided jointly by the Department of Labor and State employment security agencies and known as `America's Job Bank' in order to permit the posting of job openings throughout the United States

(2) CESSATION- If compensation, including real wages, benefits, and working conditions, in a particular occupational category in a geographic region has been stagnant or in decline for the 6-month period immediately preceding the filing of a petition for an H nonimmigrant worker, the Secretary shall not approve the petition until--

(A) compensation in that occupational category and geographic region has increased each month for at least 6 months by an amount to be determined by the Secretary; and

(B) the Secretary has reassessed the prevailing wage for that occupational category and geographic region to ensure that it reflects the rising real wage levels.



(c) Announcement Contents- Each job announcement posted pursuant to this section shall list, at a minimum, the following:

(1) The name, contact information, and description of the employer

(2) A description of the job and the minimum skills necessary to perform it.

(3) A description of any additional knowledge, skills, or abilities that are preferred by the employer

As we’ve seen with immigration reform, the corporations that are driving this agenda won’t take NO for an answer.  They keep coming back with pieces of it repackaged and renamed.  The SAVE Act is simply a piece of the bigger agenda as was Tom Tancredo’s legislation (which he didn’t write).  The cessation clause and the role of the Secretary of Labor in the program controlling the supply clearly show that the intended purpose of the Guest Worker system is as an import/export facility for the trade in human commodities.  This system gives the Secretary of Labor the ability to set the price of labor - by controlling the supply.   And that coupled with the ‘regional authorities for production of “skilled workers” and the integrated education and workforce systems is the supply chain component of the system.  Children are no longer children, they are WIP - ‘workers-in-progress’ and their ETA to delivery to the market will be factored into the Secretary of Labor’s decisions on imports of equivalent human commodities. 

And if you understand all of that, then you will understand why Senator Judd Gregg said in the hearing with Bill Gates:  “We do have a centrally planned economy” (audio) and why the SAVE Act will only help them with their objectives and will not help America and American citizens.  

[Sidenote: The fact that 'terrorism' was mentioned as a reason for the guest worker program is significant.  It is a big clue as to who the terrorists are.  Hint:  The SEC was in WTC 7 - a building that collapsed on 9-11 but was not hit by an airplane.  All of the SEC records on investigations of stock market fraud were in that building.   On November 9, 2001   11-9   when George Bush signed a technology trade agreement with India, again 'fighting terrorism' was given as the reason.