World War III


World War III began on December 20, 1945 when the United Nations Participation Act (UNPA) became law (Public Law 79-264).

The Act of Participation in an international organization whose mission was erosion of national sovereignty to create an international system of law and justice was an act of war against the people of the United States and in fact, it was an act of war against all people in other nations as well.

To carry out the mission of the UNPA, the United States government was divided into two parts - one for domestic purposes and one for international purposes.  The domestic side of government is visible to the public and is operated under the republican form of government with elected officials.  The international side of government is dark and covert except for the public relations position of the Secretary of State. 

This bipolar organization under the umbrella of the United States government created an insurgency with a mission to destroy the United States government for the purpose of empowering the United Nations to become the system of international law governing the political, economic and social activities in all nations. 

The duality in the US government has been an "open secret" since 1945.  The truth of it has been in the public domain in books and in diplomatic and academic circles, but the issue of slow and incremental decay of the domestic government in favor of a foreign, international governing body was never discussed openly in public and public approval was never sought.    In fact, great care has been taken to shield the American people from the truth of the treasonous activities of the dark side of their government as it pertains to its workings on our domestic way of life.  It's only been in the last decade and a half that the curtain has begun to slowly disintegrate revealing the treachery behind. 

The ironies of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain are numerous.  This covert war on the American people by the dark side of their own government is a cold war in the sense that it occurs in the intellectual arena - areas of domestic law pertaining social and economic policy.  The iron curtain was presented as symbolic of the political and ideological differences between eastern and western Europe, but it is also true and seems more accurate to say that the iron curtain was symbolic of the barrier between the dark internationalist side of the American government and the domestic side.  The American Iron Curtain prevented the American people from seeing and understanding the true purpose of the United Nations and the treasonous activities of the people working from within to destroy America.

For those of us who see through the American iron curtain, it's like living in No Man's LandNo Man's Land is the area in an international airport where travelers disembarking from the airplanes are corralled until their travel documents can be checked.  The American Iron curtain has become the American sound proof glass curtain.  We have been drawn into the world of the dark side and we try and try to reach out and warn the people on the other side but they are oblivious to this raging, intellectual war of epic proportion.  It is a war for our country and our way of life equal to and maybe greater than either of the previous two world wars but it more dangerous because it is insidious and silent. 

We have to break the sound barrier and I may have found the reports that will help us do that.  The following is from the 2011 report where the law is cited: 

United States Participation in the United Nations in 2011

This executive summary for the report on United States Participation in the United Nations is submitted pursuant to the "United Nations Participation Act of 1945" (Public Law 79-264). Section 4 of this law provides in part that:

"The President shall from time to time as occasion may require, but not less than once each year, make reports to the Congress of the activities of the United Nations and of the participation of the United States therein."

The State Department website has reports posted back to 1999.   The following is an excerpt from the 1999 report, Part 6, page 5:

 UN Commission on International Trade Law

UNCITRAL, established by General Assembly Resolution 2205(XXI)
in 1966, has maintained a technically focused program on harmonizing
national laws to promote trade and commerce.

Uniform commercial law dictates how we live because our lives are necessarily entwined in commerce and runs the gamut from the clothes we wear, to the media we watch, to the block where we live and the park where we play.

No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to one, and despise the other.  Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Luke 16:13


Vicky Davis
November 4, 2013