Application for Call of Constitutional Convention (conceptual)


Whereas the federal government of the United States is no longer operating under a Constitutional framework;

Whereas the Congress of the United States no longer represents the interests of the American people and the States;

Whereas it is the desire of the State Legislature of Idaho to return to Constitutional government and the principles laid down by the Founders of this nation;

The Legislators of the State of Idaho make application for a Call of a Constitutional Convention subject to the following terms:

1.   The Constitutional Convention will be held in Boise Idaho on xx/xx/xx for a session not to exceed one day.   

2.   Two Constitutional Amendments will be proposed for consideration of the representatives:

      A.  The 17th Amendment is hereby repealed.

      B.  Article 5 will be amended to Constitutional Amendments may be originated by a State Legislature and upon ratification by 3/4 of the State Legislatures will become the law of the land.   

Agreement to this application for a Constitutional Convention includes agreement not to expand the agenda and not to change the terms of the application.