The Big Disconnect

This morning as usual, the host on C-Span's Washington Journal was reading excerpts from articles in the mainstream newspapers while taking calls from viewers commenting on them.  The issue of the day was illegal immigration, the push for immigration "reform" and the legalization of illegals.  Obviously, the views portrayed in the newspapers don't reflect the views of the population even though they present the information in an article as if it were true and representative.  Setting aside the given issue, what that really means is that newspapers are in the business of manipulation of perception - which means they are not a free and independent press.  Rather, they serve a propaganda purpose because the ability to control the perception of people, is the ability control the direction of the country.  It's pretty obvious that there is serious money and power behind the subversion of national sovereignty and the rights of citizens to be secure in their own country.

On Fridays, C-Span has a regular series called Newsmakers.  The guest this week was Michael Needham of the Heritage Action for America group that is a sister organization to the Heritage Foundation.  In a recent article, the New Republic called Michael Needham, the "loathed ideological commissar" of the Republican Party.  I'd say he's earned that title and more.

At 12 minutes into the program he said the following: 

We need to modernize our immigration system.  We need to have an immigration system that says we welcome people from all around the world to come to this country, to contribute to this country and to have jobs.  

We need to increase the number of H1-B visas.  He supports a guest worker program - we should have some sort of program where people can come in and work for a limited time and then go home which is what many people want to do. 

"Start looking at the lack of matching the labor supply and the labor demand".


    Michael Needam, loathed Ideological Commissar


Commissar is the right word for Michael Needham because what he is talking about in terms of modernization is a computer system that will allow the government to manage the labor market.  Republicans have been trying to get legislation passed for a Guest Worker program since 2005 when it was introduced by Tom Tancredo, (R-CO) in H.R. 3333 under the title "Real Guest Act of 2005".   Here is what I wrote about that legislation at the time:

The impetus for sounding the alarm is that Tancredo’s bill contains language to create a national jobs data bank, “America’s Job Bank”.  This system will ‘match willing employers with willing workers” giving the Secretary of Labor the power to control the inflow of ‘guest workers’ - balancing them with the domestic supply of labor.    This legislation also gives the Secretary of Labor the authority to determine the necessity for foreign labor based on wage rates for a particular job skill.   In other words, it gives the Secretary of Labor the power to control supply and demand - including the price of labor - over the entire U.S. Labor Market.    Let me repeat, It gives the Secretary of Labor the power to control supply and demand - including the price of labor - over the entire U.S. Labor Market.   Let that sink in. 

What I didn't know at the time, was that America's Job Bank was actually a project of Al Gore during the Clinton Administration's "reinvention of government" project and that the announcement was really the "Go Live" announcement.   America's Talent Bank  (integrated school-workforce development system) and America's Job Bank are two key components of the system to manage America's Labor Market with the Guest Worker Program being the capstone of the system to control both wages and opportunities or rather - the lack of opportunities for America's young people. 

Guest Worker:  Slave Trading and Management System

It's pretty clear to me, that the direction this country is headed thanks to the likes of Michael Needham and his predecessors is the same system they have in Dubai which is that they have 800,000 slaves serving 200,000 wealthy - with most of the 800,000 being imported "guest workers".   The "royal family" doesn't want a middle class in the country.  They only wants slaves and so does the "governing elite"  of the United States.  The American middle class better get this figured out pretty quick or it's going to be a grim future for their children and grandchildren.

The Real Dubai Story

The not so amusing part of this is that while the American mainstream media will report on Dubai's slave masters, they don't even give a hint to the fact that America is also moving towards a slave system.  The mainstream media simply serves the purpose of perception management which is the Big Disconnect between the reality of what's happening to this country and the false reality they create to manufacture consent.  

Vicky Davis
January 5, 2014