The Multinational Extortion Racket



The lobby for the multinational extortion racket is in full propaganda mode to try to gen up support for the so-called “free trade” agreements: Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).   What you don’t hear when politicians “catapult the propaganda” is that “free trade” doesn’t mean free trade.  For the most part, the agreements aren’t even about trade.  They are about empowering multinational foreign corporations to force changes in our regulatory, labor and environmental regulations to create a harmonized (collectivized) global regulatory system under the control of the World Trade Organization (controlled by the multinational corporations). 


Put another way, these agreements are about giving up regulatory authority over corporations – handing that power over to a global authority (WTO).   This is an erosion – close to elimination of national sovereignty and the right to define the rules by which we live and work.


What you will hear from politicians is that these agreements will create jobs and growth.  They will say that we need to eliminate tariffs in other countries that prevent American goods from being competitive in those countries.  What you won’t hear is that the tariff schedules that block American exports were negotiated in earlier “free trade” agreements and that’s what caused the exodus of American businesses to foreign countries.  They also served the purpose of drawing those countries into the global regulatory structure – eliminating their national sovereignty.

Since 1974 when this trade racket was initiated by the vote of Congress to allow the president to negotiate on issues other than tariffs, our economy has been gutted.  As a child of the 50’s and 60’s, I can attest to the fact that the standard of living for most Americans has been vastly diminished relative to the value of the dollar.   Integral to the decline in the standard of living has been the decline in the tax base which in turn increased the amount of the national debt. 


There is even fraud embedded in the carrot of job creation.  The “Economic Developers”  (central planners) of your local community who negotiate with companies to move into your area also negotiate with the city and state to pay the corporations to move in.  These racketeers are very generous... sure we’ll build a new water treatment facility for you; we’ll build a new waste water treatment facility; sure we’ll build high tech highways and assume your costs for logistics; sure we’ll create a trade zone – international port for you, sure we’ll redesign our schools to train subservient workers for you (making the students pay for certification at the same time).. no problem – because they are spending your money and your children’s money for low-paying, nothing jobs.  


A recent article in the Idaho Reporter exposed the fact that to entice a bakery to move into Twin Falls, taxpayers now and into the future were obligated to pay $25 million in corporate welfare to create 250 jobs.

Here is the breakdown of the $25 million:


Twin Falls Urban Renewal Agency: $18.9 million initial investment to fund land acquisition and certain infrastructure improvements, including water and sewer facilities.

Twin Falls: $3.5 million to fund a water storage facility. The city also waives building permit fees, which means hundreds of thousands in lost revenue.

Idaho Department of Commerce: The department will provide at least $800,000 for site improvements, but has invited the city to apply for another $1 million from the Idaho Community Development Block Grants program.


Idaho Department of Labor: $4 million for worker training reimbursements.


These fly-by-night businesses that operate out of a warehouse structure normally leave within 7 to 10 years because that’s when the tax credits and subsidies run out.   They simply move to some other location where the same scam is run under a different name.


It’s time to stop being suckers for this international trade and economic "reform" racket.  Understand that what we are dealing with is international fascism and the elimination of national and state sovereignty.  We are losing America for corporate profit.  That’s not a good deal. 


Vicky Davis

November 3, 2013



European Commission also uses the propaganda of job creation and economic growth.  Take a look at their marketing – keeping in mind what the CEO of BMW was saying at the above investment summit.   EU:  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership


United States -  The Trade Representative’s website has more information on these agreements – picture from the summit... American flags in the background...   gotta love it.

The hucksters for the multinational trade racket sponsored a two-day summit to promote the TTIP and TPP trade agreements.  Segments of the summit are available on C-Span to watch.


Investment Summit  

Investment Summit – Day 2,  the best one to watch because the CEO of BMW is one of the panelists.  Listen carefully to him and think about what he says because it becomes obvious that there is something inherently illogical and wrong with what he says.  The business model of building cars here and exporting to Europe doesn’t make economic sense.  That’s why I call this trade scheme and international extortion racket.   The panel discussion begins about 35 minutes into the program.  Notice the patriotic background.  That’s a joke.  The trade agreements have NEVER been in the interest of our country and our people – and in fact, just the opposite which is why I call these people “free traitors”.   


Day 1 - Obama


Jack Lew, U.S. Treasury Secretary  U.S. and the Global Economy


Panel of CEO's Larry Fink, BlackRock, Andrew Liveris, Bill Simon, CEO of Walmart with Valerie Jarret moderating  *****   watch this one


In this video, the CEO of Walmart and the CEO of Dow Chemical (now an Australian company apparently) talked about their plans to help "rebuild" the American economy...   IF... and that's where the extortion comes in.  Have the taxpayers pickup a significant percentage of their costs of doing business and don't tax them... and they are ready to drop a few jobs in the U.S.  whoopie.... wave that flag...TEAM AMERICA !   *** they make me want to puke they are so phony.


The Department of Commerce has set up a "One Stop Shop"  for foreign investors where they can find all of the incentives that the U.S. is offering to entice foreigners and foreign businesses to colonize the U.S.   As you are looking at these incentives... keep in mind that they are using your tax dollars to bribe foreigners to move here to establish businesses.


SelectUSA -  be sure to go there to see all the goodies you are providing for foreigners and foreign corporations.


In any community, the people with the money rule... it's the Golden Rule. They are reverse colonizing our country - bringing in foreign "rulers".

Get smart people. Get active and save the future for your children and grandchildren.

Make time to watch that program because their future will depend on how well you understand what is being said and what they are planning to do in our country.