What's Up With Minnesota?

Intermodal Commerce Zones

October or November 2006

Updated December 26, 2008



I was listening to the Minnesota Governor's debate on C-Span when they started talking about a program the current republican governor implemented.  The program in Minnesota is called JobZ. 

Minnesota's Tax-Free Zones


The goal of JOBZ is to encourage new job growth by providing local and state tax exemptions to qualified businesses locating in Greater Minnesota.


These zones are the way in which communist control of business activity is being implemented in this country.  These zones give a competitive advantage to the 'selected' businesses.  In the Minnesota's governor's debate, one candidate recounted a story about a cement company that relocated to the JOBZ zone right next door to another cement company outside of the zone.  Obviously the cement company outside the zone will be put out of business - and that is the intention of these zones. Another candidate said that the zone didn't create new jobs in the state, it was only causing a relocation of jobs from one area to another within the state.

Further, I'll bet that if you track the locations of these preferred business zones, they will be located on the transnational corridor routes being planned by NASCO and the other treason groups of the SPP  www.spp.gov     


If you had any doubt about what is occurring in this country, just look at Minnesota because they are only slightly ahead in the 'transformation' program.  

Minnesota-China Partnership


The Minnesota-China Partnership is a broad-based, statewide initiative to strengthen Minnesota's longstanding relationship with China. This collaborative venture engages public and private organizations throughout the state to promote all facets of Minnesota's connections with China, including trade and investment, science and academia, arts and culture, and friendship and humanitarian endeavors.


Let's be clear about this: 



EdWatch in Minnesota was the only public interest group in Minnesota to try and stop JOBZ.  The following are several of the articles written about the Tax-Free Economic zones in 2003 when JOBZ was passed:


Update, December 26, 2008

I was doing some housekeeping on my website - trying to organize the old articles.  When I got to the one about Minnesota on the intermodal commerce zones and their "partnership" with the COMMUNIST Chinese, I read the material again because it dawned on me that Jesse Ventura's recent video saying that the CIA has embeded operatives in the state governments makes a lot more sense given the background of the COMMUNIST Chinese involvement in Minnesota.   Ventura was Governor from 1999-2003. 
This page on the Minnesota-China Partnership, there was a link to a pdf that is an overview of the Minnesota-China Partnership.    
PDF - Overview of the Partnership
This document is only 6 pages and well worth the time to read it.  It mentions the Council of Great Lakes Governors, a shared Trade office in Shanghai and other red flags.
I searched on Council of Great Lakes Governors.  Low and behold, the council was formed in 1983 - not coincidently the same year as the La Paz agreement - and it was formed allegedly for the same purpose, cross-border environmental cooperation.  In other words, it's a North-South project-organization.   I'm sure you all know - but just in case, North-South is a UN initiative for regionalization between countries - with the 'South' being symbolic of poorer nations and the 'North' symbolic of richer nations.   The North-South initiative originated from a report produced by the 'Independent Commission on International Development'  -  (Willy) Brandt Report, 1980. 
In 1985, they signed a water agreement:
Great Lakes Charter
Of course, as you can see from the history page, the council wasn't limited to that.  In the late 80's, they began collectively to to address 'economic development' which corresponds to the North-South initiative.
The Current Council of Great Lakes Governors:
The Councilís mission continues to evolve under the Chairmanship of Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin. The Governors are working with their respective legislatures to turn the Compact into law, while the Premiers are also taking steps to implement the promises made in the Agreement into law.
And in May of 2004, the President signed an Executive Order calling for a "Regional Collaboration of National Significance." Through the resulting Great Lakes Regional Collaboration, the Governors in partnership with members of Congress, the Administration, Mayors, Tribal leaders and non-governmental participants developed a comprehensive Great Lakes restoration and protection strategy for the Great Lakes that was released on December 12, 2005. This strategy used the Governorsí priorities as its organizing principle.
They will be following Idaho's lead in that because Idaho's compact with the PNWER is already in law. 
So - it looks pretty clear to me that break up of the United States began in 1983 and the plan came from the United Nations regionalism - redrawing borders under the auspices of 'development'.   Ironically - it meant the reunification of Germany; and the break up of the United States.    And as you read the history page, you'll see references to all of the elements of "transformation" - the Blueprint to transform the U.S. to a communist country.