Legislative Alert - Power Grab Update

January 25, 2010

A couple of days ago, I forwarded an alert concerning the attempt to transfer law enforcement authority away from the country sheriffs in Northern Idaho to the Indian tribal police under tribal law. 
Today, Jane Lesko, President of Idaho Eagle Forum was on the Officer Jack McLamb program to talk about it.  During the interview, a lady named Pam who works with the Northern Idaho Citizens Alliance called the program with more information on this issue.  It turns out that what is being done in Idaho is actually being done all over the country - any place there is an Indian Tribe.  Essentially, it's a power grab - and a step to break up the nation piece by piece. 
It would be wise to check with your legislators to see if they are aware of this because Governor Butch Otter issued a gag order on it in Idaho (unsuccessfully).  The Idaho legislative committee that will be hearing this is the judicial committee.  You might start with the corresponding committee in your state. 
You can listen to the program in the archives at this link - January 25th program. 
I posted the Idaho Patriot Emergency Alert on my website.   Scratch out the word 'Idaho' and put the name of your state in because this is happening nationwide:
Citizens Alliance for Equal Rights (CERA) mentioned during the broadcast: