Texas:  Your Children or Your Home Land?

April 18, 2008

A farce is being played out in Texas tonight.  A Texas court ordered the DNA testing of the over 400 children who were kidnapped from their homes by Texas authorities based on false information provided by an anonymous tip. They intend to use that information to look at the age of the Mother when the child was conceived to determine if there was child abuse.

CNN Reports

"The ranch raid stemmed from a series of phone calls in late March from a 16-year-old officials referred to as Sarah, who said she had been beaten and forced to become the "spiritual" wife to an adult man."

FLDS members have denied that the girl, supposedly named Sarah Jessop Barlow, exists. Authorities have been trying to locate her, but have been unable to identify the girl.

Texas Rangers said Friday they are pursuing a Colorado woman as a "person of interest" regarding the phone calls that touched off the raid. Authorities said a search of the home of Rozita Swinton, 33, resulted in evidence that may link her to phone calls made about the YFZ ranch.

Colorado?  What would a woman from Colorado have to do with a Texas case?    How about the Ports-to-Plains high priority corridor that originates in Texas and terminates in Colorado.  The FLDS property in Eldorado just coincidently happens to be right on the path of the Ports-to-Plains corridor.  

Eldorado is on U.S. 277, between Sonora and San Angelo,  which links I-10 and I-20 in Texas and is part of the Ports-To-Plains Corridor, linking Mexico to Denver, CO

The FLDS property - nearly 1,700 acres is 4 miles north of downtown Eldorado.



Is it unfair to cast doubt on the integrity of Texas officials?   Well, they do intend to steal the property -  using eminent domain - of over a million Texans to build the Trans-Texas Corridors so what do you think?


Credit for research on FLDS - Ports-To-Plains corridor goes to Amanda Teegarden of Ok-Safe.  Thank you Amanda.  You are a great American Patriot.